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FastestVPN 2021 Review – Is It Safe and Can Unblock Netflix?

FastestVPN 2021 Review – Is It Safe and Can Unblock Netflix?


When I tested the first iteration of FastestVPN, I wasn’t impressed with its basic app and lack of security features. Could his latest fix change my mind?

The answer is yes and no. FastestVPN has undoubtedly made a lot of improvements to its service, including better security features and increased protocol support.

However, The VPN still suffers from a range of reliability issues that make it frustrating to use. It’s by no means a terrible service; There are better and more reliable VPNs out there at a similar price.

And is FastestVPN really the fastest VPN? You’ll find everything you need to know in my full review.

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Do you have a short time? Here are my main results

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FastestVPN – Updated December 2021



the price



Money Back Guarantee



Does VPN keep logs?



Number of servers



Number of devices per license



kill switch



Based in the country

Cayman Islands

Streaming – Netflix unlocks, but no more

Unblocked: Netflix, HBO Max

FastestVPN unblocked from Netflix (US, UK, Canada) and HBO Max during my tests. I had to try a few different US servers to play Netflix in the US, which was a bit annoying and time consuming. However, I eventually managed to find a server that would allow me to stream an episode of Emily in Paris.

When I tried FastestVPN with Netflix UK and Netflix Canada, I was able to unblock them on the first try without any issues.

FastestVPN unblocks Netflix in the US, UK, and Canada.

Streaming with FastestVPN was mostly smooth and easy. I experienced some buffering with Netflix US, but it was minimal, and my episode started playing within about 5 seconds.

The VPN performance with HBO Max was a little worse, and I had to wait about 20 seconds for an episode of divorce to start broadcasting. Once uploaded, the episode played without further interruptions, and I was happy with the streaming video quality.

Banned by: BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, Hotstar, Hulu

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend FastestVPN for streaming anything else. I tested the VPN with several streaming providers, and none of them were able to unblock.

Hulu’s anti-VPN measures were able to detect FastestVPN.

If you want a VPN that can reliably unblock streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+, I recommend checking out our guide to the best VPNs for streaming movies instead.

Speeds – Inconsistent speeds that get worse over long distances

It turns out that FastestVPN is not the fastest VPN ever. I speed-tested servers in 4 countries at varying distances from my location to see how VPN speeds hold up across their network. My results showed that, While some servers are very fast, FastestVPN’s speeds are not consistent Absolutely.

I started by testing my basic connection, so I could see how the VPN affected my speeds.

Without VPN (UK):

  • ping: 28
  • Download speed: 275.88 Mbps
  • Download speed: 36.52 Mbps

Ping refers to the time (in milliseconds) it takes to get a response from the website or server you’re accessing and can be affected by physical distance. The lower the number, the less distance your traffic must travel and the higher your speeds.

Download and upload speeds are measured in megabits per second and indicate how fast (or slow) data travels to or from your device. The higher the number, the faster your browsing, streaming, and torrenting.

FastestVPN has a Smart Connection feature, which is supposed to connect you to the best and fastest server for your location. It gave me the following results:

Using FastestVPN’s Smart Connect (UK)

  • ping: 22
  • Download speeds: 62.41 Mbps
  • Download speeds: 35.02 Mbps

Connecting via Smart Connect resulted in a 77% drop in connection speed. This may sound like a lot but my download speed was still 62.41Mbps, which is more than fast enough for all online activity from torrenting to streaming (you only need 25Mbps to watch Netflix in Ultra HD).

Speeds on US servers were similarly fast if a bit inconsistent. Here are the results from two US servers, 1 in Dallas and 1 in Charlotte.

US server (Dallas)

  • ping: 133
  • download speeds: 97.61 Mbps
  • Download speeds: 29.96 Mbps

US server (Charlotte)

  • ping: 123
  • download speeds: 35.91 Mbps
  • Download speeds: 33.04 Mbps

Although technically closer to me, the US server in Charlotte slashed my speeds by 87%, while the Dallas server gave me a lightning-fast download speed of 97.61.

FastestVPN server speeds are not consistent across its network

However, I didn’t find inconsistencies until I tested the Australian FastestVPN server:

Australian server (Sydney)

  • ping: 271
  • download speeds: 0.91 Mbps
  • Download speeds: 0.23 Mbps

Australia is on the other side of the world, so I expect the distance to slow me down somewhat – but 0.91Mbps is hardly fast enough to surf the InternetNot to mention streaming or torrenting. I’ve tested other VPNs for Australia which were much faster, despite the long distance.

