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Very Detailed Guide on How to Setup a VPN on Kali Linux and Ubuntu – Page 2 of 2

[*]Very Detailed Guide on How to Setup a VPN on Kali Linux and Ubuntu – Page 2 of 2


Step 4: Connect to PIA VPN

click [*]network manager[*] > [*]VPN connection[*]s> [*]PrivateInternetAccess VPN[*]

You will see a yellow connection indicator while connecting.

Ubuntu parts were taken from the PIA support site. This also covers Linux Mint or any Ubuntu variants.

This is almost as easy as it gets. There are 3 different types you can try to contact PIA

  1. Use the PIA script for Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
  2. Setup manually via Network Manager for Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
  3. Setup manually via Network Manager for Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 1: Ubuntu Linux 12.04: OpenVPN Installer

  1. Download openvpn ubuntu installer
  2. He runs sudo sh ~ / Downloads / (replace the path to the installer accordingly)
  3. type “y” To install python 2.7 if you don’t have it installed.
  4. type “y” To install network-manager-openvpn if it is not installed.
  5. Enters Log in to your account.
  6. wait until the installation is finished.
  7. Connection using network manager.
  8. Enters Your password when prompted (it only needs to be done once per region).

Ubuntu 2: Ubuntu Linux 12.04: OpenVPN via Network Manager Setup

  1. Open hall, and run: sudo apt-get install openvpn network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome. This will prompt you for your password and a Y/n answer, please provide it with your password, and Y
  2. Once installed, open system configuration, and then network
  3. Click on + To add a new connection, select File VPN interface, then press Creates
  4. Choose OpenVPN as your VPN connection type, and tap Creates
  5. The following will guide you through all the necessary configuration steps for PIA VPN.
    1. Gate: select a file hostnames Presented on the web page
    2. Authentication
      1. Type the password
      2. Username: The username provided with the PIA account
      3. Password: The password provided with the PIA account
      4. CA Certificate: Download this zip file and extract a file ca.crt File to somewhere will not be deleted. We suggest your home folder. If you extract this to your home folder, when searching for it, please click your username on the left side, which will take you directly to your home folder, then select the ca.crt file from the options on the right.
    3. Advanced options: Under the General tab, select Use LZO data compression
    4. IPv4 Settings:
      1. method: Automatic (VPN) addresses only
  6. Journalism Memorizes. If you choose to save your password, it may ask you to verify your password to unlock the keyring.

Ubuntu 3: Ubuntu Linux 10.10: OpenVPN Setup

  1. in a hall, Installations openvpn packages with sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn.
  2. Restart network manager with Restart sudo network manager
  3. He runs sudo wget
  4. extract zip files with the extension Unzip
  5. Transfer ca.crt And crl.pem to /etc/openvpn
  6. to open the network manager on the menu bar.
  7. Choose Add And Determine the OpenVPN Connection type, and click Creates.
  8. Enters SSL private internet access to contact name.
  9. Enters [*] to Gate
  10. Choose password And Enter for you Login credentials.
  11. browse and select File CA . Certificate We saved it Step 3.
  12. Choose advanced and enable LZO . pressure.
  13. Progressing and get out.
  14. Connection using network manager.

Test: Leak Test Sites

Once connected, you may want to direct the following websites to confirm if you are leaking any information

  1. To test for DNS leaks, check here:
  2. To test for email leaks, check here:
  3. Those using IPv6, check your leaks here:


Good VPN, secure VPN, VPN allows you to bypass proxies, firewall, monitoring and content filtering. But there is always that drama when using a VPN, it is sometimes slow and sometimes not as secure as you think. But for countries like Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, China, North Korea, etc., where the content is filtered nationally, it’s probably a way to get the audio out. I won’t discuss legality here, so I’ll leave that to you.

Did you make any mistakes? Let me know. You can also tell me about your setup in the comments section and I’ll be happy to include it in this guide or new guide.

Enjoy PrivateInternetAccess VPN. Thanks again for reading my long posts! Please share and RT.

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