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71+ Funny Christmas Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Quotes 2021

71+ Funny Christmas Wishes

Funny Merry Christmas Messages
– 1.May the stores you frequently visit find the lines to be short, and may it not make you lose your patience. Merry Christmas to you!
– 2.Happy Holiday season! May you find yourself meaningful work to do this Christmas rather than spending all day in bed.
– 3.I wish your digestive system will be able to handle anything you consume this festive season. …

Christmas is the only time when eating candy out of socks is cool! Good luck with your smelly socks and expired candies. Merry Christmas! Read: Christmas Wishes For Friends. Funny Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Every time I see you, I think of Santa.

Merry Christmas Funny “Let me see if I’ve got this Santa business straight. You say he wears a beard, has no discernible source of income and flies to cities all.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings. This year, say bah humbug to boring old Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas messages. Even the Grinch would be impressed with these funny Christmas card sayings. 1. It’s the most wine-derful time of the year. 2.

Funny Merry Christmas Messages. I hope your Christmas be as bright as your smile. I hope Santa brings you lots of gifts this season. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I happy to know that you have taken bath today and groomed yourself. But.

10. Saw you spend all your cash, Hope you are not broke as Christmas is getting more exciting. Have a happy Christmas! Funny Christmas Greetings. 1. I can’t believe Christmas has been postponed! Merry Christmas! 2. Greetings from Antarctica! Oh! It’s Christmas! Wish you a Merry Christmas! 3. Don’t forget to write a long list for Santa this Christmas..

71+ Funny Christmas Wishes, Messages, Greetings &

Funny Christmas Wishes 2021 . Wish everyone a ‘Happy Merry Christmas‘ and have some fun during the Christmas season. To make fun you can make a temporary girlfriend or boyfriend, who knows that temporary thing will stay forever. You can make fun with friends or.

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Funny Christmas wishes and messages. I hope Santa leaves you plenty of presents, but I hope the reindeer do not leave behind any “presents” on your lawn! Merry Christmas! I wish for your holidays to be filled with many big smiles and big celebrations – but hopefully not big credit card bills!.

20 Funny Christmas Card Sayings For Family I hope you love the present you told me to buy for you. Merry Christmas, and hippy new year. What do you call a gingerbread ninja? – Ginjas! (We never get tired of this Christmas holiday joke!) Christmas is Claus.

Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes & Sayings Beautiful, inspirational, and funny Merry Christmas quotes and sayings that you can use as part of a greeting card message to capture the holiday spirit. “For children, Christmas is anticipation. For adults, Christmas is memory.” ~ Eric Sevareid “There seems a magic in the very name of Christmas.”.

Write Merry Christmas Messages and Wishes in English | Funny Merry Christmas Card Wishes 2021#merrychristmas#christmaswishes#christmasmessages#christmascardw.

Merry Christmas Messages and Wishes in English | Funny

And wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas is the day for blessings and love So let us do not overload priest Celebrate the Christmas here with party Merry Christmas to you; Funny Christmas Wishes 2020. Me: “I want a magical Unicorn for Christmas” Santa: “Be realistic” Me: “Okay.

Funny Christmas Wishes. 1. Worrying about what to do this Christmas season. Just sit down and enjoy the Merry. 2. Enjoy your Christmas holiday, the chicken and goose are waiting, don’t forget to send me the blessings. Merry Christmas my friend! 3.

Funny Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend **_You are a huge blessing in my life (just over 200 pounds!!). I’m glad that you didn’t fall upon me directly from the sky. Merry Christmas! **_Christmas has been postponed because I did not receive my late-night kiss. So, if you want to celebrate Christmas, you have to hug me as a penalty.

37+ Funny Christmas Greetings Message 2021 Pray for gifts from santa or let’s go on a date this christmas.. Santa will definitely come with a box of chocolates. Have a happy holiday season.. To the one i hold so dear in my heart, sending my heartfelt wishes on.

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  • “There are 17 more shopping days until Christmas. So, guys, that means 16 more days till we start …
  • “At Christmas, tea is compulsory. Relatives are optional.” – Robert Godden. This holiday season, no …
  • “I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, ‘toys not included.’” …
  • “The worst gift is a fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep …
  • “Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.” – …
  • “Christmas is a time when you get homesick, even when you’re home.” – Carol Nelson. Let me see if …
  • “Nothing says holiday like a cheese log.” – Ellen DeGeneres. Christmas is a time when kids tell …
  • “Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas.” – Johnny Carson. …
  • “There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” – Erma …
  • “Christmas sweaters are only acceptable as a cry for help.” – Andy Borowitz. People can’t …


99 Funny Christmas Quotes To Make You Laugh Until New Year

Funny Christmas Wishes and Messages for Friends. The only present you can gift Jesus during his birthday is good behavior. you can try to be good today then go back to normal after Christmas. I am sending love, care and great cheer, your way during this Christmas.

Funny Merry Christmas Wishes 2021. Not everyone is born a comedian, if you need some help making your Christmas greetings funnier, we have got you covered. You can show your sense of humor easily using our funny Christmas wishes. Look below and you will see our list of funny Christmas wishes, just pick the ones you like the most and we assure.

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Funny Christmas wishes for friends are humorous wishes and are sent to bring a smile on the face of friends on Christmas spirits. The funny Christmas wishes are sent through text messages with funny smiley, through cards with funny characters and funny Christmas quotes and Christmas . One can also send a funny Christmas messages for friends.. Some of the funny merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Wishes Funny. May you have plenty of mistletoe on hand this Christmas… and lots of good kisses too! Christmas is the festival of love and spirit So let us drink the spirit to feel love Merry Christmas to You. Man will live forever Because of Christmas (Because of Christmas Day drinking) Merry Christmas to you.

Funny Holiday Wishes. Here are some short and witty Christmas messages to try if you’re looking for an alternative to the standard “Merry Christmas.”. You can find even more humorous ideas in our list of short Christmas greetings. Bah humbug! (Just kidding – Merry Christmas!).

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May all your wishes come true and you are blessed with an amazing year ahead…. Merry Christmas to you. 3. I am sending lots of cuddles and hugs, smiles and laughter to you this Christmas…. May the magic of Christmas end all the negativities around you and make it.

Merry Christmas! Funny Christmas Wishes for Holiday Cards. It’s time to enjoy the holiday, spend some real cash, and realize in the end that money is everything that we ever wanted from Santa. Merry Christmas! May you receive presents that make you happy.

Funny Short Christmas Wishes I write makes may Santa read enjoy all the with quietness of was everyday because Every Christmas card • Merry Christmas and Have fun and this Christmas, “I wish Christmas Merry Christmas! time – Laura Wilder Christmas is here,.

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