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Why does my VPN always get disconnected? How to fix

Why does my VPN always get disconnected? How to fix


What to do if VPN disconnects randomly

Why does my VPN constantly disconnect my internet connection?

Almost all VPNs work the same way. They use a single internet connection and create an AES encrypted socket with the VPN server. All data sent or received by your device must first be transmitted through the VPN server for encryption. This requires a lot of bandwidth. The amount of traffic through your Internet connection increases significantly.

But a VPN puts all eggs in one basket. If something happens to the internet connection in use, there is no failover. The connection is broken. Your device is not connected to a VPN server. This can happen if the cellular signal suddenly becomes unstable or if there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection you are using.

Most VPNs do not use channel linking. This means that even if your device is able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and mobile data simultaneously, the VPN will only rely on a single connection. You do not benefit from extra bandwidth or connection frequency. Therefore, your VPN will disconnect every few minutes to leave you unprotected.

No problem whatsoever with your internet connection, even if it’s just a temporary outage or fluctuation, and you experience VPN connection drops.

How to fix a VPN disconnecting from the Internet

You should definitely try a different kind of VPN! Speedify is the only app that can combine many internet sources into one super connection for more stable and secure live streaming, video calls and web browsing. The Speedify protocol makes your connection safer and faster, but also prevents you from being disconnected.

Here’s what Speedify VPN has that none of the other VPNs on the market have:

  • Automatic failover
  • Interconnection channel between different links
  • Many parallel sockets
  • Fast and strong encryption for mobile processors
  • IP . improvement

Speedify allows a mobile device, or a computer linked to a mobile device, to connect to a VPN server over multiple connections at the same time. Speedify carefully monitors the quality of connections in the background. Since it is designed with automatic failover, if any single connection is lost, all data packets are automatically forwarded through another connection. The user doesn’t have to do anything to stay connected, and they won’t even notice the change.

The use of multiple Internet connections and many parallel sockets reduces errors, reduces packet loss and allows the VPN to operate much faster than any standard VPN. Depending on your network connections, Speedify is 97% to 188% faster than standard VPN services.

There is no longer any reason to compromise speed and reliability for security. Speedify’s revolutionary design means you’ll never experience a dropped VPN connection again.

Try Speedify for yourself!

Why are you still struggling with old VPN software that always keeps disconnecting when you can use the future of secure internet connections? Get started with Speedify VPN today for free – no restrictions, no email signup and no data logging required!
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