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How to change the IP address of your Apple TV

How to change the IP address of your Apple TV


Launched over a decade ago (if you believe it?!), Apple TV is a digital media player from the tech giant that plugs into your HD or 4K TV.

Doing so allows you to access a wide range of audio and video content from the iTunes Store, as well as streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many other streaming services besides that.

But the moment you start thinking about these streaming sites, many will be wondering about getting restricted content depending on the location of the user. Learning how to get around this “geo-blocking” with an Apple TV VPN can unlock a host of new content no matter where in the world you’re watching.

This step-by-step guide shows how to do it with a VPN, which changes your IP settings to mask and spoof your device’s location. It may seem daunting, but it only takes three steps to move forward…

Step 1: Choose a VPN service for your Apple TV

VPNs work by encrypting and redirecting your internet traffic to a remote server, thus masking your IP address, identity, and location. You can either install the VPN on the router itself or you can use the VPN that comes with SmartDNS functionality – so we recommend that you choose a provider that offers SmartDNS functionality, as this is the easier of the two methods.

Outside of that, you’ll need to make sure that your service opens the one you intend to watch. Our best streaming VPN guide will give you an idea of โ€‹โ€‹which ones unlock the most content for you, with the likes of ExpressVPN and NordVPN on the list of VPNs that can get around geo-restrictions on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video and many more.

These two also benefit from excellent server speeds, so you don’t have to worry about them getting too much in the way of caching. And both have great customer support advisors on hand 24/7 via live chat to help you out if you’re struggling to get them to work.

(Image credit: Apple)

As we say, there are two main ways to bypass Apple TV geo-restrictions. The first is to change the IP address of your router. The other way is to change your DNS settings. So choose the step 2 procedure that seems most convenient to you…

Step 2 – Option 1: Setup with SmartDNS

Many major VPN service providers now offer SmartDNS functionality, which creates a new Domain Name System (DNS). Although this does not provide complete anonymity, it is effective in masking the location and thus can be used to bypass Apple TV geo-blocking. So this definitely shouldn’t be thought of as a way[to protect your privacy]This way structure something about broadcasting![protectyourprivacythismethodisallaboutthestreaming![ู„ุญู…ุงูŠุฉุฎุตูˆุตูŠุชูƒู‡ุฐู‡ุงู„ุทุฑูŠู‚ุฉู‡ูŠูƒู„ุดูŠุกุนู†ุงู„ุจุซ![protectyourprivacythismethodisallaboutthestreaming!

ExpressVPN is one such provider that comes with SmartDNS capabilities. Its MediaStreamer functionality has been specifically designed with content geo-blocking in mind, and the activation process is quick and simple.

Start by registering your IP address in the program. Then, from Account Settings, select Apple TV from the Other Devices Setup option. This will then generate a DNS IP address.

Step 2 – Option 2: Install a VPN on your router

Alternatively, you can install the new VPN directly on your wireless router. This means that any device that accesses the internet through the router, such as your Apple TV, will be able to reap the benefits of a VPN. It’s a little silly, but you can enjoy all this world-class content, while also making sure that no prying eyes can see what you’re up to.

Each VPN provider and router model will come with their own installation instructions, so it is advisable to find them directly from the providers. See our guide for more information on how to install a VPN on your router.

Select your Apple TV from your ExpressVPN account settings to create a new DNS address (Image credit: ExpressVPN)

Step 3: Configure your Apple TV settings

You’re almost there – now head over to your Apple TV network settings, then find advanced settings and switch the DNS configuration to manual, where you’ll be able to enter your new DNS IP address.

After your device restarts, your DNS changes should be active.

How to change the IP address of your Apple TV

There are two relatively straightforward ways to change the configuration of your Apple TV to bypass regional restrictions on content. Whether you’re looking to install a VPN on your router or take a more modern SmartDNS approach, consider the best option for you. And make sure you get the best software for the job by reading our dedicated guide to getting the best Apple TV VPN.

Compare the best streaming VPN services right now:

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