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5 Tips For Planning Your Holiday Party

5 Tips For Planning Your Holiday Party

– Choose a date that works for key guests. The holiday season is a very busy time of year. …
– Find an appropriate venue. Depending on the size and type of your party, you may decide to host your holiday gathering outside your home. …
– Send beautiful invites. …
– Choose a festive theme. …
– Set up a hot cocoa bar. …

  • Nail Down the Basics for Your Holiday Company Party. Of course, like any other …
  • Choose the Most Effective Time to Hold Your Event. The best time to hold an …
  • Consider Hosting a Party in the Off-Season. Instead of defaulting to the annual …
  • Choose a Team to Help Execute the Event. The quality of your planning team will …
  • Create a Cost-Effective Holiday Party Menu. When it comes to choosing what to …
  • Decide on Alcohol Consumption Levels and Limits. For years now, organizations …
  • Remind Employees of Proper Etiquette. The best advice for everyone who attends a …
  • Consider Setting up a Gift Exchange. In general, many organizations include a gift …
  • Consider If Fundraising Is Right for Your Event. Food, clothing, and toy drives are …
  • Evaluate Vendor Sponsorships for Your Event. Some people may think getting …


Make sure everyone can attend. Survey your team with a poll or Slack message to check how many of them will be able to make it and what time works best for them. Based on the majority vote, use the results as a guide to help you decide when to schedule your holiday party..

  1. Define the goals of your Holiday party. Is it intended to thank employees, convey a corporate .
  2. Decide on the number of guests. Are you only inviting employees, or their husbands, wives, partners, .
  3. Outline and schedule the event. Will the party be held in the morning, afternoon or evening? Over one .
  4. Select one or two possible dates and draw up a list of prospective venues that meet your needs (the .
  5. Check on room availability for your desired dates at the prospective sites and make an appointment .
  6. Visit the establishments and reception halls under consideration to make sure they’re suitable .
  7. Prepare a preliminary budget and submit it, along with your recommendations as to the time and .
  8. Once the date and site have been selected and approved, confirm this with the site representative .
  9. Have management approve everything.
  10. Sign a contract with the establishment (making sure it includes all the details you’ve negotiated) and .


How To Plan a Company Holiday Party Your Employees

The Company Holiday Party Checklist. Set a Date. Send a survey to employees with date options; Choose the date with the majority vote; Send a “save the date” Budget It. Determine the maximum budget; Rank party elements by priority (entertainment, food, etc.) Allocate budget based on priority (25% for food, 40% for entertainment, etc.).

Steps to throwing a successful holiday office party: Ask for a solid budget commitment. You can’t plan a party without a budget. Get a solid budget commitment straight from the boss. You need to know if this budget is all inclusive of the entire party, if it’s only for food, etc..

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A tree-trimming theme is the perfect way to get everyone into the holiday spirit, particularly for a party set at the start of the season. Pose at the holiday photo booth. A striking backdrop, a tripod for a camera or smartphones, and some cute props are all you need for photographic fun.

Departments are encouraged to gauge the comfort level of their colleagues before planning holiday parties or gatherings. Consider events without food which would allow participants to keep masks on. Rather than a large holiday party, consider having multiple, smaller, get togethers for teams within a.

The Ultimate Office Holiday Party Planning Guide

The first key step in your holiday party planning is finding an ideal venue. Don’t limit yourself to your office space when it comes to hosting a company holiday party. Peerspace is a great tool to help you pick a venue at a price point that works for your budget. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing a unique location for an office holiday party. Art galleries, theaters, and industrial lofts.

Whether it’s a color scheme, a seasonal fruit, or even a holiday song, choosing one design element to lead the rest will create cohesion throughout your.

  1. Set a Budget. Before you can start planning your party, it’s helpful to know how much money you .
  2. Recruit Some Help from Your Staff. Depending on how large your company is, you might not have .
  3. Pick a Location. Who says every office party has to be held in your office? If you want to get to know .
  4. Choose a Theme. Not only will choosing a theme make party planning easier, but a unique theme .
  5. Think About Dress Code Options. Depending on your location, theme, and the activities you’re .
  6. Send Invitations. After you’ve decided on the location, theme, and dress code, you can start creating .
  7. Stock Up on Drinks and Snacks. No party is complete without a yummy selection of Christmas party .
  8. Consider Offering a Meal. If your party is going to take place around lunch or dinner time or if it’s .
  9. Find a Fun Way to Exchange Gifts. Although this step isn’t necessary, exchanging gifts is the perfect .
  10. Set Up a Photo Booth. Taking a bunch of photos is a great way to commemorate your party, but this .


  1. Plan your guest list: You want people who are compatible but that doesn’t have to mean they all .
  2. Party Outside: Many guests these days might be more comfortable if part of the party at least can .
  3. Organize the food: Plan a menu that’s easy to prepare or can be mostly made in advance, so.
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Holiday Party Planning Done Right

While it’s entirely possible to plan a holiday party yourself, hiring professionals that specialize in team-building events may take some of the pressure off. Hiring a professional team-building organization allows you to have more time to organize, which can be helpful any.

