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17 Christmas Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

17 Christmas Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

17 Holiday Decorating Ideas for a Merry Small Space
– Clove Studded Oranges. Life stunk so much during the Middle Ages people had to carry a small aromatic container called a…
– DIY Pom-Pom Garland. A strand of garland adds a stroke of merriment to any vertical surface. For a colorful burst of…
– DIY Twig Wreath. Think a wreath has to be round? Not according to DIY blogger,…

17 Holiday Decorating Ideas for a Merry Small Space Clove Studded Oranges. Life stunk so much during the Middle Ages people had to carry a small.

  1. Decorate With A Small Christmas Tree To Save Room. A Christmas tree is typically .
  2. Fill Your Window Space With Christmas Accents. If you have a small space, it can be .
  3. Fill Your Balcony Or Small Patio With Christmas Lights. If you have a small balcony, .
  4. Fill Your Home With Holiday Candles To Create A Welcoming Environment. When .
  5. Set Up A Cozy Christmas Themed Corner. When decorating a small space for .
  6. Use A White Christmas Theme To Open Up Your Space. If you’re dreaming of a .
  7. Display Christmas Ornaments In Creative Ways Instead Of On A Tree. Depending on .
  8. Decorate With Wreaths & Garlands As An Alternative To A Christmas Tree. In .
  9. Fill Your Bed With Christmas Throw Pillows. Bring life to a small bedroom by .
  10. Display Small Accents With DIY Christmas Decor. Sometimes the best way to .


  1. Make it mini. Even the smallest of small spaces can be prepped for the holidays, .
  2. Lights everywhere! If you don’t have the outdoor space for lights, simply string them .
  3. Focus on the mantel. This Dallas abode shows how going all out on your mantel can .
  4. Nail down the details. The tiniest details make all the difference. This pint-sized .
  5. Get festive with your headboard. The bedroom is oft-forgotten when it comes to .
  6. Deck out your door. If you’re not one to go all out for the holidays, decorating your .
  7. Downsize to a plant or potted branch. A tabletop tree or even a potted plant is a .
  8. Blend your tree into your decor. Depending on your places’s paint colors, you can .
  9. Swap out your tree for a mantel collection. If you want to go small, do it! This tiny .
  10. Designate an underused corner. That random corner by your laundry room or .


Bring a natural touch to your holiday decor by making a unique tabletop Christmas tree idea for a small space. Hunt for some branches outside, then use gardening pebbles to stand them in a flowerpot. Drape your “tree” with translucent ribbons and hang ornaments from the branches.

Jan 2, 2021 – Explore Becky Laschanzky’s board “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FOR SMALL SPACES“, followed by 220 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about.


4 of 34. Try Simple Poinsettias. There’s no denying that poinsettias are a Christmas classic, so if you’re not up for carving out space for a traditional tree this year, they’re a failsafe option. Rest one on a side table, a window sill, or even a bookshelf to add charm to.

Get into the festive spirit with our Christmas home decor including small Christmas trees or space-saving Christmas tree storage and other Christmas home decor for your small space. You will find space saving Christmas home decor and Accessories for every budget – from affordable prices to higher-end appeal.

11+ Christmas Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces 2021. Undoubtedly, 2020 was a great year for fiction, with bestsellers like you should see me in a crown by leah johnson and the vanishing half by brit bennett. Rumors surrounding the coolest new smartphones, many of which. Waitrose’s christmas 2021 collection for the home includes beautiful.

There’s no need to downsize your holiday expectations with a small space to decorate. Our space-saving ideas bring the merriment of Christmas into even the tiniest corners, thanks to simple accents like miniature Christmas trees, homemade garlands, and shiny decorative accents.

Nov 8, 2020 – Explore Meg Nordmann |’s board “Minimalist Christmas – SMALL SPACES“, followed by 1,124 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about minimalist christmas, christmas decorations, christmas diy.

73 Minimalist Christmas

#christmasdecor #christmasvlog #christmastree Hi Soul Family ⭐️ Today’s video I show you step by step “How to DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE in a small space l.

Add emphasis to your small tree by placing it in a wine crate. Elevate the tree in the bottom of box so the branches sit above the top of the box. For a rustic look, fill the space in the crate around the tree with burlap. Add upholstery strapping for garland and simple ornaments. From: Sam Henderson.

Mr. Christmas suggested that instead of dressing a tree or garland, you can simply drape your ceiling to make your whole space a festive explosion. “Hang lights or ribbons or greenery from the four corners into the center of the room and create a canopy,” Bennett said.

Use a small format Christmas tree in your home. When decorating a small house for Christmas, you don’t have to use a standard sized Christmas tree. Try something a little smaller like a thin pencil tree, or something non-traditional like a wall hanging in a tree shape or a tabletop tree.

Pre-Lit Artificial Half Christmas Tree. This small Christmas tree idea is great for saving space while still having the feel of a full-size tree. This half-tree design features lifelike branches and boughs, featuring 552 branch tips and 150 pre-lit white LED lights.

Best Small Christmas Tree Ideas for a Small Space

With space at a premium in her tiny farmhouse, blogger Amanda Robinson was strategic about adding a subtle layer of holiday sparkle to her existing decor. A tiny Norfolk pine tree and a few sparkly garlands and gold stars bring some Christmas cheer to her living room’s piano. See more at Natural Mommie.

In fact, you can hang them in various places such as a chandelier, garlands and many other places. They’re a good addition to your home decoration, and they take absolutely zero space. Red and white colors are the main theme colors for Christmas. But.

small christmas tree decorations christmas trees for small spaces Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links.

Using wall space is the easiest way decorate for Christmas in a small space. (And fortunately, it doesn’t have to be pricey!) Simply buy damage-free hooks and replace current art with Christmas art, fill frames with Christmas quotes or photos, display the kid’s holiday artwork, or hang wreaths and greenery.

Decorations For Small Spaces | Christmas Decorations 2021 Ideas Hey Loves ! today I’m decorating for christmas Some of the decorations I used :http://like.

Christmas Decorations For Small Spaces | Christmas

Unique Christmas Tree Alternatives For Small Spaces Potted Norfolk Pine. Despite their appearance and name, Norfolk Pine trees are not what you would expect. Hailing from… Caring For a Potted Norfolk Pine. Your Norfolk Pine will be happiest in medium to bright light. While they are dormant…

A few ornaments and a candle really set the Christmas mood (even if it does double as a remote control holder). Decorating wall art. Adding a wreath or a star to an existing part of your decor helps to spruce up (pun intended:) already existing decorations. Stairway garland. If you don’t have a mantle, one way to hang stockings on a banister. One of my favorite decorations is our stairwell.

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