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Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Administrator Guide, Version 4.9 – Configuring Web Security [Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client]

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Administrator Guide, Version 4.9 – Configuring Web Security [Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client]


Beginning with AnyConnect version 3.0.4, the Cisco ScanCenter Hosted Configuration for Web Security Hosted Client Profile gives you the ability to provide new configurations to Web Security clients. Devices with Web security can download the new Web Security Hosted Client Profile from the cloud (hosted configuration files are located on the Cisco ScanCenter server).

The AnyConnect client must also download its configuration files from the resource service through an encrypted hostname in the AnyConnect binary. The request was made to (IP: The exchange is encrypted over TCP port 443.

The hosted configuration allows access to IP addresses of CWS towers/proxies for AnyConnect Web Security over TCP port 443 (and also port 8080 if deployed in normal mode). The full list of towers/agents for AnyConnect Web Security is available at Prepare Section of the Cisco ScanCenter Administration Guide. The client should be able to access on TCP port 80, which fetches a list of proxy towers and keeps it updated. The web security module must be set to make connections to Verisign over TCP port 80. In this range, clients check the revocation certificate on
trust.quovadisglobal.comAnd, And

Use the Web Security Profile Editor to create client profile files and then upload the clear XML text file to the Cisco ScanCenter server. This XML file must contain a valid license key, which has the same corporate, group, or user license key associated with the hosted configuration that is specified and hosted in Cisco Cloud Web Security. The client retrieves the new configuration file, at most, 8 hours after it is applied to the hosted configuration server.

Hosted Configuration uses the license key when retrieving a new client profile from the Hosted Configuration server (Cisco ScanCenter). Once the new client profile is on the server, devices with Web Security automatically poll the server and download the new client profile file, provided that the license in the current Web Security client profile is the same as the license associated with the client profile on the hosted server. When you download a new client profile, Web Security will not download the same file again until you make a new client profile file available.

See the Cisco ScanCenter Administration Guide, version 5.2, for more information about license keys.

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