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How to set up a VPN for LG Smart TV

How to set up a VPN for LG Smart TV


Posted by Mr.VPN in VPN Setup

LG Smart TV:

LG Smart TV provides limitless entertainment to your big screen. It is virtually frameless and its elegant and minimalist design makes it the center of attraction in your home entertainment setting. With your LG Smart TV in your home, you can enjoy the latest blockbuster Hollywood movies on the big screen through leading media portals like Netflix, Blinkbox, Acetrax and KNOWHOW.

VPNs have become essential for every device connected to the Internet. Smart TV technology is in the making as it is more vulnerable and can be hacked easily. Smart TV security is not as developed as other computing devices such as laptop, desktop or smartphones. With people using their smart TVs to shop online, there is a high chance that a hacker can take control of your smart TV and steal personal details and valuable financial information. A VPN service protects you from prying eyes while you enjoy the benefits that Smart TV has to offer.

Steps to setup VPN connection on LG Smart TV:

Things you will need

  • VPN service
  • Laptop with Wireless Network Adapter RJ45
  • Wireless Internet connection (through a router or ISP)
  • Ethernet crossover cable
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You only need to go through the steps below after setting up a PPTP VPN connection on your laptop. Connect your LG Smart TV to the RJ45 port of your laptop using a crossover Ethernet cable.

  • on your laptop, Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet
  • Click Network and Sharing Center Link
  • Click local connection Included under View your active networks
  • Click Properties
  • Choose “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Click Properties
  • Click on the “Obtain an IP address automatically” radio button.

(Note: Keep the Default Gateway, DNS Server, and Alternate DNS Server fields blank)

  • Click on the VPN connection you created
  • Click Properties
  • Click to share unpaid bill
  • Choose “Allow other network users to connect through the internet connection of these computers
  • Under Home network connection, select local connection from the dropdown menu.
  • Note: Check the options.Create a dial-up connection” And “Allow other network users to take control“indiscriminate
  • Make sure that Create a dial-up connection is not marked and Allow other network users to control is also unchecked

Turn on your LG Smart TV. Some LG Smart TVs will need a LAN adapter to connect them to a laptop to connect an Ethernet cable.

  • On the LG Smart TV Remote Control, press the “Home” button
  • Using the directive buttons on the remote control, go to “Settings”
  • In the Settings menu, select Network Connection.
  • In the next window, click on “Start Connection”
  • In the next window, select “Wired Network”
  • press enter
  • In IP mode, select “Dynamic”
  • Select OK and press Enter to apply network settings
  • Smart TV will ask you to test the connection
  • Select OK and press Enter to complete the wired connection settings
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