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How to use Bitdefender VPN for iOS and iPadOS: Connectivity, Settings, and Subscriptions

How to use Bitdefender VPN for iOS and iPadOS: Connectivity, Settings, and Subscriptions


The VPN interface displays the status of the application: online or offline. Server location for users with the free version is automatically assigned by Bitdefender to the most suitable server, while power users have the ability to change the server location they want to connect to by selecting it from the default location list.

While connected, the IP address assigned to your device is automatically displayed on the VPN interface. To save battery power, we recommend turning off the VPN when you don’t need it.

To connect to Bitdefender VPN for iOS and iPadOS:

In Bitdefender VPN

β€’ To connect or disconnect, simply click the power button on the VPN interface. Bitdefender VPN status is displayed.

β€’ If you have a premium subscription and want to connect to a specific VPN server, click on Automatic and then select one of the available countries.

In the Bitdefender Mobile Security app

β€’ Access to the VPN icon on the bottom navigation bar of Bitdefender Mobile Security.

β€’ Click Connect each time you want to stay protected while connected to unsecured wireless networks. Click Disconnect when you want to disable the VPN connection.

β€’ If you have a premium subscription and want to connect to a specific VPN server, click on β€œAuto” and then select the location you want.

To access more options, tap the gear icon βš™οΈŽ in the upper-right corner:

Account: Details about your Bitdefender account and VPN subscription are shown at the top. If you are using the free version of the VPN app, you can upgrade to the premium plan from here.

Settings: Depending on your needs, here you can customize the behavior of Bitdefender VPN for iOS.

β€’ Change Auto Connect Options

β€’ Activate the Kill-Switch to stop all internet traffic in case the VPN connection is accidentally disconnected

β€’ Choose which apps and websites you want to bypass VPN with Split Tunneling

β€’ Choose between light and dark theme

β€’ Manage product notifications

β€’ Browse frequently asked questions or contact our support team.

β€’ Check the installed VPN version

β€’ Review the Subscription Agreement and Privacy Policy

β€’ Sign out of Bitdefender VPN

With Bitdefender VPN, you can take advantage of a 200MB daily traffic quota for each device included in your subscription (only a 500MB daily traffic quota is included with Bitdefender Small Office Security subscriptions). This feature helps you secure your connection every time you need it, and automatically connects you to the optimal server location. To get unlimited traffic and unlimited access to worldwide content by choosing a specific server location, upgrade to the premium version.

If you want to upgrade to Bitdefender Premium VPN on iOS, just click Development button in the application interface. If you need more guidance, you can access this friendly guide – How to upgrade your Bitdefender VPN subscription from Free to Premium VPN on iOS.

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