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How to Find and Use ExpressVPN Activation Code

How to Find and Use ExpressVPN Activation Code


To activate ExpressVPN’s premium apps, you will need to provide an activation code. So, let’s talk about how to find and use your ExpressVPN activation code. Later, we will answer some relevant and crucial questions.

First, here’s how to navigate to your ExpressVPN activation code. Remember that you need an active subscription to this VPN before proceeding. So, this is what you have to do.

  • Using any web browser, go to the ExpressVPN website to sign in.
  • Take a look at the top of ExpressVPN’s homepage, where you’ll see the website’s main navigation menu. You need to click “ArithmeticIf you are using a smartphone, use “.hamburgerin the upper-right corner and select “My Account.” After a few moments, a new page will open asking you E-mail And The password.
  • Make sure to use the same email account registered to your ExpressVPN account. Once you have submitted your login credentials, click on the red colorsign in‘ button.
  • If this is your first time logging into your account or you haven’t accessed it in a while, ExpressVPN will ask cipher. So, be sure to check the file Inbox And paste the code that you will find there. Keep in mind that this is not an ExpressVPN activation code. This is just a code to access the user control panel on the web.
  • At this moment, you should see your account dashboard on the ExpressVPN website. Take a look at the right side of the page. You will see a card entitledSet up your devices. ExpressVPN is located at the bottom of the card Activation code.
  • Finally, copy your activation code and proceed with setting up ExpressVPN on your device. Once glued, the VPN will be ready to use.

Why, When, Where and How to Get an ExpressVPN Activation Code?

Unlike other VPNs, ExpressVPN uses an innovative method that makes logging into your account as easy as possible. This is exactly where the VPN activation code comes into play, as every registered account gets one.

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So, let’s explain when you will need an ExpressVPN activation code, all the ways to get it, and other things you should know.

When will you need to use an ExpressVPN activation code?

There are many potential situations where an ExpressVPN activation code is absolutely required. Keep in mind that we are talking about a very important code here, which is necessary to access a VPN app on desktop systems primarily.

Once you sign up for ExpressVPN, you will automatically get your personal activation code. You will need it in the following cases:

  • When you install ExpressVPN on your device: This mainly applies to ExpressVPN’s desktop apps, as this VPN has only one way to let you log in (you can’t log in with your email and password, for example).
  • When logging out of ExpressVPN apps on any device: By default, this VPN app will keep you logged in, so you can launch it and start using it within seconds. If you decide to sign out, you will need the activation code to get back in again.
  • If you uninstall ExpressVPN and decide to reinstall it: Keep in mind that uninstalling ExpressVPN deletes all your information from your computer regarding ExpressVPN. That’s why an activation code is needed when you try to install it again.
  • If the previous activation code has expired: This usually happens if your subscription has expired, making your activation code obsolete. Renewing your subscription will result in a new activation code, which can be accessed via the VPN website.

Where can you activate your ExpressVPN activation code?

Once you sign up for ExpressVPN, this VPN service will automatically generate your custom activation code. This means that you will have the same code for the duration of your subscription, which can be used via any of the VPN apps.

In other words, the ExpressVPN activation code is not “activated” in any specific way. Instead, it is assigned to you (or to your ExpressVPN account). The only way to access it is by logging into your account, as described above.

Can you get an ExpressVPN activation code for free? Is there an online activation code generator to activate the premium account?

Many of you may have tried searching for ExpressVPN code generators, or maybe a cracked version. Google will give a long list of results – but you’ll only find one thing. We are talking about websites that are riddled with malware.

Also, keep one important thing in mind. Services like ExpressVPN cannot be hacked. There are simply no code generators to help you generate a valid key. There are several reasons for this, as follows.

  • Unique activation codes: To get your activation code, you need to log into your account on the ExpressVPN website. To log in, you need to provide a code sent to your email address. There are other systems in place to secure your activation code, which cannot be maliciously tampered with.
  • Limited number of simultaneous connections: ExpressVPN supports up to five simultaneous connections. You can see why it is impossible to hack an app like this. There is simply no way to use more than five connections at the same time.
  • Eliminate any potential misuse: Keep in mind that we are talking about a VPN that does not log any personal data. However, ExpressVPN does a lot to combat any kind of abuse. Since the user-client is constantly “talking” to the servers, the VPN can easily tell if someone is tampering with the software.

With all this said, we hope you can figure out why there are no pirated versions of ExpressVPN. You should not waste your time trying to find one, as this will most likely lead to malware and other “hidden” dangers of the Internet.

