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10 Traditional Christmas Dishes That You Will Eat In France

10 Traditional Christmas Dishes That You Will Eat In France

Lobster and turkey are traditional main meals during a Christmas dinner is a meal traditionally eaten at Christmas. This meal can take place any time from the evening of Christmas Eve to the evening of Christmas Day itself. The meals are often particularly rich and substantial, in the tradition of the Christian feast day celebration, and form a significant part of gathering… in France. Not everyone, however, has the budget to cater these dishes to a large group of people, and so the tradition has shifted to wildfowl over the years. Much cheaper than lobster, wildfowl are guinea fowl, pheasant, goose, and quail.

1. Foie Gras. Foie gras isn’t for everyone. The concept can put squeamish people right off of their dinner if they think… 2. Boeuf Bourguignon. This dish is made by a lot of French families on Christmas Eve or Day, when the whole family dines… 3.

Most French households have a copious Christmas Eve dinner which traditionally may includes what we call the 13 desserts de Noël (the 13 Christmas.

You visit the Christmas markets, eat roasted chestnuts and drink « vin chaud ». While walking around the stalls, French people talk about their preparations for Christmas: what they’re planning to cook, eat and drink. But wait.

A Guide To French Christmas Foods

  • Caviar. To get the party started, you’ll want to line your stomach with some caviar. If …
  • Oysters. Seafood at Christmas might seem strange to outsiders, but the French love …
  • Foie gras. Foie gras is another dish not for the squeamish, admittedly, as much for …
  • Escargots. The idea that French people regularly chow down on a bowl of garlicky …
  • Scallops. Scallops, or coquilles Saint-Jacques as you’ll see them labeled at the …
  • Roast turkey with chestnuts. While turkey is by no means synonymous with festive …
  • Lobster. Whereas we might spend most of our money at Christmas on what goes …
  • Wildfowl. If you fancy changing things up and doing away with the turkey, but …
  • The 13 desserts. Once you’ve emptied the skies, lands, and seas of all their fleshy …
  • Bûche de Noël. Anywhere else in the country, the most popular dessert is the Bûche …


  1. Duck and Pork Terrine. A terrine is a French pâté that is named after the dish it is .
  2. Brined Roast Goose With Orange Glaze. In many parts of France, you will find a .
  3. Uncomplicated Boeuf Bourguignon. This slow-cooked beef stew is the ultimate .
  4. Prime Rib Au Jus. Prime rib is a wonderful main dish to serve at Christmas dinner as .
  5. Classic French Gratin Dauphinois. The holidays are the ideal time to be a little .
  6. Easy Classic French Spinach Soufflé. The beautiful presentation of this spinach .
  7. French Almond Macarons. Celebrate the holiday season with a French sweet treat, .
  8. Chocolate Bûche de Noël (Yule Log) Cake. First invented during the late 1800s by a .
  9. Classic French Marrons Glacés (Candied Chestnuts) Marrons glacés are a beloved .
  10. Chocolat Chaud. Top off your holiday celebrations with homemade chocolat chaud. .


  • a) Apéritifs, appetizers, and snacks
  • b) Entrées (starters)
  • c) Plat (Main Meat dish)


Typical Christmas Food French Vocabulary Le Réveillon de Noël – the French Christmas meal (not to be mistaken with “Le Réveillon du Nouvel-An – New.

In France, The Christmas Meal Is Called ‘Réveillon,’ And

For Christmas Eve, though, le Réveillon is an important part of French culture and tradition, with families and friends gathering in the same space to rejoice in.

  1. The French have their main Christmas dinner on the 24th. Timing is the most .
  2. There will be foie gras. Foie gras is pretty much synonymous with Christmas in .
  3. There are only four possible entrées. We’ve established that foie gras is a likely .
  4. Turduckens aren’t a thing in France. Remember a couple of years back in Britain .
  5. The French main course is a streamlined affair. Imagine a typical British Christmas .
  6. Britain’s most divisive vegetable, the brussel sprout, isn’t a feature of the French .
  7. All hail the mighty bûche. There is only one choice of dessert at Noël and that’s la .
  8. A dinner that goes without a bang. Christmas dinner isn’t all about food. In Britain .
  9. The finest wines known to humanity. It wouldn’t be Christmas in France without .
  10. The never-ending meal. Like old people getting out of comfy chairs, French .


Tradition Xmas dinner at Bofinger Brasserie in Paris. Le Bofinger is a very famous Brasserie with a historic glass canopy that makes the restaurant a listed building. The specialties are Alsatian dishes and seafood. It’s one of the best places to have a.

Usually bread, butter and jam, croissants or perhaps cereal. Bakeries and pattiseries will be full of cake products for breakfast such as pain au raisins or pains or chocolat – but it’s not considered an important meal of the day to the French!.

