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How to create desktop shortcuts for specific settings in Windows 10

How to create desktop shortcuts for specific settings in Windows 10


Microsoft is packing several new features into Windows 10, and it’s bringing back a familiar user interface that moves away from being a touch OS to something that adapts to different screens. This means that on a desktop computer, Windows 10 will work great with a keyboard and mouse. On a tablet, you will get an operating system optimized for touch.

Other changes are happening in how users configure settings in Windows 10. Microsoft is slowly, but surely, working away from the Control Panel in favor of a new Settings app that provides a more unified and consistent place to configure Classic and Advanced settings. Also, because Windows 10 is built with a single core across devices, the Settings app will work similarly on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Now, what you probably didn’t know is that every setup page in the new Settings app has a unique link called “URI” (short for Uniform Resource Identifier). Microsoft gives each page a unique value or command that anyone can use in a run command or even within a command prompt to access a specific page of settings.

While you can pin settings to the Start menu, you cannot directly access specific settings from the desktop. But, knowing the URI of each of the settings page, you can easily create shortcuts on the desktop to access your favorite settings.

Below you will find a list that WinAero has compiled with most of the settings URIs:

  • battery saver: ms settings: batterysaver
  • Battery saver: ms settings: battery saver settings
  • Battery saver settings: ms settings: battery usage details
  • bluetooth: ms settings: bluetooth
  • Data usage: ms settings: data usage
  • date and time: ms settings: date and time
  • Closed Caption: ms settings: easyofaccess-closedcaptioning
  • High contrast: ms settings: easyofaccess-highcontrast
  • Magnifier: ms settings: easyofaccess magnifier
  • Narrator: ms settings: easyofaccess-Narrator
  • Keyboard: ms settings: easy access keyboard
  • Mouse: ms settings: easyofaccess-mouse
  • Other options (ease of access): ms settings: easyofaccess-otheroptions
  • lock screen: ms settings: lockscreen
  • Offline maps: ms settings: maps
  • Airplane mode: ms-settings: network-airplanemode
  • Proxy: ms settings: network proxy
  • VPN: ms settings: network-vpn
  • Notifications and actions: ms settings: notifications
  • Account info: ms settings: privacy-accountinfo
  • calendar: ms settings: privacy calendar
  • Contacts: ms settings: privacy contacts
  • Other devices: ms settings: devices dedicated to privacy
  • Comments: ms settings: privacy notes
  • Location: ms settings: privacy site
  • Messaging: ms settings: messaging privacy
  • movement: ms settings: privacy movement
  • Radios: ms settings: privacy radios
  • Speech, inking, typing: ms settings: customize speech
  • Camera: ms settings: privacy webcam
  • Region and language: ms settings: regionlanguage
  • Speech: ms settings: Speech
  • Windows Update: ms settings: windowsupdate
  • Getting to work: ms settings: workplace
  • Connected devices: ms settings: Connected devices
  • For developers: ms settings: for developers
  • Width: ms Settings: Width
  • Mouse and touchpad: ms settings: touchpad
  • cellular: ms settings: cellular network
  • Dial-up: ms settings: network dial-up
  • direct access: ms settings: direct network access
  • ethernet: ms settings: ethernet
  • Mobile hotspot: ms settings: network portable hotspot
  • Wi-Fi: ms settings: wifi
  • Manage Wi-Fi settings: ms-settings: network-wifisettings
  • Optional features: ms settings: optional features
  • Family and other users: ms settings: other users
  • Personalization: ms settings: personalization
  • Backgrounds: ms settings: customize background
  • Colors: ms settings: customize colors
  • start: ms settings: start customization
  • power and sleep: ms settings: powersleep
  • Proximity: ms settings: proximity
  • Display: ms settings: Screenrotation
  • Sign-in options: ms settings: Sign-in options
  • Storage Sense: ms settings: storage
  • Themes: ms settings: themes
  • write: ms settings: write
  • tablet move: ms://tabletmode/settings
  • Privacy: ms settings: privacy
  • Microphone: ms settings: privacy microphone

Follow the steps below to create desktop shortcuts for a specific setup page in Windows 10

1- Choose the settings you want to access and copy one of the settings paths. For example, “ms-settings: colors” to access the color settings in Personalization

2- Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, and select new, and click abbreviation

3- Paste the URI of the page with the settings you want to quickly access and click next one

4- Choose a name for the shortcut, in this case, β€œColors,” and tap finish

Now double click on the shortcut and Settings should open on the page you selected. You can also right-click on the shortcut and access the properties to change the icon to something that defines the settings you want to access, or to set a keyboard shortcut for faster access to your favorite settings.

Quick info: In recent versions, Microsoft has removed the pin icon from Settings apps. However, users can still pin their preferred settings to the Start screen, by right-clicking the title of a particular page of Settings, and clicking Pin to Start.

And there you have it. You can now access a specific page of settings directly from the desktop.

What settings page do you want to create a shortcut for? Tell us in the comments below.

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