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How To Plan A Festive Austria Christmas Market Trip

How To Plan A Festive Austria Christmas Market Trip

– Ornaments. Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular souvenirs from Austria’s Christmas markets–small, beautiful, and often easy to transport, be sure to pick up at least a few!
– Wood Carvings. These can be anything from Santa figurines to toy trains to nutcrackers, but they’re almost always beautiful.
– Lebkuchen. Technically, these could go under the food section–but the universally adored and constantly photographed (including by us) gingerbread hearts popular at German and Austrian Christmas markets reportedly taste… terrible.
– Christmas Decor. Advent wreaths, candles, doorstops, Christmas-themed quilts… you name it, it’s at the Austrian Christmas markets.
– Snow Globes. If you’d like a snow globe to commemorate your trip, the markets are the place to pick them up!
– Sausage, Cheese & Culinary Delights. Separate from the food stalls selling snacks meant for immediate consumption are the stands selling snacks meant for at-home consumption–what better way to bring Christmas …
– Wool Items. Be sure to bundle up before heading out to an Austria Christmas market–otherwise, you might find yourself justifying the purchase of a 40 Euro handknit hat at the …
– Mozartkugeln. Pistachio marzipan, covered in nougat, coated in dark chocolate: the Mozartkugeln candies have been produced in Salzburg since the late 19th century, and are a must-try at the Christmas …

Christmas Markets in Linz & Upper Austria The fragrance of gingerbread and Linzer Torte from the Christmas markets, the lights of the city skyline combining old with new, and the enticements of shopping in the city of Linz all bring you that step closer towards Christmas Eve.

What to buy at the Christmas markets The most unique things you can find are handmade crafts; wooden toys, nutcrackers, a huge variety of ornaments (glass baubles, potpourri and wood ornaments, fabric animals, for example), beeswax angels, carved wooden candle holders, lanterns and knitted clothes, just to name a few..

Christkindlmarkt, also called the Christmas Dream market feels like a dream to visit indeed, with over 150 stalls and traditional wooden huts sell everything including Christmas decorations, locally made goodies, Austrian handicrafts glass ornaments, beeswax candles and wooden toys.

10 Unique Gifts From European Christmas Markets

  1. The German Nutcracker. A classic at Christmas, a nutcracker from Germany will make a great gift .
  2. Nuremberg Prune People. Probably the most unique Christmas gift ever to be given. The prune .
  3. Honey Gummy Bears. Who doesn’t love gummy bears? You can normal gummy bears anywhere in .
  4. Paprika. Paprika is the spirit of traditional Hungarian cuisine, and often referred to as “red gold.” You .
  5. Unicum. Some people bring home wine, well we brought home the local spirit. Unicum is one of .
  6. Wooden Spring Toy. We had been eyeing these up since the beginning of our trip all the way back in .
  7. Wooden Puppet Ornaments. We couldn’t pass these ornaments up, we grabbed several as they are .
  8. Decorative Glühwein Boot. There is no way you will escape a Christmas market without getting a .
  9. Gingerbread Cookies. Gingerbread cookies are absolutely everywhere in the Christmas markets of .
  10. Huge Ornaments. Bring back an ornament or twenty. Then every Christmas going forward you will .


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Just up from Am Hof is the Freyung, perhaps most notable for the organic farmer’s Christmas market with its wonderful specialties from the more rural parts of Austria. Try the Bergkäse cheese – it’s sharp as a knife.

In fact, Austria’s Christmas markets boast a wide variety of Christmassy drinks: glühmost (hot mulled cider), kinderpunsch (non-alcoholic punch) and many varieties of Weihnachtspunsch (Christmas punch) are often for sale from stalls. No matter which you go for, these hot drinks are usually served in a pretty, Christmassy mug, often featuring the name of the Christmas market and sometimes.

Not every market is back for 2021. Austria’s markets are closing temporarily as the country goes into full lockdown until December 13. Berlin’s Charlottenberg Palace announced earlier this year it would not be able to host its marker under the current local COVID-19 health safety guidelines. Munich had planned to bring back its Christmas market in Marienplatz, however this week officials.

What to Eat and Buy at Europe’s Christmas Markets on

  • Nuremberg. Top Picks for You. Shopping. Apeksha Bhateja 10 Books That Will Take You Places in …
  • Regensberg, Germany. This beautifully preserved Medieval city is home to several Christmas …
  • Passau, Germany. In the shadow of the city’s baroque cathedral, the Christmas market is not as …
  • Vienna. While there are over 40 Christmas markets in Vienna, the market at the forecourt of the …
  • Budapest. Almost half the stalls at the Christmas market at St. Stephen’s Basilica sell food; nearby …


Austria is already known as the Christmas capital of the world, and it’s easy to see why.It’s home to the largest Christmas market and unique festivals such as those depicting the legend of Krampus, just for good balance.When it comes to the food that can be found throughout the city, its capital, Vienna, is wholly known for being the dessert capital of the world.

