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Configure uTorrent to go via VPN only

Configure uTorrent to go via VPN only


Starting any VPN service and then launching uTorrent is easy!

But what happens if your VPN connection goes down and you lose your connection to the service?
Some torrent files take a long time to download, and you’re not always on your computer. During the night for example, your VPN tunnel can go down while you sleep, and you won’t be completely aware that your computer is now downloading on your usual network connection.
What uTorrent does while the VPN is disconnected is reset all of its connections, and start the backup again on the normal, unencrypted network connection.

In this tutorial, we are using a VPN service from Private Internet Access. Click here to find out more!

So how do you prevent this (in uTorrent)?

A serious torrent client should always have a configuration section where the user can force the client to use only one network adapter. Your computer usually has at least one adapter. If you installed VPN client software, you should have two. Some computers have a WiFi adapter installed either on the motherboard or any external cards or a dongle, so don’t panic if you find more! Anyway, the trick is knowing which one is used for your VPN service.

To do this, we need to know the “local” IP address of the VPN that we want to force the link to with the torrent client. So the first thing we need to do is start up and connect to our VPN service. Once connected, click the Windows key, or open the start menu (Note: This is a guide for Windows if you haven’t figured it out yet). Now we need to open a command prompt terminal, so to do that we simply type;


… and press enter.
This should open the terminal black window. Once you open it, type;


…and hit enter again.

This will drop a lot of text, this might be confusing to some, but fear not. What is actually printed is the most frequently used information about your Internet adapters.
So, what we want to look for is the “IPv4 address” of the VPN adapter.

I’ll admit that if you have a lot of adapters sometimes they won’t be easy to find. But what we want to look for is that the line below might be quite revealing. Usually on other switches, the line under “IPv4 Address” that says “Subnet Mask” often (if not always) contains one of the following values;


Pay attention to “0Ultimately. This zero tells us (in this case) that the switch is capable of connecting to at least 254 other devices, and if the switch has this zero at the end of the “Subnet Mask” line, it probably isn’t. In the image of the station window Above, you can see that the end is “252“Revealing to us that this adapter is only able to connect to two other devices, so this should be the one I’m looking for.

You must choose the wrong, do not be afraid! We will test it to make sure it is correct.

Now remember the IPv4 address (or write it down) because we’ll need it now.
Open your uTorrent client.

Go to “Options” and then to “Preferences”.

Now here is the hard part (not really), click on the “Advanced” section.
Consider the “Warning” at the top. That’s right, and it can cause things to stop working!

The advanced section will throw a lot of configuration at you, but fortunately there is a filter * Phew! *
In ‘filter’ type ‘ip’, this will narrow it down a lot!
Now search fornet.bind_ip” And “net.outgoing_ip“.
This is what we want. Remember which IPv4 address you should remember (or write down)?
Yes, here it is..
Fill in the value section with your IPv4 address, and click Set.
And that’s it!

Let’s test it…

Now while connected to the VPN, start the download. If this address is correct, the download will start as normal, and will continue over your VPN connection. To test if it really does and that it just won’t switch to the normal network during a disconnect, we simply try to disconnect from the VPN service. Once the connection drops, all downloads/uploads should drop to “0”, and the connection should appear in the bottom bar of the program. If nothing happens and the connected text is always on, that’s fine!
If the downloads resume, something is wrong, and most likely you chose the wrong IPv4 address from the black terminal window.
I also want to mention, if nothing works, it is also possible that the IPv4 address is wrong from the black terminal window.

Play with IPv4 addresses, and if you decide to abandon the idea of ​​going through a VPN connection only, there is a reset button on the values ​​we set until everything is back to normal again..

The thing worth noting is that the IPv4 address we specified in the advanced section usually changes over time. Each VPN provider has a different release time on the address they give you, so over time this should change to the new address you get.

Do you think this takes a lot of work? Well, there are some torrent clients that have built in VPN Assistant that does all this for you as long as you have initiated the VPN connection before opening the client. One such torrent client is the Vuze BitTorrent client if that is of interest..

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Noticeable! – Noticeable! – Noticeable! – Noticeable!

DigitalBrekke is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your system/software.
Also, torrents are not illegal, but downloading/uploading PiracyWare is!
This guide is not intended for hacking!
What you choose to do is on you!

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