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I’m still investigating, but Outlook 2016 appears to be scanning my POP mailboxes, even though the accounts are set to keep mail for 14 days. This has always worked flawlessly, but this morning (Feb 29th…) Outlook started deleting all emails after receiving them, not just those older than 14 days.

Is it a coincidence that I’m starting to have this problem today, a leap day? (Update: yes it is. See below for the latest information.)

From the mail server logs, I can confirm from the logs that it is the POP3 client (Outlook) that is sending DELE commands. All my other devices are set to sign in with IMAP. If you close Outlook, emails will not be deleted. Once you start it up again, the deletions start again.

Anyone else see this?

I’m running Outlook 16.0.6568.2025 (updated this morning and now reports that it’s the “latest version”).

Update 11:14

I think this has begun after Updating the latest version, I’m sure it didn’t happen before the update. I started Outlook around 08:00 this morning and ran the recommended update shortly before the deletions started.

Update 11:28

If Josh is right (and he probably is), the fact that it’s a leap day today, is a coincidence. This is unfortunate, because this means that the problem will not automatically go away tomorrow. 🙂

Since it’s obviously too late to skip the update, I’m investigating downgrade options now.

Update 11:54

I can confirm that the second method mentioned in the knowledge base article worked (for me) to downgrade Outlook, and that the downgraded version does not show this behavior.

We will monitor the article to see if it is fixed to re-enable updates.

Note that I have now changed the title of this blog entry to blame it on “last update” instead of “leap day”.

Update 07-03

The latest version (version 2036) seems to have fixed this issue. I updated this morning and haven’t had any problems since.

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