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10 Best White Elephant Gifts In 2018

10 Best White Elephant Gifts In 2018

10 Best White Elephant Gifts in 2018
– 1.Bubble Wrap Suit. Whether you’re obsessed with popping bubble wrap and want to give the gift of it to a co-worker or you think it’s just plain weird, this …
– 2.Dad-Bod Swimsuit. Big beer bellies and hairy chests are all the rage now – on swimsuits anyway. …
– 3.Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator​. Talk about a snotty situation! Separate your egg whites from the yolk with ease, straight from the nose of this silly product.
– 4.BS Button. Who hasn’t need an official BS button in their life? Hit the button for a sassy phrase to alert people they’re in the BS zone!
– 5.Toilet Coffee Mug. Coffee is the rocket fuel we all need in our lives. But for some folks, it’s more like bathroom fuel.
– 6.Bacon Bandages. Remember when old-fashioned cartoons put a cold steak on a black eye to make it feel better? Well, these bacon bandages are the next best thing!
– 7.Finger Hands. Let’s give this gag gift a round of applause. Finger hands are sure to be an instant hit for gift recipients of all ages.
– 8.Corgi Butt Coin Purse. Who on the planet is NOT obsessed with cute little Corgi butts? …
– 9.Baby Mop. Whether they’re three-months-old or one year, start them off right with their very first chore – mopping!
– 10.Poop Emoji Cake. There is always a bad occasion to use the poop emoji: a break-up, getting fired, or a just plain crappy week!

10 Best White Elephant Gifts in 2018 1. Bubble Wrap Suit Whether you’re obsessed with popping bubble wrap and want to give the gift of it to a co-worker or… 2. Dad-Bod.

The best white elephant gifts address a need that most party guests share. Considering everyone is stressed out, therapy dough is a safe (and smart) bet. It soothes on multiple levels.

Whether you call it a white elephant exchange, a Yankee Swap, or Dirty Santa, we’ve got you covered. These Wirecutter-approved gifts are sure to give a laugh.

Dinosaur Taco Holders. $20 AND UP. BUY FROM UNCOMMON GOODS. Unwrap this hilarious gift at a white elephant exchange, and it may end up being most-stolen. These dishwasher-safe green dino holders.

23 Of The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

If you need some white elephant gift ideas, here are 78 hilarious and affordable gifts $40 and under that everyone will be obsessed with at your holiday party.

  1. Breakfast Sandwich Maker. That’s where the Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach comes .
  2. Snoop Dog Cookbook. Looking for cookbooks with a little more personality? Welcome to the Boss .
  3. Pizza Socks. Pizza socks box – how to eat them? Hand-kneaded combed cotton, baked with fresh .
  4. Air Popper. Make a favorite movie night treat in just minutes. The Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn .
  5. Microwave Smores Maker. You can microwave two S’Mores in just 30 seconds or less using this .
  6. Fun Ramen Bowl. This noodle bowl makes dinner for one fun! Ramen nights get an upgrade – all .
  7. Voodoo Doll. Do you know someone with an anger management problem? This voodoo doll might .
  8. Master Crapsman. The perfect present for the handyman in your life. The Master Crapsman box set .
  9. MTV Throwback Game. Switch over to a music party game for adults and teens that’s filled with all .
  10. Bike Pizza Cutter. Inspired by the Tour de Pizza bicycle, the pizza slicer is the latest kitchen tool .


