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10 Best Countdown Apps (Android/Iphone) 2021

Countdown Days App&Widget Android This app is a special countdown widget for your home screen, and it allows you to resize this widget. This app will count days, hour and minutes. This app includes a big collection of stickers, and it also allows you to use your pictures for widgets.

Countdown: count days until special days! Tracker & Reminder for the sheduled event, birthday, concert, holidays and other moments in your life! App ensures that you’ll never forget about special events! Counting has never been this much fun! Make each second count! Key Features: Cowntdown – Add e.

We’d love for you to experience Days, which is why you can download it for free. We’re always working on new features and we love hearing your feedback. Try Days now to experience why our users think Days is the best countdown app on the app store! We’re the countdown app you need to get excited for your events.

Countdown App – Day Counter – a useful app that will help you to count how many days left and how many days passed. Use this app to manage your important events: Birthdays, Gigs, Celebrations, Important dates… COUNT DAYS UNTIL Create dates in the future and the app will count and show “How many days left until the date”. COUNT DAYS SINCE Create dates in the past and the app will show you.

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App Store – Apple.

Special Day Countdown. ‪G.d.Dev.‬. ‪Utilities & tools‬. Special Day Countdown is the new app that lets you track and remember your events in a simple and fast! Available on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones, it indicates missed/past days from a particular event. – Select the background image directly from your smartphone gallery or from the images collection available in the app and share the event with your.

7. Countdown Days – App & Widget Android Countdown days will countdown to your event and will start counting up once the event arrives. This app will also send you push notifications to remind you of the event, and it also allows you to personalize your countdown with your favourite colour.

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Description. With this app you can set a countdown to a date and time, or to a certain number of hours and minutes. The the live tile will periodically update to show the remaining time, or you can run the app to view a full-screen timer clock counting down. Receive a notification message when your countdown ends.

‎Countdown App Free (Big Day Event Timer Reminder) on

iPad. iPhone. Description. Sometimes our life is frittered away by detail, making us forget something important. Hence, a smart Countdown app to remind us is extremely necessary. Count the future and past dates as well. Just add events that you’ve been expecting: anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Countdown Days for Windows Pc & Mac: Free Download (2021) |

Create a Countdown Timer that counts down in seconds, minutes, hours and days to any date, with time zone support. It also counts up from a past date.

  1. Event Countdown Timer & Widget. Availability: iPhone. With this easy-to-use countdown app, you’ll .
  2. Countdown◎ Availability: iPhone. Increase your productivity with Countdown◎, one of the most .
  3. Countdown Star. Availability: iPhone, Android. Countdown Star is one of the best apps to use for .
  4. Event Countdown Lite. Availability: iPhone, Android. Event Countdown Lite is a nifty countdown app .
  5. Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns. Availability: Android. Time Until is designed to do countdowns on .
  6. Final Countdown – Widget. Availability: Android. Final Countdown is another great countdown app .
  7. Big Day Lite – Events Countdown. Availability: iPhone, Android. You don’t need to keep an eye on the .
  8. Countdown Days App & Widget. Availability: Android. Countdown Days App has a calendar format .
  9. Dreamdays Countdown. Price: $0.99 iPhone, free Android. With Dreamdays Countdown, you’ll be .
  10. Vacation Countdown App. Availability: iPhone, Android. There’s nothing more exciting than counting .


Get D

D-Day Countdown Lite with Live Tile. ‪Monobutton‬. ‪Productivity‬. Counting remaining days or passed days with Live Tile feature. Countdown your special dates. It’s quick and easy! D-Day Countdown is simply the answer! D-Day Countdown is at the #AdDuplex HERO App! Live Tile Enabled!.

  • Universal. Big Day – Event Countdown. Big Day is an excellent application for the iOS platform, …
  • Retirement. Retirement Countdown. In case you are tired of working and as long as you remember, …
  • Wedding. Big Days – Countdown. We all have our own that special day that means a world for us. …
  • Christmas. Christmas Countdown! Christmas is one of the most magical holidays of the year. Of …
  • Birthday. Birthday Countdown. Forget about incredibly important dates all the time? Tired of hearing …
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Days Matter is an app to countdown your important days, such as: How many days away from your Family’s birthday? When to pay your credit card? How many days are there from your payday? How long has it been since the baby was born? 10,000 Years Support – From January 1, The Year One AD to December 31, 9999 AD, count up/down. You can count.

  1. Time Until | Beautiful Countdown. Time Until is a beautifully designed user-friendly day’s counter .
  2. TheDayBefore (D-Day Countdown) Like other countdown apps that count days, TheDayBefore app .
  3. Countdown Days By Gira Mobile. As the name suggests, this app helps you remember important .
  4. Countdown Days By SMSROBOT LTD. This day’s counter app surely stands out in terms of better .
  5. Countdown Time – Event Countdown & Big Days Widget. This elegantly designed days countdown .
  6. Countdown Widget. This Countdown Widget also lets you add multiple events at once with a .
  7. Countdown+ Widget Calendar Lite. Countdown+ widget calendar lite or simply known as .


Best Countdown Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

  1. Countdown Star. Passing the time until an event can be quite anxiety-ridden, Countdown Star makes .
  2. Countdown. A fancy app keeps tracks of all your upcoming events and sends out timely reminders, .
  3. DayCount. A fully-featured countdown app that packs a range of beautiful themes to match the .
  4. Countdown° With an iPad, Apple Watch, macOS & iMessage app in its arsenal, Countdown° keeps all .
  5. Event Countdown – Calendar App. The feature-packed app that doubles as a cool reminder app and .
  6. Countdown. Sometimes it is not enough to measure time in months or minutes, you need .
  7. Vacation Countdown App. As pretty obvious from the name, the app is specially designed to wait .
  8. Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) A striking feature of this app is the built-in calendar planner, which .
  9. Days • Event Countdown. Designed with utmost care and attention, Days is a minimal, simple to use, .
  10. Countdowns – Track Events. An interesting perk with this app is that you get endless configuration .


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Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds or Heartbeats! Sharing your countdown via email or Facebook! There’s more: How about an Countdown that can also track anniversaries! Key features: Custom phrases Full landscape support Countdown or anniversary for event Many different units to measure your countdown.

Days Counter app is an app for counting days, weeks, months or years before or after an event in your life. For example: birthday, wedding, anniversary, vacation, travel or other important date. Functions of the “Days Counter” application: • Countdown to the event and counting the.

In COUNTDOWN, when a young nurse (Elizabeth Lail) downloads an app that claims to predict exactly when a person is going to die, it tells her she only has three days to live. With time ticking away and death closing in, she must find a way to save her life before time runs out. — — — —. Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes.

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Description. Special Day Countdown is the new app that lets you track and remember your events in a simple and fast! Available on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones, it indicates missed/past days from a.

Date Calculators. Time and Date Duration – Calculate duration, with both date and time included. Date Calculator – Add or subtract days, months, years. Weekday Calculator – What Day is this Date? Birthday Calculator – Find when you are 1 billion seconds old. Week.

New York (WABC)-The “countdown” is here to keep up with all the political news of the day. You can watch it online, in the ABC7NY app, or in the Connected TV app for Fire, Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV. click here You can know in detail. Today’s Political Headlines: U.S. releases 50 million barrels.

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