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VPN for Firefox – Windscribe

VPN for Firefox – Windscribe


Reduce your footprint online

When you browse, Firefox connects to thousands of web servers every day. Most of these connections are for advertising and tracking services that build profiles about you, and sell them to the highest bidder. Windscribe will greatly reduce these unnecessary connections and hide your IP address.

Do not trust your ISP

Your ISP can see what websites you visit and how often. This data is stored for long periods, and made available to law enforcement, advertisers and data brokers. There is no reason for them to know what you do on the Internet.

Browsing speed up

A VPN won’t improve your initial download speeds, but by eliminating countless ads and trackers from every website or app, you’ll notice a huge improvement in page load times.

Even more reasons

Protect yourself on public WIFI connections.

Restrict VPN connections to your Firefox browser only, no external VPN software or split routing.

Unblock geo-restricted streaming content and watch what you want.

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