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Dollywood Christmas Celebration: Smoky Mountain Christmas

Dollywood Christmas Celebration: Smoky Mountain Christmas

On select nights, Dollywood will have a fireworks display during the The Christmas season, also called the holiday season, or the festive season, is an annually recurring period recognized in many Western and Western-influenced countries that is generally considered to run from late November to early January. It is defined as incorporating at least Christmas, and usually New Ye… . The fireworks will be set off to the sounds of your favorite Christmas songs and will be visible all around the park. Fireworks are weather permitting and this show is a can’t-miss part of a winter trip to Dollywood. Pigeon Forge Winter Travel Guide

Something For Every Member Of The Family. Top-10 Theme Park. Top-10 Theme Park Hotel. Smoky Mountain Cabins. 150 Acres To Explore. Best Christmas Event. Christmas Fireworks. 5 Million Lights. Heartwarming Holiday Shows.

  • Holiday Lights Shine Brighter than Ever at Dollywood. The theme park is lit up with more lights than …
  • Celebrate the Season with Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas Shows. You will not want to …
  • Fun Holiday Games and Activities for the Whole Family. Rudolph’s Holly Jolly Junction…


Dollywood features an incredible Christmas fireworks display called Merry & Bright! which celebrates the season with a colorful and energetic show. During Smoky Mountain Christmas, the “Merry & Bright” fireworks fill the sky with light and unfolds in rhythm to new holiday Christmas tunes..

Smoky Mountain Christmas

The spirit of the season shines brightest during Smoky Mountain Christmas, America’s best Christmas tradition. Here, the skies dance with the glimmer of more than 5 million twinkling lights and the sounds of our award-winning rides fill the air with Christmas cheer. Family memories are made when you take in a heartwarming holiday show, catch a festive ride on the Dollywood Express, or enjoy seasonal treats.

  1. Download the Dollywood app. Download the Dollywood app before you go. It’s very user-friendly and .
  2. Plan ahead. Tickets are the same price all year: $84 plus tax for a one-day pass for adults, at the .
  3. Wear layers and good shoes. This is East Tennessee. Translation . you might experience up to four .
  4. Check out Dollywood’s arts and crafts. Dollywood is home to several noted craftsmen, and you can .
  5. Stay for the fireworks show. Dollywood Christmas shows are famous for their music and sure to put .
  6. Enjoy the quality theme park food. Dollywood serves quality food throughout the park, even at the .
  7. Catch the tree show at Wilderness Pass. Even if Christmas shows aren’t on your priority list, you .
  8. Ride a roller coaster (but bundle up) If the weather permits, many of the rides are still operating .
  9. Visit Santa in his Tennessee cabin. I bet you didn’t know that Santa has a cabin in the Smokies! .


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Dollywood Christmas Lights. If you have a passion for lights, or even like them a little, Dollywood is the best place to go during the Christmas season! Dollywood is primarily known as a theme park, but during the Christmas season Dollywood lights up like no one else.

Dollywood is a fun place to go any time of the year thanks to its many attractions, friendly people, and gorgeous environment. However, if there is one time of the year that we think everyone should go at least once in their lifetimes (at least if you love Christmas), that time is December.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas

Bring your family to Dollywood and experience these cherished holiday traditions this Christmas. Stroll through Glacier Ridge for a winter wonderland experience Glacier Ridge, presented by Goo Goo Cluster, turns Dollywood’s Timber Canyon, Wildwood Grove, Wilderness Pass and Upper Craftsman’s Valley into a winter wonderland experience that is sure to inspire and delight guests.

There are limitless gift ideas during Dollywood’s Christmas festival from handmade blownglass ornaments to hand-dipped candles to personalized crafts. There’s something for everyone on your Christmas list. Don’t get bogged down with lots of bags. Take advantage of packages delivered right to your door – a perk for all resort guests.

