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NordVPN Free Trial in 2022 [30-Day Cancel Refund & 7-Day Trial]

NordVPN Free Trial in 2022 [30-Day Cancel Refund & 7-Day Trial]

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If you are in the market for a VPN, you may notice that most of the better VPN providers offer deals if you sign up for several years. For this reason, it is common to get free VPN trials or money-back guarantees before entering into a contract. In this article, we are going to learn how to get NordVPN free trial.

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  • To start your free NordVPN trial on any device, purchase a month-long subscription through the website. Within 30 days, ask our support team to refund you for a risk-free refund.
  • Mobile users can also use NordVPN’s free trial on iOS and Android devices for up to seven days.
  • NordVPN used to have a three-day free trial for all devices, but it was changed to seven days on mobile because users were abusing the VPN free trial.

The best way to test NordVPN for free is to sign up for the monthly plan, then cancel the plan within 30 days as part of a risk-free money-back guarantee. NordVPN Free Trial gives you unlimited access to the service. You will be able to access all the advanced features on offer, and there are no data caps when using NordVPN for free.

Previously, NordVPN offered a three-day free trial. However, when people started to take advantage of this opportunity, the company changed it to a 30-day money-back guarantee – a sort of “risk-free trial”. The reason it can treat demo accounts like premium users is because you already have to pay up front, but you can get your money back if you order within 30 days.

NordVPN still offers free mobile trials, but they expire after only a week and only work on iOS or Android phones. We’ll show you how to get access to this, as well as a free trial hack with a money back guarantee. Read on for the steps.

  • Does NordVPN Have a Free Trial?

    NordVPN offers a mobile experience. Although it doesn’t have a free desktop trial, NordVPN’s money-back guarantee means you can test the service on all devices, knowing you can get your full money back.

  • How do you get a free 7-day trial of NordVPN?

    NordVPN mobile app offers a free seven-day trial period before making a purchase. You’ll need to sign up for a NordVPN subscription first, but you won’t pay until the seven days of the free service are over.

  • How do I get a free NordVPN trial?

    To get a free NordVPN trial on your PC, simply purchase a VPN plan as usual and request a refund before the 30-day money-back guarantee period expires.

  • How do I cancel the NordVPN free trial?

    You can cancel a NordVPN free trial by talking to the support team. Simply ask the chatbot to forward it to someone, tell them why you want to leave and make sure that a full refund is in place.

NordVPN Free Trial: 30-Day Money Back Trial

Although it is not technically a free trial, there are benefits to using the 30-day money-back guarantee instead of the limited one-week trial on mobile devices.

From NordVPN’s perspective, satisfied users are less likely to ask for a refund, so there is an incentive to give full access to the global server bank and any premium features they have to block or restrict to get a free trial – like an automatic kill switch.

There is also less risk for you with a tried and tested money back based service. Free VPNs and free trial VPNs have more reasons to sell user data, log your activity, or run a worse service – otherwise they bear all the costs but have no income. (If you want a high-quality free VPN that you can trust, read our article on Best Free VPN Service Providers – Our favorite free VPN is Windscribe.)

The only problem with refund policies is that the VPN will not give your money back. However, we have never had a problem with NordVPN during the years of regularly updating our NordVPN review. Therefore, you should be fine as long as you are not trying to abuse the system.

If you really want to try NordVPN without paying, there is a seven-day free trial available for Android and iOS devices. It’s easy to get this on the NordVPN app, but it will be limited to mobile devices only. Therefore, if you want to protect your computer, you will have to pay – at least temporarily.

How to Get 30 Days of NordVPN: Hack Free Trial

NordVPN free trial hack uses 30-day money-back guarantees instead of the traditional free trial, so there are two sets of steps to follow. The first will guide you to pay for your NordVPN account, and the second will show you how to apply for a refund if you don’t want to continue using this VPN service.

How to sign up for NordVPN 30-Day Free Trial

Paying and installing NordVPN is very easy. All you need is an email address and a payment method that NordVPN accepts: a credit card, cryptocurrency, and some region-dependent third-party systems like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

  1. Go to NordVPN’s purchase page

    To use this free trial, you’ll need to go to the “Purchase” page on the NordVPN website.

  2. Choose your plan

    Here, you can choose any of the three plans. The two-year option is the default, but a one-month plan is available if you don’t want to risk the whole $89.

