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We live in a dynamic moment in terms of technology. Even criminals are becoming more technically savvy and are using innovative ways to steal your sensitive data, identity and/or money, or simply to infect your device with malware that renders it useless.

iPhone users may be less at risk of these threats compared to PC users, but they are not completely safe from them. Considering the number of sensitive processes being handled nowadays on our iPhones, taking the necessary precautions in the form of a good antivirus is a wise strategy.

Not all security apps are created equal, so let’s take a look at some that deserve your attention:

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1. Avast security and privacy

Best iPhone Security Choice

Reasons to buy

+ Free version with advanced features + Superior Wi-Fi security + Photo vault

Avast has a large selection of powerful security products for various platforms and iOS is no exception. Its iPhone app – Avast Security & Privacy – is available for free, although some of the more high-end features are still reserved for the premium version.

For example, scanning for threats and vulnerabilities, blocking malicious websites, Wi-Fi security, and privacy tips are all free. You also get identity protection for a single account, as well as Photo Vault which stores 40 of your photos in a secret and encrypted folder, protecting them from overly curious individuals via PIN, Face ID or Touch ID. Since the June update, you can import multiple photos into the library.

If you pay for the premium version, Identity Protection is available for all your accounts and Photo Vault can keep all your photos, not just 40. The premium version will also provide you with VPN protection that will encrypt your internet traffic on any network, even if it is unlocked .

Not sure if you will like it? Don’t worry, there is a 14-day free trial if you take a yearly subscription and a 7-day period if you go for the monthly subscription. Keep in mind that you will have to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends unless you want to go ahead with paying for everything.

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2. Avira Mobile Security

Totally free super protection with VPN

Reasons to buy

+ Free security + Your contacts can be backed up + Comes with a free VPN

You can be sure Avira Mobile Security supports you because it is the product of an award-winning security company with more than 30 years of experience protecting our devices.

To protect your iPhone, it offers only the best – a free VPN to hide your online activities and secure your data, identity protection to check if your email has been leaked, web protection from infected websites, phone locator and anti-theft sirens alerting everyone nearby Your phone has been stolen by the person carrying it.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can create a blacklist of phone numbers from which you do not want to receive calls, as well as block unwanted messages and spam. Additionally, US and Canadian users can use the fraudulent call blocking feature. The app can search for all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and allows you to backup and restore your contacts to email, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Moreover, its Device Analyzer feature allows you to control the memory and storage usage of your iPhone, so you can improve its performance.

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3. Lookout

Find “inform” about the safety of your identity, iPhone, and more

Reasons to buy

+ Measures against identity and phone theft + In-depth security tools + Multiple levels of protection

Lookout keeps your iPhone safe with multiple levels of deep protection, depending on which version you’ve chosen. Lookout Basic includes a system advisor that alerts you to outdated software on your device, as well as missing device tools like theft alerts, locating and screaming, and even a Signal Flare to alert anyone around the thief about the situation. Additionally, the ID Scan feature can determine if users’ emails are involved in any known data breaches and can suggest courses of action if they are.

For a small fee, Lookout Premium will provide you with secure browsing, secure Wi-Fi, reports of any breach affecting a business, app or service you use, along with tips on how best to mitigate the consequences.

US-only Lookout Premium Plus is a bit more expensive but includes all of the above, plus identity theft protection with Cyber ​​Watch, SSN (Social Security Number) watch, social media watch, identity recovery, anti-theft insurance and even lost wallet recovery tools.

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4. McAfee Mobile Security

Great protection for free

Reasons to buy

+ Lots of totally free tools + More features if you pay + Secret media vault

Reasons to avoid

-has ads

McAfee Mobile Security lists all the usual suspects that a powerful antivirus for iPhone should keep your privacy and security in the face of outside threats. This entails superior system security scanning capabilities, contacts backup, and a secure Media Vault that automatically encrypts your photo sessions and can be unlocked with a secure PIN, Face ID or Touch ID.

Anti-theft protection includes a GPS tracker that can locate your phone from anywhere in the world, a remote alarm that you can trigger from your Apple Watch, remotely wipe your iDevice, as well as take a photo of the thief and email it to you.

In addition, there is a secure Wi-Fi check to enable safe browsing on each network and alert you if there are any security issues.

All of these options are completely free but if you pay for the standard premium plan, you will also get a secure web feature that protects you from malicious websites and phishing or ARP spoofing. Another more affordable Premium Plus plan will give you unlimited VPN Wi-Fi Guard, as well as all the features from the standard tier.

Both premium plans remove the annoying ads that the free version contains and offer a 7-day free trial.

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5. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Complete protection against all kinds of threats

Reasons to buy

+ More features than some + Its own browser + Cell tower device location

Reasons to avoid

A little expensive

Trend Micro Mobile Security offers website filtering for Safari and other browsers. It also blocks ads and trackers to preserve your privacy, increase download speeds and reduce data usage, all with its Content Block features.

Speaking of browsers, this antivirus platform has its own platform called SafeSurfing. This browser allows you to ensure that your browsing history is not tracked or logged, malicious websites are not loaded, and adult content is blocked from the eyes of your children.

Your incoming messages are scanned for suspicious links and quarantined in a junk folder if the suspicion is confirmed. To make sure your phone is configured for optimal protection, simply check the access status of the device. Also, there is a function of reporting scam messages.

Thanks to the social network privacy feature, this iOS app can also check the privacy settings of your Twitter and Facebook account and warn you about any specific issues. As usual in the industry, this antivirus also features its own anti-theft measures that allow you to locate a lost iPhone using Wi-Fi, GPS, or even cell towers.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is not free, but there is a free trial where you can see if you like what it has to offer.

(Image credit: F-Secure)

6. F-Secure SAFE

Keeps you and your kids safe with the help of its browser

Reasons to buy

+ Simple and intuitive app + Advanced parental controls with time limits + Multi-language support

Reasons to avoid

Average anti-theft features

The iOS version of F-Secure SAFE offers all the usual protection mechanisms and then some. The application provides the usual website filtering that prevents you from accessing potentially malicious websites. There is also a built-in AdBlocker.

With its banking protection tool, every website you visit is checked to see if it’s one of the “trusted” places for online banking or shopping. As an additional measure, your connection is checked to check if it is also secure.

Your device will be kept safe from theft with the help of Finder features which include alarm and device locator, although not many other things (like remote wipe or lock, glow, etc.).

Moreover, your little ones can be kept safe from unwanted content thanks to the SAFE parental control system that filters content by category, removes suspicious websites from search results and even allows you to impose time restrictions on browsing. However, these limits do not limit the use of browsers or other applications. However, you can restrict it by disabling it in the device settings.

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7. Barracuda CloudGen Access

An extra set of eyes for your online security

Reasons to buy

+ It’s completely free + Constantly improving its platform + It doesn’t drain your battery

Reasons to avoid

No scanning or antivirus capabilities

Barracuda CloudGen Access (formerly Fyde Mobile Security & Access) is not your typical antivirus app but it is a good companion for your iPhone security, especially since it is available for free. The best part? It will not reduce battery life unlike some other security and privacy solutions.

Once you set up the app, you will have unlimited, continuous, and real-time protection against unsecured Wi-Fi networks, fake and malicious websites. Barracuda makes this possible thanks to the collection of global attack data from millions of Barracuda users – completely anonymous, of course.

The Provider further undertakes to never collect, store or sell your personal information, and undertakes that none of your personally identifiable information will be seen by Barracuda employees or anyone else, providing further reassurance that many will appreciate.

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