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Is Psiphon secure and does it encrypt your data?

Is Psiphon secure and does it encrypt your data?

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censorship bypass rating

7.57.5 / 10


Our remote access server in Shanghai, China routinely tests whether a VPN can overcome restrictions and access a free and open internet. Obfuscation technologies and nearby servers are also a contributing factor.

This rating does not directly contribute to the overall rating, but instead forms part of the Security and Features rating.

The ability to overcome strict web censorship is the whole selling point of Psiphon. The fact that the VPN service does not work in China is a huge disappointment. You can still use the proxy service to access the web, but your traffic will be left unencrypted.

Michael Hall, president of Psiphon, says there are 200,000 daily active users of the service in China.

But it’s not a VPN service that outperforms the Great Firewall – it’s Psiphon’s proxy service.

Psiphon warns users that the VPN (L2TP, or Transfer Mode) configuration does not have strong censorship circumvention capabilities. In other words, Psiphon VPN will likely be banned in China.

The only way to connect from these highly censored sites is by using Psiphon proxy servers, as they provide additional layers of obfuscation (SSH+).

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While SSH servers encrypt the traffic, the encryption is limited to your browser’s traffic, leaving other applications unprotected. This means that if you want high levels of privacy, you should steer clear of it.

Siphon says it frankly It is not designed to increase your privacy onlineIt should not be considered or used as an online security tool.

There are VPN services that work reliably in China, while providing strong privacy and security. You can read about the best VPN recommendations for China here.

One of the reasons why the Psiphon proxy service is so popular in countries like China is that it provides a simple way for users to download software from countries that block VPN sites and download pages, including Psiphon.

Users can email to receive downloads and bypass government blocks, which is a good idea and something we haven’t seen before.

For this reason, if you find yourself unable to download one of our recommended Chinese VPNs, you may find Psiphon a very useful tool to bypass government bans. But know that Psiphon is not the most secure option.

One positive thing is that Psiphon can be used within China to access the download page for a better VPN.

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