  1. What Do You Meme? is an extremely fun card game to play with friends. It’s similar to Apples to .
  2. Echo Dot. A bluetooth speaker with Alexa is on everyone’s list. I know I would fight for this white .
  3. Yeti Wine Tumbler. Every wine lover in the game will be fighting for this gift! The Yeti tumblers are .
  4. Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Who wouldn’t want a breakfast sandwich maker?! I can totally see every .
  5. Electric Wine Opener. Trust me, every wine lover will be fighting for this gift. Opening a bottle of wine .
  6. Wine Glass Bottle. This gift is just funny! A wine glass that basically never ends. It holds an entire .
  7. Have a Great Day Mug. Everyone has that one friend that is always a little grumpy. They need this .
  8. Funny Coasters. Amazon has really great options for funny white elephant gifts. This is another one .
  9. Freeze Beer Glasses. I guarantee every guy will be fighting over these! Who wouldn’t love a cup that .
  10. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. Karaoke is a fan favorite activity. especially once the drinks are .


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No two white elephant (aka Yankee Swap) gift exchanges are alike. But even less alike are often the people playing, whether it’s a group of coworkers, friends, or different generations of family members.That’s why the best white elephant gifts match many personalities. Tricky, we know. But not impossible, thanks to these genius (and affordable) white elephant gift ideas for less than $50.

Funny, quirky, and affordable are just a couple characteristics of the best white elephant gifts of 2020. With prices $10 and under, shop them now!.

The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $10 | 2020 |

45 White Elephant Gifts That Will Get a Big Laugh. White Elephant is pure, unadulterated chaos. It is the most competitive of holiday traditions, and also the most raucous. It is a hoot to do with friends or family or fun coworkers. It’s also a winner of an icebreaker amongst less-fun coworkers.

  1. Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker. The Nostalgia SMM200 Indoor Electric S’mores Maker is .
  2. Maybe Swearing Will Help: Adult Coloring Book. Maybe Swearing Will Help is an ideal adult coloring .
  3. 4-Pack Phone Ring Stands. Ring holders are becoming trendy today and are incredibly becoming hot .
  4. Nostalgia KPM200 2.5-Ounce Tabletop Kettle Maker. The Nostalgia KPM200 is a classic red and .
  5. Chalier 4/5 Pairs Womens Cool Socks. These cut socks are made of 15% acrylic, 80% cotton and 5% .
  6. Suck UK Colour Change Umbrella. This item is a vibrant, classic and unique umbrella which comes .
  7. Bath Bombs Gift Set. This bath bomb gift set is packed with 12 handmade bath bombs that have a .
  8. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker. This is an awesome sandwich maker which is .
  9. Giantex 27″ Portable Foosball Table. This portable Foosball table is so much fun to use. It is .
  10. Gift Card. An Amazon gift card is the perfect item everyone would be hoping to lay .


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These unique and affordable (as in under-$20, under-$25, and under-$50 options) white elephant gifts will surely spice up your 2021 and end the year.

50 White Elephant Gifts Under $25. From surprisingly practical to laugh-out-loud funny and everything in between. photo of melanie fincher in front of colorful background. By Melanie Fincher. November 22, 2021. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by.

  1. Bob Ross Figure. Let’s face it, everybody loves Bob Ross, the friendly face that made painting cool .
  2. Portable Camp Fire. Who has the time or energy to create their own campfire when they go .
  3. Sofa Drinks Holder. Knocking drinks off the armrest is so last year thanks to this handy sofa drinks .
  4. Art Socks. Give someone the gift of art with these fun novelty art socks. Each pair contains a .
  5. Star Wars Kitchen Timer. Ensure their food never goes to the dark side with this handy BB-8 Star .
  6. Shittens Wet Wipes. This might look like a gag gift, but these are actually real! Perfect for people .
  7. Poop Emoji Slippers. Know somebody who can’t get enough of the poop emoji? These poop emoji .
  8. Infinity Gauntlet Beer Bottle Opener. Every Marvel fan will appreciate this hilarious Thanos infinity .
  9. Wine Condoms. Whoever said you had to drink the entire wine bottle at once? Don’t rush the .
  10. Big Undies. These big momma undies are sure to crack a few smiles when they’re opened. .