ExpressVPN activation code not working? Try these solutions!

If there is a problem activating your copy of ExpressVPN, you will see an error message that prevents you from accessing the VPN. To save you time and effort, we will offer you several solutions to this problem, based on the error message you see.

  • Error message 1:Your activation code is incorrect. Please try again or contact support” – You may have tried to type your activation code, and there is a misspelling. Instead of typing the code, we recommend copying it from your account (from the ExpressVPN website). Also, make sure your subscription is still valid (not expired).
  • Error message 2:Please make sure your email address and password are correct. You may have mistyped your email address or password. Pay attention to special characters or whether Caps Lock is enabled. You can also try logging into your account on the ExpressVPN website. And eventually, try resetting your password (via the ExpressVPN website).
  • Error message 3:Please check your connection and try again” – For some reason ExpressVPN thinks you are not connected to the web. This means that something is preventing the app from connecting to its servers to validate your ExpressVPN activation code. The solution is to change your DNS settings. For more information, check below.

Change DNS parameters on Windows

  • Go to control Board > Network and the Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
  • Now, make sure to right-click on a file active contact and chooseProperties“.
  • the ‘networks’ The tab should now be selected. Click ‘Internet Protocol version 4Then click the Properties button below.
  • Click the radio button that says, “Use the following DNS server addresses. “You can go ahead” “ And “ These are Cloudflare’s DNS servers.
  • Now, click onOK’ So refuse all open windows. Return to ExpressVPN’s login screen and try logging in again. Also, feel free to go back to your original DNS settings once you are logged into the VPN.

Change DNS Parameters on macOS

  • go to An apple > System Preferences > network.
  • You need to select the active connection, followed by clicking “advanced“.
  • Make sure the “DNS” tab is selected. Click ‘+ ‘ In the lower left corner and enter the following addresses – And
  • click ‘OK“>”ProgressingThen go back to ExpressVPN and try logging in again.
  • Keep in mind that you can go back to your original DNS parameters once you are able to start using the VPN.

Change DNS Parameters on Linux

  • Go to Settings > Preferences > network connections.
  • Next, you should select the now active web connection. Click ‘ModificationThen chooseIPv4 Settings“.
  • To continue, selectAutomatic (DHCP) addresses onlyIn the DNS Servers field, go ahead with And – Then clickProgressing“.
  • Return to the ExpressVPN app and try logging in again. If it works, know that you can return the new DNS settings to the original parameters.

Change DNS Parameters on Android

Every Android device comes with a different user interface. That’s why it will be impossible to predict exactly what the next steps will look like on your phone. So, we are going to give you general instructions that should work on most Android smartphones.

  • open the Settings application, then go toNetwork and the Internet“.
  • You need to go to Wi-Fi settings, followed by selecting the currently active Wi-Fi connection. Make sure the settings for that particular connection are open.
  • Choose ‘Advanced OptionsThen change the IP settings to fixed.
  • You will be prompted for two DNS addresses, so be sure to use And Save the new DNS parameters and exit the Settings app.
  • Try logging into your VPN again by providing your ExpressVPN activation code. If all goes well, you can restore the original DNS parameters.

Change DNS Parameters on iOS

  • go to Settings > WIFI > Then tap your current web connection.
  • under ‘DNS, change it from “automatic” to “bookletNext, remove any existing DNS servers that you may see on your screen.
  • tap on ‘add servergo ahead with And – These are Cloudflare’s DNS servers. Save your settings and return to ExpressVPN.
  • Once you are able to sign in, you can return to the Settings app and return the DNS parameters to their original values.

Change DNS parameters on routers

  • First, you need to Access to your router using file IP. If you try to install ExpressVPN on it, you probably already know the IP address. If you don’t, doing a Google search while using the given model number will do the trick.
  • Then log in to the file Router admin panel. Find a bunch of settings related to DNS parameters.
  • Make sure to use Cloudflare DNS addresses – 1.1.1.. And Save it, then go back to ExpressVPN and try logging in.
  • If all goes well, you can go back to the original DNS parameters on your router.

If you have any other questions, know that you can always count on ExpressVPN’s support. This VPN site offers an option to speak directly with support agents, which will help you resolve any issue. Also, you can always send an email to

However, you have come to the end of our guide on using ExpressVPN activation codes. If there’s anything you’d like to tell us, be sure to post your comment below. And if you think this article might help others too, why not share it online? thank you!

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