  3. Enter your email address and payment information

    After selecting your plan, you can enter an email address and payment information.

  4. Set the account password

    After payment, you will be asked to choose a password for the account. If you want to use a secure password generator, check out our best password manager guide for our top picks.

  5. Download VPN

    Once your account is created and set up, there will be a button to download the desktop app. You can also find this button on the NordVPN website on your account page.

  6. Use NordVPN for up to 30 days

    After downloading it, NordVPN will walk you through the installation process. After that, you can start using all of its features for online privacy or to trick streaming sites for up to 30 days.

How to cancel NordVPN’s money-back guarantee

Although we have a separate guide on how to cancel NordVPN and get a refund, we’ll do a quick summary here as well. Remember to wait for the approximately 30-day money-back guarantee period to expire if you want to get the most out of this free trial.

  1. Contact the support team through the website

    At the end of the 30-day trial, you will need to contact customer support, either through the support email address or by clicking the chat bubble to enter the live chat support conversation.

  2. Follow the instructions given by the Chatbot

    In the live chat window, NordVPN’s chatbot will ask you a series of questions, where you can ask for a full refund.

  3. Ask for a refund

    After you request a refund, the chatbot will connect you with a member of the support team. Tell them why you want a refund and wait for them to confirm it’s in progress.

  4. Cancel your automatic renewal

    Since canceling your account may take some time, you should also turn off auto-renew manually. go to “Subscriptions“Department”Invoices“, Click Three vertical points and choose “Cancel automatic renewal. “

  5. Make sure to turn off automatic renewal

    NordVPN will ask you to click “Cancel automatic renewalβ€œSeveral times, and then you will receive a file E-mail With the “Cancel automatic renewal” button. Click this to ensure that the subscription is not duplicated.

NordVPN 7-day free trials

Although PC users are stuck with NordVPN’s money-back guarantee only, iOS and Android users can also take advantage of a seven-day free trial. This will give you all the mobile features for a week before you have to pay anything.

However, you will still need a payment method and some account details – specifically, an email address and a password. So don’t expect this to be a completely anonymous experience, but if you just want free VPN access for a week, this is a great option.

How to Get NordVPN Free 7-Day Trial

NordVPN’s free mobile version is available for all new accounts, and although you need a valid payment method, it won’t take any money out of your account. If you want to continue using NordVPN after the trial period ends, do not cancel the ongoing subscription, and your account will remain active.

  1. Download NordVPN

    Find the NordVPN app in the App Store or Google Play Store and install it.

  2. Create a new account

    When the app opens, choose Sign Up and create a new NordVPN account.

  3. Get a NordVPN Subscription

    On the subscription page, select any subscription term from the list.

  4. Confirm your subscription

    Verify that the payment details are correct and that the first payment will not be made for seven days, then click “Subscribe”.

  5. Unsubscribe

    At any time within the next seven days, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, find your subscription in your account settings and tap “unsubscribe. Even if you cancel this early, you can still use the app for the entire trial period.

What Happened to NordVPN’s 3-Day Free Trials?

Prior to 2019, NordVPN used to offer a three-day VPN free trial to all users. Just like the 30-day money-back guarantee, this experience had no limitations. Users can access their favorite streaming services, take advantage of DNS leak protection and torrent files with unlimited bandwidth and no data limits.

However, NordVPN’s free trial had to be terminated due to users’ misuse of the system. Although it only lasted for three days, people were able to create new email addresses to use for free indefinitely. You can now get a free seven-day trial on mobile devices, but you need to add your payment details and create a NordVPN account.

Fortunately, for users who just want a regular free trial with no restrictions, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Canceling and renewing your subscription takes a little work to save you just a few bucks, but it will give you more time if you can’t really afford it.

Final Thoughts: NordVPN Free Trial

We got your money back from NordVPN quickly and didn’t need to jump through hoops, which is as good as any other VPN provider with a similar system. While we don’t think NordVPN is quite as good as ExpressVPN, it’s worth trying out the service to see if it’s the best option for you (we also have a section on how to cancel ExpressVPN).

It is worth noting that NordVPN was hacked in March 2018. However, it handled the vulnerability well, and we consider its security to be still among the best. With industry-standard encryption and features like an effective kill switch, it matches the best of its competitors, as you can read in our review of ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Have you tried NordVPN before? Is NordVPN Free Trial Worth The Extra Work? Did you get a full refund? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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