Traditional French Christmas Menu

  • Foie Gras Terrine. Foie gras, which is often homemade, is the one that immediately comes to mind …
  • Seafood Platter and mainly Chilled Oyster. Oyster are served on a large platter often covered with a …
  • Smoked salmon. Even French kids love to eat smoked salmon, on blinis or thin white sandwich …
  • Scallops. The French love scallops as they are very delicate and luxurious. They like to present …
  • Capon or Turkey with chestnut stuffing. This is the most popular and classic Christmas dish. Capon …
  • Wild Game. Almost not eaten the rest of the year unless there’s a hunter among relatives, wild game …
  • Sophisticated Fish Preparations. As Christmas is a Christian feast where fish as a sign of …
  • Cheese Platter. A huge cheese platter with many different kinds of cheese is a must have, neatly …
  • Bûche de Noël Yule Log Cake. Bûche de Noël is definitely the one and only Christmas dessert. …
  • Exotic and candied fruits. Although it’s common to find exotic fruits all year long nowadays, It’s …


  • CAVIAR. Le Reveillon starts as it means to go on and with caviar or smoked salmon on blinis, the …
  • OYSTERS. While many of us might grimace at the thought of seafood for Christmas dinner, the …
  • LOBSTER. The French don’t hold back on the spending when it comes to culinary customs for Le …


According to most, this traditions dates back to the Middle Ages. “Fish became popular for Christmas Eve dinner during the 13th century, because Catholics considered fish as a fasting good and Christmas Eve was the last day of the Advent fast”, Slovak resident Jozefina Babicova told Culture Trip. “The history of eating fish on Christmas Eve is entirely due to the fact that Catholics couldn’t eat meat.

The French love duck! Especially in South West France. They cook it in many ways but the favourite is the duck confit (“Confit de canard”). The pieces of duck are kept in a jar, in its own grease and then cooked in the oven. The grease makes the meat extremely soft and tasty. It.

Christmas in France: French Christmas traditions | Expatica

  1. Advent. The four weeks before Christmas are dedicated to preparations for Christmas. On 1 .
  2. Christmas Eve. The evening of December 24th is when French families sit down together to .
  3. Le Réveillon. This is the name of the French Christmas Eve meal, which is a big and long feast. The .
  4. Midnight Mass. A church service is held on Christmas Eve. It is actually an important Christmas .
  5. Traditional French Christmas food. Food is a big part of French Christmas traditions. It depends on .
  6. Les Treize (13) desserts. This is a Provençal French Christmas tradition but worth mentioning as it .
  7. French alcohol at Christmas. Mulled wine is popular in bars and in French Christmas markets, .
  8. Table decoration. It is very important for French people to have their Christmas dining table looking .
  9. The sapin de noël. The Christmas tree is decorated some time before Christmas Day, so there’s .
  10. Shoes in front of the fireplace. French children put their shoes near the fireplace so that Père Noël .


From piles of oysters at Christmas markets to the December 24th banquet, fish and seafood is big news in France over Christmas. The December 25th meal varies quite a.

Christmas is a famous holiday all around the world, a family day where we give each other presents and eat a good meal together. With that said, each country has its own traditions around the 25th of December.France is no exception. How do French people celebrate Christmas? To start, and this is not going to be a big surprise, in France, Christmas is centered around food.

What Do the French Eat for Dinner? Dinner for the French might consist of bouillabaisse (fish or seafood soup), cheese, foie gras, mushrooms, cassoulet stew or beef bourguignon. There are many recipes and delicacies in France that are specific to certain regions. In the southwest of France, for instance, a popular soup is garbure, which.

What do people eat in France on Christmas day?

They have a cake called La Buche de Noel that is served after the dinner. Goose is popular as is roast turkey. Oysters are often served and in the South West of France these may be accompanied by.

  1. Turkey. This one is probably one of the most popular dishes at Christmas because it is usually the .
  2. Roast Potatoes. There is nothing like scoop of properly roasted potatoes! These are often cut into .
  3. Stuffing. Stuffing is another dish that can vary from region to region. Interestingly, in North America, .
  4. Pigs in Blankets. Pigs in blankets are another quintessentially British part of Christmas dinner! .
  5. Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire pudding originates from England, and is made from a batter that .
  6. Gravy. Gravy is actually a type of sauce that comes from the drippings of the turkey when it is .
  7. Cranberry Sauce. Cranberry sauce is another type of sauce that is made from, yes: cranberries! .
  8. Brussel Sprouts. This polarizing vegetable is a key part of a traditional British Christmas dinner. .
  9. Christmas Pudding. Christmas pudding is a dessert that is made from dried fruit and is normally .
  10. Mince Pies. Mince pies are tiny pies that are filled with fruits such as raisins, cranberries, and .


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