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[SOLVED] Cisco VPN Problem – Split Tunnel Not Working, DNS Lookup Failed – Networking

[SOLVED] Cisco VPN Problem – Split Tunnel Not Working, DNS Lookup Failed – Networking


We have a contractor that “loses the internet” (DNS lookup failed) when you connect to a VPN. I can connect to it remotely via TeamViewer, have it connect the VPN and then the 2 fixed-code public DNS servers (I’m using Comcast’s quad-75 & quad-76) and that fixes the problem, but only temporarily (during that VPN session only). When you disconnect the VPN and reconnect again, it uses the address again, causing DNS to fail.

My colleague said he tried to solve the problem by enabling split tunneling in the firewall (Cisco ASA-X 5510) for the VPN, but could not find the VPN group name. Edit: Today we found out about it The group name was just an alias for ‘sslgroup’

Can anyone tell me how to fix this in ASDM? Many thanks in advance.

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Here is the link on how to configure Anyconnect for Split Tunneling. Or you can post your own configuration and we can see where the error is. your choice.

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