Create a plan for cooking and use the night before your party to prepare anything that can be made in advance. It will be tough to enjoy your holiday dinner party if you’re too stressed about the food being ready! Pro tip: Always over estimate when planning the food and drink. It’s better to send your guests home with leftovers than to run.

  1. Plan your guest list: You want people who are compatible but that doesn’t have to mean they all .
  2. Party Outside: Many guests these days might be more comfortable if part of the party at least can .
  3. Organize the food: Plan a menu that’s easy to prepare or can be mostly made in advance, so.


  1. Decide on the Type of Company Holiday Party. Choosing what sort of holiday party you will have is .
  2. Make a Budget. You need to make sure that you are staying within your budget for throwing your .
  3. Create a Guest List. There needs to be a detailed list of everyone who is to be invited to the party. .
  4. Set a Date and Make Your Event Timeline. There’s no perfect day to plan a company holiday party, .
  5. Select a Venue. While you might think to hold your Christmas party at your office, this might not be .
  6. Book Your AV Company. Your AV Company should be booked at or around the same time as your .
  7. Rent Equipment. When arranging a venue, you should ask the venue owner if they’ll provide you with .
  8. Choose a Caterer. Pick a caterer that fits your theme. Some venues may have in-house or preferred .
  9. Choose Hosts and/or Speakers. A great host or speaker can really add life to your company holiday .
  10. Pick a Theme. The default theme of a holiday will be, of course, holiday decor, but that doesn’t mean .


How To Plan A Holiday Party In 5 Weeks | LTD Commodities

Now that you’ve established the general details of what you want your party to be, it’s time to invite people and start planning your menu. If you’re planning a holiday party that is fancy, mail or hand out formal invitations that list all the party details including attire requirements (if necessary).

  1. Fully Hosted Virtual Holiday Party We created a Virtual Holiday Party event type specifically for .
  2. Virtual Gingerbread Wars (Popular) Gingerbread Wars is a fun, virtual holiday event that includes .
  3. Virtual Holiday Bingo (Free Template) Bingo is one of the most fun holiday games on Zoom, .
  4. The Naughty List (Fun Icebreaker) The Naughty List is a unique holiday variation of the game Never .
  5. Holly Jolly Cocktail Party. Holly Jolly Cocktail Party is a fun, spirited virtual holiday party with a .
  6. Send Holiday Gift Boxes. For me, the best and worst part about working in an office is the .
  7. Virtual Secret Santa. No virtual holiday party would be complete without a Secret Santa. Online gift .
  8. Holiday Heist. Holiday Heist is a 90 minute virtual holiday party games. Teams must figure out .
  9. Just A Darn Fun Holiday Event. Just A Darn Fun Holiday Event provides one hour of merry mingling .
  10. Holiday Costume Dress-up. Sometimes I have a hard time getting in the virtual holiday spirit while .


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In short, your options for planning a holiday party will vary depending on your local conditions, the size of your workforce, and the opinions of your employees. The most important thing you can do is to be open-minded and think outside the traditional party to ensure employees stay safe and feel appreciated.

When it comes to planning the meal, the women involved in the farm take care of the cooking and try to accommodate to the native flavors of their Hispanic employees, Wiederholt says. One of the Mexican desserts that has become a tradition at Banner Ridge Farms’ holiday party is a tres leches cake brought by one of their employees, Roth says.

39 Office Christmas Party Ideas, Games & Activities for Work

  1. Holiday Bingo. Holiday Bingo is a game that encourages party guests to mingle. To play the game, .
  2. Tree Decorating Competition. Tree decorating competitions are festive games that encourage .
  3. Gingerbread House Build-off. Gingerbread House Build-offs are one of the most fun work Christmas .
  4. Secret Hall Deckers. Secret Hall Deckers is a cross between a desk decorating contest and Secret .
  5. Christmas Candy Bar or Cookie Bar. Christmastime is peak sweets season. Setting up a candy or .
  6. Pet Party. Many offices welcome employees’ families to the holiday celebration, yet few employers .
  7. Merry Murder Mystery. Murder mysteries are one of the best small office christmas party ideas. .
  8. Poinsettia Potluck. Potlucks are one of the best low budget office party ideas. Since employees .
  9. Christmas Around the World. Christmas Around the World is one of the best themes for office .
  10. Ugly Sweater Station. Setting up an ugly sweater station is one of the most fun office Christmas .


Planning a holiday party that suits a wide variety of people takes creativity. Planning a virtual party takes twice the creativity. That being said, it doesn’t have to be stressful, and you can still feel merry and bright even as the event planner.

Try not to make television an ongoing activity for the night, as it will tend to just be extra noise. Instead, plan on a certain time and a certain movie later in the party. If you’d like to have a more formal meal with the adults, this would be an ideal time to put on a Christmas classic for the kids.

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– Do you think spouses and/or significant others should be invited to the office Christmas/Holiday party? … – Do you think liquor should be...


– Do you think spouses and/or significant others should be invited to the office Christmas/Holiday party? … – Do you think liquor should be...