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If you find yourself with the lucky opportunity to be frolicking around Europe this winter, one of the first world problems you may encounter is the difficult choice of what to buy at German Christmas markets.. Having hopped around a variety of German Christmas Markets over the past three years, I’ve learned a thing or two about throwing my money at tempting German goods.

Austria can’t be beaten when it comes to important B-words: Beauty, Bergs and Baroque. Especially during the Christmas period, when Austria takes on a festive glow with snow coating its towns and cities while Christmas markets offer traditional Austrian goodies like glühwein and gingerbread..

Rathausplatz Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market)

But the biggest is on Vienna’s Rathausplatz, the square in front of the town hall. This Christkindlmarkt is the centrepiece of the Vienna Christmas Dream experience…. Vienna’s largest Christmas market. Around 150 stalls. Adjacent park is full of Advent surprises and lights, including the famous Tree of Hearts. 2021 dates: Nov 12 – Dec 26.

Taking an Austria Christmas market trip is a lot like stepping inside a particularly magical storybook. There will be warm drinks, sweet treats, detailed decor, and an atmosphere that tends to make you feel like a soundtrack of Christmas music should be playing 24/7 in.

Almost in all markets, you have the choice of several toppings from the classic sour cream with chives, some cheese and ham, bacon or even smoked salmon. Depending on the size of the potatoes used and your choice of topping, expect to budget in anything between 6 to 10 Euro.

The white stands at the K.u.k. Christmas Market on Michaelerplatz in front of the Hofburg carry primarily Austrian products including candies, tin figures, handmade cribs and much more. Old Viennese Christmas Market. Freyung, 1010 Vienna.

Christmas Markets in Salzburg When & Where to Find Them

  • Advent Magic in Hellbrunn. A courtyard, a path lined by torches and an oversized Advent calendar …
  • Christmas Market on Mirabell Square. The Christmas Market on Mirabell Square has become a …
  • St. Leonhard Advent Market. The Advent Market St. Leonhard is located near the pilgrimage church. …
  • Advent Market in the Hohensalzburg Fortress Courtyard. Featuring local arts and crafts, charming …
  • More Christmas Markets in Salzburg & SalzburgerLand. Stern Advent with Winter Market. When: 18 …
  • Salzburger Advent. The programme of the Salzburger Advent at St. Andrew’s Church will take you …
  • “Silent Night” Town Oberndorf. Not only the unique ambience, but also the craftwork fascinates …


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2 days ago  TOPSHOT – Empty stands are seen at the closed Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral in Salzburg, Austria on November 22, 2021, as the country returns to a.

  1. Collect market mugs. And speaking of all that glühwein you’ll be drinking. in Germany, nearly every .
  2. Drink glühwein. Glühwein is a Christmas market staple, and is essentially a hot mulled wine spiced .
  3. Eat market food. Speaking of food, you’ll definitely want to visit German Christmas markets with an .
  4. Buy some Lebkuchen. Along with ornaments and other Christmas knick-knacks, a feature you’ll .
  5. Pick up some decorations. While it’s true that some market stalls these days sell cheap trinkets .


Traditional straw ornaments are absolutely charming and a great thing to buy from the Nuremberg Christmas Market! Whether you grab a small little star to slip into your bag, or get new ornaments for your whole tree, this is a great place to do it. Body Butter & Soap.


1 day ago  Lights illuminate the Christmas market during its official opening in Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 22. Some of the world’s most iconic Christmas markets in Germany and Austria were forced to close shortly after or just before they opened, as COVID-19 infections continue to surge across Europe.

These dishes are hearty, and always served hot. Tartiflette is a popular one; a mix of potatoes, bacon, onions and cheeses. Bretzels are French soft pretzels that are only available during the festive season. A lot of people, particularly travelers, like.

The Katherinenspital Christmas Market in Regensburg has also gone online . Tiny, winding alleyways. Colorful houses. A gothic cathedral overlooking it all. Regensburg, Germany is an amazing place to visit any time of year. But visit for the Regensburg Christmas Markets and you’ll be in for an extra special treat!.

VIENNA — Under a clear blue sky, Austrians enjoyed a last day out in coffeehouses and at Christmas markets Sunday before the government imposes a nationwide lockdown to.

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