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Free Download Forticlient Vpn for Mac

Free Download Forticlient Vpn for Mac


  1. Forticlient Mac Vpn Only
  2. Download Forticlient Vpn

This document provides a summary of improvements, support information, and installation instructions for FortiClient (macOS) 6.2.0 build 0614.

This document includes the following sections:

Review all sections before installing FortiClient. For more information, see FortiClient Administration Manual.


Forticlient Mac Vpn Only

Configuring the settings for a new VPN connection on the Free VPN Client is similar to doing the same thing when installing the full FortiClient: You can create the VPN connection from the main page: Linux. Download for Windows 32-bit Download for Windows 64-bit Download for macOS. Get FortiClient 6.0 for Mac OSX. Mac OSX v10.12 Sierra or higher. Loading; Get FortiClient 6.0 for Linux. Tunnel mode SSL VPN IPv4 and IPv6 2-Factor Authentication Web Filtering Web Filter (via FortiGate and FortiClient EMS).

FortiClient 6.2.0, FortiClient EMS 6.2.0, and FortiOS 6.2.0 introduce a new licensing architecture for managing endpoints running on FortiClient 6.2.0. See Upgrading from previous FortiClient versions for more information on how to change the license when upgrading to 6.2.0. Fortinet no longer offers a free trial license for ten connected FortiClient endpoints on any FortiGate model running FortiOS 6.2.0 or on FortiClient EMS 6.2.0.

FortiClient 6.2.0 provides a free VPN-only version that can be used for VPN connection only with FortiGate devices running FortiOS 5.6 and above. You can only download the VPN app from

Download Forticlient Vpn

Improvements have been made to the FortiClient (macOS) GUI when connecting an SSL VPN using FortiToken Mobile (FTM) two-factor authentication (2FA). In the following example, a FortiClient endpoint via SSL VPN connects to a FortiGate with FTM AutoPush enabled.

For an SSL VPN user with FortiToken 2FA enabled, the SSL VPN connection router no longer displays a file FTME payment button. You can continue the VPN connection in one of the following ways:

  • In the Connect to a VPN dialog, enter FortiToken manually. click OK.
  • On your mobile device, select Depends In the push notification you received via your FTM application.

FortiClient sends the token to FortiGate and the VPN connection is successfully established.

To configure FortiOS:

The WAN interface is the interface connected to the ISP. This example shows a static mode configuration. You can also use DHCP or PPPoE mode. This example establishes an SSL VPN connection over the WAN interface.

  1. In the FortiOS GUI, configure the interface and firewall address. Port 1 interface is connected to the internal network:
    1. go to Network > Interfaces and edit interface wan1.
    2. Designation IP / network mask to
    3. Release and adjust port 1 interface IP / network mask to
    4. click OK.
    5. go to Objects and Firewall> Address. Create an address for the Internet subnet
  2. Register FortiGate for FortiCare support. To add or download a mobile code on FortiGate, you must register FortiGate to get FortiCare support. If your FortiGate is registered, go to step 3.
    1. go to Dashboard > Licenses.
    2. Move the cursor to FortiCare Support To check if FortiGate is registered with FortiCare. If not, tap FortiCare Support, then press Register.
  3. Add FTM to FortiGate. If FortiGate has FortiToken installed, skip to step 4.
    1. go to User & Device > FortiTokens. click new creation new creation.
    2. Choose mobile icon.
    3. In the Activation code field, enter the activation code.
    4. Each FortiGate contains two free mobile codes. go to User & Device > FortiTokens and click Import free demo codes.
  4. In FortiOS CLI, enable FTM payment. Make sure the server-ip can be accessed from the Internet, then enter the following CLI commands:

    FTM-Payment System Configuration

    Set IP Server

    Set Enabled Status


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