  1. Consider the 2 Day Flex Ticket. The awesome thing about the Smoky Mountain Christmas at .
  2. Research Showtimes in Advance. Almost everyone visiting the Smoky Mountain Christmas at .
  3. Purchase the TimeSaver Pass. One of the best ways to maximize your visit to the Smoky Mountain .
  4. Arrive to the Park Early. Many folks attending the Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood tend to .
  5. Study the Park Map. Dollywood is a huge theme park, so study the official Dollywood park map to .


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On select nights, Dollywood will have a fireworks display during the Christmas season. The fireworks will be set off to the sounds of your favorite Christmas songs and will be visible all around the park. Fireworks are weather permitting and this show is a can’t-miss part of a winter trip to Dollywood.

See Dollywood at its Finest During Smokey Mountain

But there’s more to Dollywood than rides. There are shows to be seen. “T’was The Night Before Christmas” is a favorite indoor show for kids and adults featuring mischevious “mice,” Santa Claus and a true Christmas miracle. The festival’s headline show, “Christmas in the Smokies,” has been a must-see for families every.

  1. Depending upon the time of year you want to visit, you must plan your trip around one of the .
  2. Eagle Mountain Sanctuary in Dollywood offers you the opportunity to admire the majesty of eagles. .
  3. Catch one of the many incredible shows. The most popular include the divinely funny, toe-tapping .
  4. Set the little ones loose at the kid’s playground. Whether you’re traveling with your children or .
  5. Remember the old county fairs and those carnival games that both entertained and frustrated you? .
  6. Craftsman’s Valley is a crafters dream come true. A stroll through introduces you to crafters of all .
  7. If you’re a Dolly fan (and who isn’t?) you simply cannot miss the Chasing Rainbows Museum. .
  8. The Dollywood Express is technically a ride, but stick with us here. We recommend the experience .
  9. It would be remiss of us to overlook the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame. Whether or not you grew up .
  10. We saved our advice to eat your way through Dollywood for last, primarily because of the surprising .


Parks are not open all days. Individual parks and events may vary. Please note: Park Hours are subject to change. 2021 Dollywood and Splash Country Operating Calendar. 2022 Dollywood Operating Calendar. 2022 Dollywood’s Splash Country Operating Calendar. November 2021. Park Filter. Park.

If you’re wanting some warmer Christmas treats, just cross the street and head into Spotlight Bakery. The bakery is filled with specialty cookies and must-have desserts like the new Peppermint Mocha Cupcake! But Wait, There’s More. Dollywood during Smoky Mountain Christmas is like walking through a foodie wonderland.

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Have You Been Naughty or Nice? The Santa Experience at

On all operating days during Smoky Mountain Christmas festival until Dec. 23. This experience begins when the park opens and closes at 8 p.m. Santa does take a break in the middle of the day. I recommend making a beeline for the big guy and going early! Santa’s List…Naughty or Nice is very popular, and there is often quite a few people in line.

In a dutch oven, add margarine, onions, and peppers; saute until soft. Add in spices, chicken and sausage and saute 15 minutes. Add beans and cook 15 more minutes or until product reaches 165 degrees. Use the chicken stock as needed to provide flavor and liquid.

Rides & Attractions. Wildwood Grove. Black Bear Trail. Climbing onto the back of one of the friendly bears riders glide through the beautiful backwoods, enjoying the.

What to do in Dollywood for Christmas? Visit Dollywood to see more than 5 million lights sparkling around you during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. The park is filled with holiday music, plenty of rides, and for the first time ever, fireworks that light up the winter night skies.

Dollywood at Christmas

Dollywood has great ries and shows, but even better are the decorations they have for Christmas. The whole park is decorated. The Christmas shows are amazing.

Check for operating hours, as they are reduced during this time. The park is decorated for Christmas from early November until it closes in January. The coasters close if the temperature gets below forty, but many other things are open. I’m pretty sure most of.

The show, which is celebrating it’s 31st year at Dollywood, is for many families the cornerstone of their Christmas celebration at the park. “Christmas in the Smokies” tells the story of a family from the Smokies in the 1800s that celebrates their son coming home to enjoy the holidays with his family and friends after being away in the city.

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