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What should I do if the VPN on the Wi-Fi router does not work?

What should I do if the VPN on the Wi-Fi router does not work?


This Article applies to:

Archer C1200, Archer C5400, Archer A2600, Archer AX55, Archer C4, Archer C5200, Archer AX53, Archer C5, Archer AX10, Archer C2, Archer AX51, Archer AX96, Archer A2200, Archer C80, Archer C8, Archer AX10000, Archer C3150 , Archer C9, Archer AX50, Archer C6, Archer C7, Archer AX90, Archer AX6000, Archer C5400X, Archer C25, Archer C24, Archer A20, Archer A64, Archer C60, Archer C2600, Archer A1200, Archer C21, Archer C20, Archer C64, Archer AX1800, Archer AX206, Archer C59, Archer C58, Archer AX4200, Archer C3200, Archer C900, Archer A2, Archer AX75, Archer AX4400, Archer C3000, Archer AX73, Archer A10, Archer A54, Archer AX4800, Archer C50, Archer C1900, Archer C55, Archer C54, Archer A2300, Archer C20i, Archer A6, Archer A7, Archer AX72, Archer A5, Archer A8, Archer A9, Archer AX68, Archer C2300, Archer AX5300, Archer AX23, Archer AX20, Archer C4000 , Archer AX21, Archer A3000, Archer C2700, Archer C7i, Archer AX1500, Archer C90, Archer AX60, Archer AX11000, Archer AX3200, Archer AX3000

In general, TP-Link Wi-Fi Router has three VPN function scenarios, including working as VPN server, connecting to remote VPN server as VPN client and supporting VPN Pass-through. Now this article will summarize and present these scenarios in a row.

Case 1: Working as a VPN Server

Q1: What should I do if I can’t connect to my VPN server?

As a server, the router needs a public IP address in order to be able to guarantee the remote connection.

1). Please kindly check if you have a public WAN / Internet IP address.

2). Also, we suggest setting your public WAN/Internet IP address as a static IP address. If your ISP refuses to set it as static, you are suggested to use the DDNS service on your TP-Link router to associate your dynamic public WAN/Internet IP address with a domain name. You can refer to How to setup TP-LINK DDNS on TP-Link Wireless Router.

Q2: What kind of VPN server is supported by TP-Link Wi-Fi router?

A: Open VPN and PPTP VPN, but it is also different from different models.

Q3: When connecting to a VPN server, how do I do if I can’t get any responses when testing TP-Link Wi-Fi router (VPN server)?

Q4: After connecting to the VPN server, how do I do if I can’t ping/access the internal local resources/servers on the LAN of the TP-Link router?

1). First, check the firewall and antivirus software on the internal servers. Generally, the firewall thinks VPN packets are not secure, so your computer may block these packets. For Windows PCs, disabling the public and private network firewall will come in handy.

2). Check if the internal server has been built successfully. Please use the machine in the same subnet as the internal server to visit your host/server, if this machine can’t reach the host, which means the host’s network setting is wrong and please reconfigure it.

Case 2: Connecting to the remote VPN server as a VPN client

Q: Does TP-Link Wi-Fi Router support 3rd party VPN server provider like ExpressVPN and Nord VPN?

A: When setting up a VPN tunnel, there are control links and data links. Data links have two different modes: unencrypted and unencrypted. Our TP-Link Wi-Fi Router can only support unencrypted data links. However, most of the third-party VPN server provider, such as Nord VPN, Express VPN, etc., use encrypted VPN connection, which means that TP-Link router does not support most of the third-party VPN server provider now.

Case 3: VPN traffic support

About VPN Pass-through, it means that clients connected to TP-Link router make VPN telephony for themselves to VPN server at the remote end, TP-Link router can only allow this kind of VPN packet through itself to complete VPN connection. Thus, for this kind of scenario, what a TP-Link router can do is only allow relevant VPN packets and not block this type of data that comes through the router.

Q: How do I do if there is no internet connection after connecting to the VPN server?

To learn more details about each function and configuration, please go to Download Center To download your product manual.

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