Are FastestVPN’s speeds fast enough for gaming? Yes, but only on some servers

FastestVPN was fast enough to play Code of War – but only on the US servers I tested. When connected to a server in the US, my game loaded quickly, and I could play without annoying lags.

I was able to play games online while connected to a FastestVPN server in the US.

However, When I change the VPN location to Australia, the game server will not load.

I expect a slower connection because Australia is on the other side of the world from me, but I’ve tested other VPNs with Australian servers that aren’t that slow.

Because of these discrepancies in velocity, I cannot recommend FastestVPN as being completely reliable for playing games online. I would suggest trying one of the best VPNs for gaming as an alternative.

Get started with FastestVPN!

Server network – a small network, but one server in Russia

FastestVPN has 500 servers in 40 countries – making it one of the smallest VPNs I’ve tested. Having too few servers means overcrowding is a huge risk – resulting in congestion and slow connection speeds for you.

The most frustrating thing is that the VPN site claims to have more servers in more countries. It was only when I counted the servers available to me in FastestVPN that I realized that the number on their website was incorrect.

Many VPNs claim to have more servers than they actually provide, but they make me less confident about the service when I feel it’s misleading.

Coverage is very good across Europe and Asia, but South America is almost completely left out (there is one server I can see in Brazil). There are no servers in Africa at all.

The best coverage in the United States, with 16 server locations ranging from East Coast to West.

There is also a server available in Russia. This is a rare find. Many VPNs shut down their Russian servers after Roskomnadzor (Russia’s watchdog agency) started demanding access to all VPN servers within Russian borders. FastestVPN seems small enough to slip under the radar.

Unfortunately, I was never able to connect to the Russian FastestVPN server. Tried a few times but couldn’t get the server to work for me – so I couldn’t test if it worked with geo-blocked Russian sites.

actually, Connectivity issues hit most of my tests. Other servers are frequently online and offline.

The FastestVPN support team recommends switching security protocols if you have connection issues (which indicates that this is a common complaint). However, I didn’t want to use a slower or less secure protocol just to be able to connect to the VPN.

Security – Great security measures that protect you online

FastestVPN offers many complex security features. In general, I was impressed – especially with the ad blocker and the additional protection of the NAT Firewall. However, when I dug deeper, I discovered that a lot of the features are not available on every device. Also, it doesn’t work with the Tor network either.


FastestVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption in all of its apps. This is the highest level of encryption you can get (also known as “military-grade encryption”).

256-bit encryption means that it is impossible to decrypt your internet traffic when you are connected to a VPN. So Nobody can monitor or track your online activity.

security protocols

FastestVPN supports IKEv2, IPSec, TCP, UDP, L2TP and PPTP protocols – But support varies across its applications:

Implementation IKEv2 IPsec TCP UDP L2TP PPTP
windows X
Android X X X
macOS X X

You can also choose to set up OpenVPN manually. I prefer to use OpenVPN for its great combination of speed and security, so I was glad to see that FastestVPN has a bunch of tutorials for setting up OpenVPN With Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux.

However, I would prefer to see OpenVPN as an existing protocol option; It is annoying to go through the manual setup process to use it when many other VPNs include the protocol as the default option. If you are looking for the fastest protocol on the desktop, it is PPTP for Windows and IKEv2 for Mac.

When I last tested FastestVPN, its apps were automatically set to PPTP. right Now Both macOS and Android apps default to IKEv2 instead of. This is a welcome improvement. PPTP is an old protocol that can be easily hacked, so I would never trust it to protect my privacy. IKEv2 is a safer option.

Try FastestVPN today!

Leakage protection

I haven’t encountered any leaks using FastestVPN. However, it has had some strange results. Normally, when testing for leaks with a tool like, the VPN’s IP address and DNS should appear. As long as your ISP’s IP and DNS addresses do not appear, you can be sure that your VPN is not leaking your real location or browsing activity.

While my IP address was successfully masked on all 6 servers I tested, the DNS address was not found.

Since the ISP’s DNS address was not detected, I felt confident that there were no leaks

I still feel insecure…

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