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Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi Security


Protect your identity and sensitive data on public Wi-Fi hotspots with Hotspot Shield VPN

  • Encrypts your network traffic data
  • Provides Wi-Fi security in hotels, airports, cafes, etc.
  • It gives you private and anonymous browsing
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

The importance of Wi-Fi security

The availability of Wi-Fi hotspots in public places such as cafes, airports and hotels has made it more convenient for us to access the Internet when we are away from the office or home. Unfortunately, convenience comes with significant risks because most public Wi-Fi hotspots do not encrypt the data transmitted over their networks. This means that sensitive information such as email passwords, bank account information, and credit card information is available to hackers to steal and use against you.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are ideal places for predators and hackers to commit their cybercrime. If they get hold of your personal information, you could be the next victim of identity theft! Password-protected home Wi-Fi networks although somewhat more secure, are highly vulnerable to professional hackers.

Why use Hotspot Shield VPN to protect yourself from hackers

Despite the risks, Wi-Fi Security Maybe. The best way to keep your device secure on any network and anywhere is to use a personal VPN like Hotspot Shield VPN.

Our VPN solution uses advanced VPN technology to encrypt network traffic, allowing you to connect to a website over HTTPS. What this means is that your sensitive data, including passwords, credit card details, instant messages and financial transactions, is encrypted just like on any banking site. Therefore, hackers, spammers and ISPs cannot track, monitor or intercept your web activities if you have Hotspot Shield VPN installed and running on your device.

Wi-Fi security becomes even more important if you are a frequent traveler or student and need to use Wi-Fi connections in hotels, airports, coffee shops, or college campuses to access the Internet.

Hotspot Shield VPN is available as a free ad-supported VPN service or a paid VPN service.

Hotspot Shield Premium Additional Benefits

Hotspot Shield VPN is a versatile security software that provides the following additional benefits:

  • Anonymous browsing – Browse the web anonymously and prevent your browsing history from being tracked.

  • Malware Protection – Get protected from over 3.5 million malware, infected, phishing, and spam sites.

  • Unblock Websites Hotspot Shield enables you to access websites from anywhere, including popular sites like YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter and online gaming sites.

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