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Best 100% Free VPNs for Anonymous Torrenting and P2P

Best 100% Free VPNs for Anonymous Torrenting and P2P


In order to find the best free VPN for torrenting activities, we rate each VPN with the same criteria.

We test every VPN with qBittorrent, the most secure client we’ve tested, to ensure a fair comparison.

The perfect free VPN for torrenting is:

  • It’s free, and payment information is not required upon registration.
  • Protects your internet traffic with OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption.
  • It hides your IP address and hides your real location.
  • Protects against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
  • Includes a VPN kill switch.
  • It provides high speeds and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Has a choice of P2P servers nearby.

Here is a breakdown of how our ratings of free VPNs for torrenting are calculated:

1. P2P speed: 30%

Minimum requirements: Average bitrate over 5MB/sec
We recommend: Average data transfer rate of 6.5MB/s or better

Free VPNs are often slow, especially for torrenting activities. A fast VPN can be the difference between waiting minutes or hours to download torrents.

We use a custom P2P benchmark test to determine the fastest free VPN for torrenting. We use this test to determine the average bitrate of each VPN when actually torrenting.

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P2P speed test is set up as follows:

  1. Set up a private torrent tracker for 1 GB data file
  2. Host a torrent client on a local server with a stable connection speed to seed to torrent
  3. Configure the client not to use DHT or communicate with any other peers
  4. While the VPN is on, play the file on a 100Mbps connection
  5. Measure 1GB download duration to determine average bitrate

We’ve run this test on every free VPN covered here. If you want to know the performance of each torrent VPN, check out our paid torrent test results.

2. Data cap: 25%

Minimum requirements: 500 MB per month
We recommend: 10 GB per month or more

Data has a huge impact on how feasible it is to torrent with a free VPN.

Music files are often over 250MB and video files can be over 1GB. This means that many free VPNs are only good for downloading once or twice per month.

Some free VPNs, which we rate well for their data limits in other contexts, don’t do well here. This is the case when they have a maximum daily bandwidth limit.

Since torrents often exceed their low daily cap, these VPNs are less useful than alternatives with monthly caps.

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3. Encryption and security: 10%

Minimum requirements: Support P2P, leak protection, VPN kill switch
We recommend: AES-256 encryption, many available protocols, leak protection and a VPN kill switch using firewall rules

A securely encrypted VPN keeps you hidden from malicious third parties when torrenting. It also prevents your ISP from seeing that you are torrenting (and potentially throttling your connection).

A kill switch is a must for torrenting activities. Without your real IP address it can easily be exposed to other users and copyright trolls.

The gold standard for lock keys is to use firewall rules to ensure that no leaks can occur.

4. Registration policy: 20%

Minimum requirements: Clear privacy policy with only anonymous connection logs.
We recommend: Strict no-logs policy with absolutely no activity or connection logs.

Some VPN providers keep activity logs of their users’ activity. This fundamentally undermines the privacy of the service. In the case of torrenting, it is especially important that VPN providers cannot forward DMCA requests to users.

Unfortunately, free VPNs are particularly guilty of poor privacy practices.

We analyze the logs and policies of free VPNs to ensure they are secure before we recommend them.

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5. P2P servers: 15%

Minimum requirements: At least one P2P server in your area
We recommend: P2P servers in your country

Some torrent VPNs allow P2P traffic on their entire network, while others limit it to private P2P servers.

This means that you can end up with a very slow and long range connection even if your VPN has a large network. Free VPNs are often to blame for this. Long distance connections will be too slow for convenient torrenting and too few P2P servers will lead to bottlenecks.

Ideally, you want multiple P2P server options in your country, but at a minimum you need to connect to a server in your area.

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