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Is Kapersky VPN Safe to Use? Read this before you buy it!

Is Kapersky VPN Safe to Use? Read this before you buy it!


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Kaspersky Secure Connection is easy to use, cheap, and offers users many essential VPN features. But can it be trusted and is it safe to use? We will try to clearly answer these questions below.

Security: What are Kaspersky VPN Security Tools?

Information security is one of the main reasons why people use VPNs. It makes sense then that the security features offered are one of the most important things to consider when trying to decide whether or not a VPN is safe to use.

If you use a computer, you may want to check out these VPNs Available on Windows.

While Kaspersky offers some of the basic security features we’ve come to expect from even low-level VPN services, are these enough to earn your trust? Let’s break it down.

kill switch

A kill switch should almost be a requirement of the VPN service at this point. Kill Switches help ensure that your information – such as your IP address and location – is adequately protected at all times.

When you lose your connection to your VPN, a kill switch – if enabled – will restrict your device’s Internet connection until a secure VPN connection can be re-established. Without the kill switch, your IP address becomes public again, As with your location and other pieces of important information.

Since a kill switch is such an important and simple feature of even the simplest of VPNs, it’s a wonder why Kaspersky doesn’t include it in its list of security features. For a VPN to work, a kill switch is not technically required.

But it might as well be. It’s a shame that Kaspersky doesn’t offer this extra feature.


Encryption is very important. We looked at how and if your information is appropriately encrypted. As with most other aspects of a VPN service, this is important to make sure all of your information and data is safe and secure.

Luckily, Kaspersky Secure Connection uses 128-bit military-grade encryption. This means that all your information will be encoded in unreadable strings of data and you are safe from web dangers.

Don’t expect it to be any more secure though, than AES 256-bit encryption.

Leakage protection

In the case of a DNS leak, any DNS request can be Accidentally leaked by your ISP. This will jeopardize the security of your information. Fortunately, Kaspersky offers DNS leak protection to prevent this from happening.

Kaspersky Secure Connection It also tells you when public Wi-Fi is not secure. This means that you can access the web through a secure VPN tunnel, which reduces the risk of leaks or hacks.

Kaspersky Privacy Policy: The Most Important Security Standard

The security features that a VPN can offer are very important, but the root of all information security lies in the VPN’s privacy policy. These details explain if and how your information is collected and stored (we hope it is not), as well as any other forms of data collection that may be important to know about.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at everything you need to know from Kaspersky’s Privacy Policy.

Collected information

As a rule, Kaspersky does not collect any personal information when simply browsing their sites. When accessing their services, they do so, Collecting certain pieces of general information.

Browser type and platform, for example, are logged and stored for statistical analysis and service provision purposes. You don’t have to worry about this, because most VPNs – and most websites – do too.

All this information is anonymous and cannot be linked to your real identity. Of course, when signing up for their service, you will need to provide at least an active email address and password. Again, this is the standard price for each VPN service.

This information Not related to your online activity It is collected solely in order to provide you with the Service.

However, we have some concerns about this part of their privacy policy:

Screenshot of Kaspersky’s Privacy Policy

Too scary isn’t it? This means that they can trace some actions back to you in some way. For a provider who claims a “no logs” policy, this is very strange.


Cookies are small text files stored on your device to speed up certain operations. They store several small pieces of information. This may raise alarms for some, but Kaspersky lists all of its uses of cookies.

These uses include storing your preferences, storing user input, and improving user interaction.

Kaspersky allows you to block cookies. But it warns that some features of their site may not be accessible unless cookies are enabled. This raises our collective astonishment, especially since data and information integrity are important when it comes to VPNs.

External Audit: Is Kaspersky Safe?

Having a third party check a VPN service is important to ensure that the service is safe to use from an objective point of view. passed kaspersky SOC Audit 2, which provides reports on cybersecurity risk management systems.

With positive results, Kaspersky can at least be trusted from a legal point of view. But only from a legal point of view.

Problems and scandals faced by the company in the past

While Kaspersky’s VPN service has not yet been the subject of controversy, the company itself has. In 2017, The company was accused of using its security solutions to steal classified NSA files.

However, these accusations were based on anonymous sources and rumors and were strongly raised by the Western media.

However, this gives Kaspersky an unfortunate reputation, to begin with. While Kaspersky Secure Connection hasn’t been hit by any scandal, its company, unfortunately, does have some nasty baggage.

Conclusion: Kaspersky VPN cannot be trusted

We have to conclude that Kaspersky cannot be trusted as a VPN.

Simply put, although it offers many basic security features, it strangely omits others, such as a kill switch. Unfortunately, Hide your IP address is one thingJust a small part of the larger service.

Moreover, its insistence on the use of cookies for many basic functionality features, combined with the hard-to-ignore scandal surrounding the company, makes it difficult to trust this VPN. We cannot, in good conscience, recommend this as a reliable service.

Instead, we highly suggest subscribing to our preferred provider, ExpressVPN. They offer everything you need in a VPN service. Learn more by clicking here:

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Thalia has been in the online tech industry for over two years, after studying computer science at university. Her main focus is on VPNs, online privacy and security.

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