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Can Norton Antivirus protect your devices?

Can Norton Antivirus protect your devices?


Click here for a quick summary of our Norton 360 review: Summary

Norton Antivirus is known by various names, such as Norton Security Suite And Norton 360. It provides four packs With various features that protect you from malware, viruses, spyware, hackers and other online threats. Some of its notable features include:

  • Real-time protection
  • smart firewall
  • password admin
  • cloud backup
  • VPN Security
  • Parental control

We tested each of these features on both Windows and Mac to provide a detailed review of Norton 360. Our tests revealed that Norton Antivirus is a An excellent, easy-to-use security solution for anyone. It also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as a reliable customer service to help you out.

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To learn more, read the full review below for all the details about Norton Antivirus’s features, security, privacy, and more.

Norton is an old name in the antivirus field. It is owned by Symantec Corporation, which launched the first Norton Antivirus for PC in 1991. Today, Symantec is known as Norton Live LookThe company continued to grow and diversify its product line.

Norton antivirus is currently known by various names, such as Norton 360 And Norton Security Suite. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and thus can protect all your devices.

We have thoroughly tested and used Norton Security Suite to see if it is worth the purchase. Keep reading below for the full Norton Antivirus review, which includes Norton features, pricing, ease of use, and more.

Packages and Pricing: How Much Does Norton Antivirus Cost?

Norton offers four packages that cater to different users’ needs. the The best option for most users is the Norton 360 Deluxe package, which can be installed on five devices and which comes with a lot of additional features. This includes 50 GB of cloud storage, a secure VPN service, dark web monitoring, parental controls, a password manager, and more.

Here is an overview of the four Norton Antivirus plans.

While Norton is advertised at relatively low annual rates, it should be noted Prices go up after the first year of use. This puts Norton ahead of the most expensive antivirus, especially when compared to other antivirus programs like Kaspersky or AVG.

Norton 360 prices after the first year of subscription are as follows:

  • Norton Antivirus Plus: $59.99/year
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: $104.99 per year
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: $149.99/year
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus: $349.99/year

All packages include some basic features, namely: real-time protection against viruses and malware; Intelligent firewall and password manager.

More priced packages feature additional functions, such as access to cloud storage; Norton Secure VPN service; dark web monitoring; and more.

The table below summarizes all Norton Antivirus software packages.

Features Norton Antivirus Plus Norton 360 Deluxe Norton 360 with LifeLock Select Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus
Number of simultaneous devices 1 PC or Mac 5 devices 5 devices Unlimited devices
Real-time threat protection βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
password admin βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
smart firewall βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
100% antivirus protection promised βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
cloud backup 2 GB 50 GB 100 GB 500 GB
VPN Security βœ– βœ” βœ” βœ”
Dark web monitoring βœ– βœ” βœ” βœ”
SafeCam βœ– βœ” βœ” βœ”
civil control βœ– βœ” βœ” βœ”
school time βœ– βœ” βœ” βœ”
Privacy Monitor βœ– βœ” βœ” βœ”
Credit control from one office βœ– βœ” βœ”
LifeLock Identity Alert System βœ– βœ– βœ” βœ”
Million dollar protection package βœ– βœ– βœ” βœ”
Monitor acquisition of the phone βœ– βœ– βœ– βœ”
Bank and credit card activity alerts βœ– βœ– βœ– βœ”
Fake identity control βœ– βœ– βœ– βœ”
401(k) and Investment Activity Alerts βœ– βœ– βœ– βœ”

If you want to get Norton 360 for free, the company offers a file 7 days or 14-day free trial, according to your region. Your credit card will not be charged until after the trial period.

Furthermore, Norton generously offers 60 day money back guarantee When purchasing an annual plan. So in the event that you are not satisfied with the antivirus, you can get a full refund.

if you want Check out Norton 360 Antivirus Immediately, click on the button below to visit their website.

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Security: How well does Norton 360 protect your PC?

Norton has a long history of providing robust protection against viruses, malware, phishing, and other threats. I have achieved perfect score In AV tests in June 2021, it emerged as one of the best antivirus software for windows.

Our tests revealed that Norton 360 works just fine macOS, which puts it above its competitor McAfee. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key security features of Norton 360:

Real-time threat protection

Real-time protection Perhaps the most important aspect of any antivirus – and Norton 360 performs well. Besides malware proof, it uses heuristics and machine learning methods to Monitor online threats And keep your devices safe from all kinds of malware, viruses and ransomware.

inference It analyzes new files and compares them with known malware code, and flags potentially unsafe files that contain similar code.

Machine learning Inspects file behavior, identifies actions and source code that are similar to known malware files. using this, Norton 360 can block or report a malware file It tries to include itself in your root files; encrypt your system files; Connect to your Wi-Fi, etc. Zero Day Threats Not featured in malware guides.

