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10 things you can’t do in Dubai

10 things you can’t do in Dubai


A British IT worker faces a possible prison sentence after he was arrested in Dubai for putting his middle finger on another motorist.

Jamil Ahmed Moghaddam, 23, made a rude gesture as he drove to Dubai International Airport in February, but was not arrested until September 10, when he returned to the oil-rich emirate for vacation.

Insulting or insulting behavior is illegal in the UAE and Mr Moghadam, from Leicester, could face up to six months in prison if found guilty.

It is easy for unsuspecting tourists to fall for the law in the UAE, where harsh penalties are imposed for things that might not be illegal elsewhere, such as:

Tennis in the clouds? definitely. Writing a bounced check? Definitely not Credit: Getty

1. Cross clothes

Some girls enjoy dressing like a woman – and vice versa for ladies – which can be a fun and liberating experience for extroverted individuals; You must try it out sometime. Not only in the UAE, not in the UAE, where cross-dressing could potentially lead to you slipping into a slammer – and you don’t really want to dress up as a woman in a men’s prison in Dubai.

2. Writing a bouncing check

Hands off the person guilty of writing a bounced check. Well, you’re in luck because that didn’t happen in the UAE where not having the money to honor the check is a crime that could take the time. The law was relaxed in recent years after 20 foreign businessmen, convicted of writing bounced checks, went on hunger strike in 2013.

3. Sleeping with your partner

In love but not married yet? Then it is best to keep your hands away from each other if you are traveling to the UAE, where sex outside of marriage is illegal. According to the State Department, it is against the law to live together or share the same hotel room with someone of the opposite sex, unless you are married or close to the two of you.

Well, if they were married, it would probably be a problem if they weren’t Credit: GETTY

4. Being gay

Same-sex marriage is not recognized in the UAE and same-sex sexual intercourse is illegal, ultimately making the country one of the least hospitable in the world to gay men and women.

5. E-cigarette smoking

Only old analog signs are allowed in schools in the UAE, where electronic cigarettes are likely to be confiscated at the border.

6. Accommodation in a hotel if you are under 18

Anyone with plans to travel after graduating from high school may want to miss the UAE: it is illegal to stay in a hotel if you are under 18, unless accompanied by an adult. Magaluf is then.

7. Being drunk

Intoxication in public places is prohibited in the UAE, although alcohol is available in licensed places; Non-Muslim residents can also obtain a liquor license that allows them to drink alcohol at home. The legal drinking age is 18 in Abu Dhabi and 21 in Dubai and the Northern Emirate (except for Sharjah, where drinking alcohol is illegal). Even spirited passengers passing through the UAE can be arrested.

8. Substance abuse

Few countries trust their citizens enough to decide for themselves whether or not to take drugs; Consequently, the drug remains illegal in most countries. However, there are a few countries that have as strict laws as the UAE for people caught using, procuring or trading drugs. Worst case scenario? The death penalty, which is as bad as the worst case scenario.

This is a really bad idea in the UAE: AP / FOTOLIA

9. Show affection in public

Caught in the park? Next, you may encounter a brief slammer in the UAE, which takes a bleak look at the public displays of sentiment. There have been several arrests in recent years for kissing and foreplay in public, which is considered a violation of the country’s public morals laws.

10. Import pork or porn

If either — or both — of those things are your racket, you’d better take your business elsewhere: Importing pork and pornography is illegal in the UAE, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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