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Quickly connect to a VPN on Windows 10

Quickly connect to a VPN on Windows 10


All in all I am very happy with the upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. The procedure was smooth and almost (More on that later) Everything still works like a charm, out of the box, although there is a lot of sloppy software on the device. (I think it comes with the job as a developer.)

However, a minor thing on Win10 quickly annoyed me with the poor user experience of connecting to the VPN, despite the shiny new VPN button on the new Action Center (BTW, Action Center tip: use WinKey + A), which in itself seemed like a good idea. I have a specific list of VPNs, first of all to connect to my private office on the go, and many others to connect to my client’s networks to diagnose problems or perform software updates. So let me first complain a little about what I think is wrong, before providing a workaround (or workaround if you will) below.

Compare the following experience on Windows 7 versus that of Windows 10 (or Windows 8).

Windows 7

Easy way to contact

  • Click the network icon in the system tray. It will list all of your VPN connections:
  • Double-click the VPN connection you want. do it!

Even the easiest way to contact

Create a desktop shortcut for the VPN to go to Network adapter settings And drag the VPN icon to the desktop.

  • Double-click the VPN icon on the desktop. do it!

Windows 10

Easy way to contact?

At first, it looks like you can still do the same thing you used to.

  • Click the network icon in the system tray. It will list all of your VPN connections.
  • Double-click the VPN connection you want. he did. No, this will open a new window listing all your VPN connections again. (Huh?)
  • Find the same VPN you double-clicked before in this list. Double click on it. he did. No, double-clicking does not work here. One click on it.
  • The VPN item is expanded, and now displays the Connect button. Click on it.
  • VPN connects. Click the X to close this window.

This is five verbs instead of two.

Even the easiest way to connect?

It gets worse here.

The desktop shortcut I created while I was in 7 migrated to Windows 10 just fine, so I thought I’d keep using that.

  • Double-click the VPN icon on the desktop. he did. number! This also opens this dreaded window where I have to select the same VPN from the list, again, and make three more unnecessary clicks where a simple double-click suffices.

This is four verbs instead of one.

I find it hard to believe no usability expert has noticed this. It’s totally ridiculous user interface: why would I list the first VPN from the system tray and let you click on it, only to have you find and click the same one again from a new window? It makes that first list completely meaningless.

Personally, it seems to me like a simple bug that might be fixed in a future update. For example: The procedure for creating a VPN shortcut by dragging it from the adapter menu to your desktop still works in Windows 10. This shortcut also houses context menu items that say Connect / Disconnect. This would make you think it would specifically do the following: Connection for that VPN. But it doesn’t. It just opens the VPN menu window. why?

the solution

Fortunately, there is a way to bypass this. Enter the rasdial! (Which is also found in Windows 7 BTW.)

  • Create a batch file in a suitable location and edit it.
  • Paste the following lines (note the use of quotes if there are spaces in the VPN name). The first line is optional.

echo off rasdial “My VPN connection name is here”

  • Memorizes
  • Create a shortcut to this batch file on your desktop.
  • Optionally give it a nice icon. I took 115 of %systemroot%system32imageres.dll.

Now, if you double-click the icon on the desktop, you’ll get a shortcut command window instead of a GUI, but the message is the same:

And you just connect to your VPN with just one double click. sigh.

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