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100 Things To Do This Christmas: Fun Bucket List Of

100 Things To Do This Christmas: Fun Bucket List Of

100 Things To Do This Christmas
– 1.Cover the house in fairy lights ( I just bought these)
– 2.Visit your local German Christmas Market
– 3.Make mulled wine or cider (this recipe looks delicious)
– 4.Buy a Christmas jumper ( I’m coveting this one (This men’s one is super cute)
– 5.Bake your own gingerbread (this is the best recipe)
– 6.Prepare Christmas pudding (I’ve heard…
– 7.Eat mince pies
– 8.Go ice skating
– 9.Make a Yule Log
– 10.Wear a Santa hat

100 Things To Do This Christmas 1. Cover the house in fairy lights ( I just bought these) 2. Visit your local German Christmas Market 3. Make mulled wine or cider (this recipe looks delicious) 4. Buy a Christmas jumper ( I’m coveting this one (This men’s one is super cute) 5. Bake your own.

  1. Tour the Christmas Lights. Once all the leaves have fallen from the trees and winter .
  2. Watch a Christmas Movie. From black-and-white classics that will leave you misty .
  3. Check out a Ballet Performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ .
  4. Clean Up and Donate. What better way to get into the holiday spirit on Christmas .
  5. Make It a Themed Family Game Night. Not up for a major outing on Christmas Day? .
  6. Go Caroling. Christmas carols have been playing on a loop in every store, home and .
  7. Cook a Christmas Day Feast. The holidays are all about being with loved ones, and .
  8. Go for a Nature Walk. After consuming your body weight in stuffing, it’s time to go .
  9. Get Crafty with Thank You Cards. Thank you cards: The one Christmas tradition that .
  10. Build a Gingerbread House. This classic holiday activity is an excellent way to spend .


  • Frolic in the snow, no matter your age. Whether you go skiing or sledding or even …
  • Get creative with your gift wrap. Sure, one of the main events of Christmas is …
  • Spend time with loved ones. Christmas is the perfect time to gather with friends …
  • Spend all day in your PJs. Christmastime is the perfect excuse to wear your most …
  • Drink your calories. There’s no better way to warm up from the cold than a delicious …
  • Visit a Christmas market. Christmas markets are a festive destination for the entire …
  • Cozy up by the fire (real or fake). Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace or a …
  • Watch your favorite Christmas movie. From “It’s a Wonderful Life” to “Elf,” there are …
  • Visit or set up a nativity scene. Whether you visit a life-size nativity scene at a local …
  • Jam out to Christmas music. Christmas music only comes around once a year, so …


  1. Relax and enjoy the day. Spend time cuddling on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying .
  2. Write it Down. and Save it! Everyone writes down their favorite things that happened this year, their .
  3. Hold the Elf! Yes, on Christmas day, our kids are allowed to hold our elf on the shelf. Our elf leaves a .
  4. Have a Candy Cane Hunt! Every year, my parents host a Candy Cane Hunt. We usually have it a few .
  5. Write Thank You Notes. Write a thank you letter to Santa and to your relatives, too (anyone that has .
  6. Call your family. Make sure to include calling family members as a Christmas day tradition. Our kids .
  7. Bake Cookies. I love to bake cookies and so do the kids. Baking is the perfect Christmas tradition. .
  8. Look at Christmas Lights. and leave a note! Number 8 on the list of things to do on Christmas Day .
  9. Watch a Christmas Movie. Within 30 minutes of being awake, at least one family member asks .
  10. Have a family breakfast. Here are a few breakfast ideas: If you want a dessert-type of breakfast on .


If you know your way around a sewing needle, a great Christmas activity to do is to create a lovely Christmas quilt. You can keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift. Get Christmas.

What do we celebrate on Christmas Day and why? 30 November, 1999 . Many Catholics and other Christians are under the impression that what we celebrate on 25th December is the actual birth date of Jesus. Catholics can become quite shocked, scandalised and even go into a belligerent mode when others, like Jehovah Witnesses, suggest that this.

  • Open a Gift. By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, we’ve been sitting on secret gifts for weeks! It’s …
  • Watch a Special Christmas Movie. Almost every family I know has that ONE particular Christmas …
  • Read the Christmas Story in the Bible. Reading the story of Christ’s birth is a wonderful way to end …
  • Have a Special Christmas Eve Dinner. Food is the basis of so many family traditions, so why not …
  • Play a Family Game. Getting together for some fun game time is the perfect way to set the tone of …
  • Give a Christmas Eve Box. What is a Christmas Eve box? This was new to me, too. And at first I …
  • Christmas Eve Church Service. If you have older kids (or little ones who can handle a later bedtime), …
  • Bake Cookies for Santa. We love making classic sugar cookies with icing for Santa. It’s easy and …
  • All-day Pajama day with Games, Treats, and Crafts. Some families go all in on Christmas Eve every …
  • Ornament Exchange. I love this lovely and meaningful Christmas Eve tradition that I picked up from …


Waukesha Christmas parade: What we know about the incident, suspect and response The Waukesha police chief identified Darrell E. Brooks as the only suspect in the tragic vehicular attack that.