Moreover, you get the optional option Norton Safe Web Extension For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari browsers. We recommend adding this browser extension as it protects you when browsing, shopping or searching online. It guides you to safety by placing colored icons next to each search result as follows:

  • In green to indicate that the site is completely safe to visit
  • Gray to indicate an unknown URL
  • Yellow to indicate a potential danger
  • Red indicates a dangerous location.

You can even click the icon for more details about the site. What we found most useful is that this system works with Facebook, Twitter, and web-based emails. This is, The extension highlights any risky links in red to alert you. This is done in a non-obtrusive manner so that it does not hamper your user experience.

Moreover, Norton 360’s secure web extension includes isolation mode. This allows you to safely visit a potentially risky site by viewing the web page on a Norton server. Therefore, the page is stripped of dangerous content when viewed. In addition, Norton 360 prevents you from sharing any sensitive information with the website. To further prevent vulnerabilities, all financial sites are opened in isolation to keep your data protected.

Norton 360 . Virus Scan

Like most antivirus solutions, Norton 360 offers three scanning options:

  • Quick Scan To quickly check the most common areas of infection in your system.
  • full scan To scan the entire system for vulnerabilities.
  • delete file To check a specific file or folder.

You can also set up Scheduled scans To keep Norton 360 scans your system at regular intervals.

A quick scan took a little less 5 minutes To complete during the test, while the full examination took Almost an hour. Of course, the time also depends on how full your system storage is.

Norton Smart Firewall

Norton Smart Firewall monitors sent and received network traffic on your computer to protect against unwanted connections. It offers four main options, namely App blocking, connection blocking, vulnerability protection, and location awareness. These help keep your system safe from intrusion attacks.

Depending on your settings, Norton 360 will alert you and ask for permissions to allow certain apps or processes.

Here is an example of an alert I received when enabling app blocking in the firewall settings on our MacBook Pro:

the Vulnerability assessment feature Particularly noteworthy. Identifies any weaknesses in your system that cybercriminals can take advantage of, such as an outdated operating system; suspicious applications on your computer; or weak passwords. It also provides recommendations to help solve problems so you can Maximize your security And stay alert.

Our tests revealed that Norton 360 . Firewall He does well and does what he says On both Windows and Mac.

Norton Password Manager

This is another useful feature in the Norton 360 security suite. A password manager provides peace of mind and peace of mind because You only need to remember one password To access all your online accounts. What’s more, this is Helps you to set more secure passwords It can fend off intruders. It evaluates your passwords and guides you to set stronger passwords when needed.

Norton Password Manager works as a file The web extension on your PC and as an app on iOS and Android. The great thing is that it is a free tool, so you can use it even without signing up for a Norton 360 plan.

Our tests of Norton Password Manager showed that it works well. The software makes it easy to quickly fill out login credentials on the web, save new passwords in your secure vault, and sync them across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

In addition to your login credentials, you can use a password manager for Save credit card information, addresses you want to keep, and private notes.

Norton Secure VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential for Browse the internet anonymously And Prevent companies, websites and governments from tracking you. It also encrypts your data to make you less vulnerable to attacks by hackers and other cybercriminals. Other advantages include the ability to Unblock geo-restricted content such as regional broadcasting services.

Norton Secure VPN requires no additional downloads and is easy to access from within the home screen of the Norton app on Windows or Mac. when you turn it on, Automatically connects to the fastest server available.

Of course, you can also select the server manually. This comes in handy when you want to access it Content is limited to a specific country. For example, you connected to a US server to access American Netflix. When I did that, the VPN provided decent speeds, and I had no issues when streaming content.

As a bonus, he too Ad blocks To improve your browsing experience. However, note that it lacks a lock switch; If the connection drops, your IP address will be leaked, and your privacy may be compromised.

So, if you are looking for solid protection and security, we recommend going for File Premium VPN Provider Provides a lock key, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Cloud backup (for PC)

This is one of the Unique Features of Norton AntivirusMany service providers do not include cloud storage in their packages. You can safely store all your important documents and files – then access them from any device, as well as restore them if anything happens to your computer.

Norton Cloud Backup is just Available for PC at the momentHowever, there is no news yet on when it will be released for the Mac. Feature is a good measure of Keep your files safe from ransomware. Hackers use ransomware to remotely encrypt your files, then require you to pay before recovering your data. Therefore, backup on the cloud is vital to stay safe from ransomware threats.

This feature is easy to set up, and you can select the files or folders you want to backup. You can also Schedule backups To reduce manual effort. These automatic scheduled backups happen when you are not using your computer for it The process does not slow down your system while using it.

Besides backing up via the cloud, we would have liked to see an option to encrypt files to add a layer of security to sensitive documents. Moreover, Norton Do not offer file shredder Either, which would have helped increase its appeal as a complete security suite.

SafeCam (for PC)

The webcam on your computer can be a file potential security risks Because cybercriminals can use spyware to take pictures and…

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