The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas For Any Budget 2021

Ta-Ta Toasters. A booby prize in more ways than one, this pair of Ta-Ta Toasters makes a risqué white elephant gift idea. Wonderfully festive in red with white pom poms on the top, this pair of warmers are ideal for any lady who tends to feel a little ‘nippy’ in the cold. BUY FROM AMAZON.COM.

Here are 20 White Elephant gift exchange ideas under $20 that your friends will want to fight for: 1. Dash mini waffle maker This mini waffle maker makes the ultimate waffles, soft fluffy, and.

Golf Club Pen Set Gifts for Men Dad – Funny Unique Gag Stocking Stuffers – Novelty Desktop Sports Games Desk Toys – Office White Elephant Gifts for Boss Coworker – Cute Mini Golf Course Putting Green.

  • A set of golf-like stainless steel barbecue tools. Golfers BBQ Set, available at Uncommon Goods, …
  • A whimsical banana. Bluetooth Banana Phone, available at Uncommon Goods, $40. Give the …
  • A reversible sequin pillow cover. Jeff DIY Sequin Pillow Cover, available at Amazon, $10.99. The …
  • A device that makes a whole breakfast sandwich in one go. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich …
  • A reusable tote that looks like the iconic plastic design. Embroidered Thank You Tote, available at …
  • A weird but comfortable prawn neck pillow. Shrimp Neck Pillow, available at Amazon, $16.99. …
  • Tequila shot glasses made out of salt. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, Set of 4, available at …
  • What’s been called the world’s strongest coffee. Death Wish Ground Coffee, available at Amazon, …
  • Mini tabletop cornhole that they can play whenever and wherever. Tabletop Cornhole, available at …
  • A gimmicky present they’ll actually wind up using. Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder, …


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Top 10 Fun White Elephant Gifts (Themes & Ideas) November 12, 2021 merlyn80 No Comments * Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, from which we may recieve a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It’s that time of the year again, time for fun Christmas parties.

Top 10 Fun White Elephant Gifts (Themes & Ideas)

  1. Mixology Dice. Take your pre games to the next level with these fun Mixology Dice! Made from great .
  2. If You Love Me You’ll Let Me Sleep Pillow Cover. Adorable and funny, these pillow covers make a .
  3. Siracha Keychain. We all have that one friend who douses their food in siracha and carries their own .
  4. Stumbling Blocks Game. This modern twist on the classic Jenga game will have everyone in a good .
  5. Wine Away Stain Remover. This stain remover is pure magic in a bottle. Not only does it work on .
  6. Hidden Bracelet Flask. Why let the guys have all the fun? This bracelet flask is great for not only the .
  7. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set. We bet people will be stealing this cocktail set left and right. With a .
  8. Personalized Visa Gift Card. Gift cards are a universally loved gift. But, avoid the ordinary and opt for .
  9. Stainless Steel Straws. We’re obsessed with stainless steel straws lately. Not only are they better for .
  10. Personalized Water Bottle. Another useful white elephant gift idea: an insulated mug. Tervis makes .


  1. A funny soy wax Harry Potter candle for The Office fans that’ll reveal who the Muggles are and who .
  2. A daily mood desk flip chart so your coworkers (aka your roommate and your dog) will see what .
  3. A pack of The Mandalorian playing cards featuring everyone’s fave, Baby Yoda, which will make .
  4. A pack of super artsy socks they’ll enjoy Gogh-ing everywhere in.
  5. A set of sweetgrass bath bombs to give them a luxurious and rejuvenating bath experience (which .
  6. A prim and proper mustached gentleman who will primly and properly hold their razor — no need to .
  7. A funky set of colorful pencils so the writer in your team won’t have any trouble figuring out the right .
  8. A fuzzy sloth throw pillow that everyone will actually be pretty quick to grab and cuddle — just look .
  9. A mini heart-shaped waffle maker because everyone needs a breakfast made with care and love .
  10. And this bottle of organic gingerbread maple syrup they can pour on those waffles for the most .


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