2 days ago  Five people were killed and more than 40 were injured after a driver of a red SUV sped through a holiday parade late Sunday in Waukesha, Wisconsin, The Washington Post reports. According to the The Associated Press, there was “a person was in custody, as was the SUV, he said, but (Thompson) did not give any indication of motive.” “We have a person of interest that we are looking.

Wisconsin Christmas parade: How many people died?

Sep 20, 2021. You’ve probably spent weeks—okay, months —counting down the days until it became socially acceptable to do all those Christmas activities and winter activities you love so much: putting up your favorite wreath, shopping for fun gifts until you drop, making lots of holiday craft projects, and generally getting in the Christmas spirit in every way imaginable.

  1. Create decorations. By Christmas morning, you probably already have all of your lights strung and .
  2. Marathon movies. If you were too busy to sit down and watch Elf and Home Alone earlier in the .
  3. Go iceskating. Hold the hand of someone you love while you skate around the rink. You can wear all .
  4. Attend a tree lighting ceremony. You don’t have to live in NYC to see a beautiful, bright tree. Find a .
  5. Get a picture taken with Santa. You are never too old to get an Instagram worthy photograph with .
  6. Bake cookies. If you have a holiday party scheduled for later in the day, you can bring them to share! .
  7. Spend time outdoors. If you are lucky enough to experience a white Christmas, you should release .
  8. Read Christmas cards aloud. Sit your family in a circle and read from the cards you were sent. Then .
  9. Donate toys. It’s the season of giving, so don’t accept all of your presents without giving something .
  10. Hide an elf on a shelf. If there are any little kids in your family, place the elf somewhere around the .


There’s parties and gift-giving, and other fun activities. But sometimes it can be boring when you are home all day because there is no school. Here is a list of things that you can do around Christmas time to make your days a little more fun! Build a snowman. Go sledding. Have a snowball fight.

Get nostalgic at an old-fashioned drive-in theatre, where you can enjoy holiday movies from the comfort of your own car. Catch Christmas classics like Love Actually, Elf, The Polar Express, and more at ChiTown Movies in Pilsen. Spot the holiday train. A beloved Chicago tradition, the CTA holiday train will make its way through the city this December. Marvel at the six-car train decorated with holiday scenes and.

  1. Put up an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. An advent calendar is made up of 25 spaces .
  2. Turn up the Christmas music to put you in a festive mood. Whether you like traditional Christmas .
  3. Watch classic Christmas movies to learn the meaning of Christmas. Classic Christmas movies are .
  4. Read Christmas stories with your family to enjoy quality time with each other. Plenty of stories focus .
  5. Visit outdoor displays of Christmas lights and decorations. If your country celebrates Christmas, .
  6. Reflect on the reason for Christmas. If you’re not sure what Christmas means or you’re rusty on the .
  7. Attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Many local churches will have candlelight services on .


5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Collect an array of Christmas-oriented materials, patterned paper, and supplies so guests can make their own personalized Christmas ornaments, cards, stockings or mini-trees. Consider having a volunteer supervise the table if kids will be making arts and crafts.

THERE are a lot of special things we only do at Christmas. We put up a tree, we give each other presents, we go to church at midnight, we eat fruitcake.

Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse, has delivered 157 million gift-filled shoeboxes to boys and girls around the world. We praise God for so many children whose lives have been changed as the result of a simple gift.

We celebrate Christmas by decorating evergreen trees with stars and angels and tinsel because of the eternal life Jesus brings ( John 4:14 )—and stars and angels and beauty were all associated with Jesus’ birth. In celebrating Christmas we celebrate the love and condescension of God.

Why do we go the extra mile to celebrate, give and create an atmosphere of merriment? The answers to these questions are numerous but we would mention a few. 1. Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing with friends and family. 2. Christmas shows the importance of joy and happiness. 3. Through Christmas, we know that Jesus.

Essay on Christmas: 6 Selected Essays on Christmas

What We Do On Christmas Lyrics: You ever heard those, uh, right wing crazy people talk about how there’s a Jewish conspiracy? And how, uh, the Jews run the media, and they have all the money, and.

What we Do Goals and Purposes. A Community Christmas is a volunteer organization that coordinates the efforts of the community to provide Christmas assistance and eliminate duplication of services for needy individuals and families residing in Stark County. Each year nearly 2,700 Stark County families/individuals need and seek help through our program.

Start with a quality “wow” item such as a stuffed animal, soccer ball with pump, or clothing outfit that will capture the child’s attention the instant he or she opens the box. See our gift suggestions according to age and gender listed below for other fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies to fill the shoebox.

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