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19 Christmas Color Schemes To Wow Your Guests |

19 Christmas Color Schemes To Wow Your Guests |

The best choice to decorate the Christmas tree is definitely the red and green color combination.

  1. Modern Mantel. Fill your mantelpiece with vibrant color by spelling out your favorite festive word .
  2. Farmhouse Red. Stick to the classic reds and greens for a rustic look to match your home decor. .
  3. Winter Wonderland. Dust your card display with a layer of fake snow to tie together your color .
  4. Holiday Blues. Why stick with the traditional green Christmas tree colors when you can branch out .
  5. Golden Photo Display. Show off your favorite family holiday images and Christmas cards with clay .
  6. Green Garlands. You can never go wrong with Christmas greens, especially when they’re strewn .
  7. Silver And Gold. The season of lights calls for all the reflective metallics that match the night sky. .
  8. Holiday Earth Tones. Reflect the natural tans, greens, and browns of the outdoors with .
  9. Bedroom Decor. Spread holiday cheer throughout the whole house by adding some light and festive .
  10. Merry Minimalism. Deck your home with the soft tones of a winter scene, working white, gold, and .


23 Christmas Color Palettes. Color Palettes from christmas images. Browse color schemes to find color inspiration from christmas color palettes and choose the perfect color combinations for your designs. Create your own color palette collections and download color palettes to Pdf, image, or Adobe swatch formats. 59 colors extracted from this image.

Color Palettes Color Schemes. Christmas. Crimson Christmas. Christmas Tree. Merry Christmas. Happy Christmas. christmasberrypie. Christmas Cheers. Blue Christmas..

The Spruce. Although red, green, gold, and silver are the favorite choices for Christmas decorations, almost any hue can create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. Find inspiration from a variety of places, then carry the scheme through your entire home to.

  1. Go for a classic red and green. Let’s start up top with the classic. Red and green – never a more .
  2. Pick a Scandi theme with silver and white. Simple, chic but still undeniably festive, silver and green .
  3. Go rogue with bright orange. Not a color you see a lot of at this time of year, so we thought we .
  4. All the neon! If you like your Christmas decor to be fun and creative you do you – go all out with .
  5. Cool pastels. And if you want a really contemporary look this Christmas, a frosty, pastel color .
  6. Dark and dramatic with red and black. Ooooh loving the drama of this Christmas color scheme. Very .
  7. Blue and pale pink. A pink Christmas color scheme is our dream. We love the soft, vintagey look it .
  8. Traditional red and gold. Love traditional Christmas decor? This dining room will be right up your .
  9. Rustic neutrals and greens. Creams, browns, beiges, all the neutrals! Add in wooden elements and .
  10. Simple and chic white. And finally, our personal favorite, a simple all white Christmas color scheme. .


10 stylish Christmas color schemes to try this year | Real

Christmas HEX Color Scheme. The Christmas HEX Color Scheme palette has 5 colors which are Cal Poly Pomona Green (#165B33), Dark Spring Green (#146B3A), Orange-Yellow (#F8B229), Cinnabar (#EA4630) and Firebrick (#BB2528). This color combination was created by user Schemecolor. The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below.

  1. Purple. Use purple and green for a beautiful and luxurious look.
  2. Green. Shades of green mixed with gold and white signify elegance for your Christmas dining table.
  3. Pink. Pink is a happy color and mixes particularly well with green at Christmas.
  4. Blue. Mix different shades of blue for a cool and relaxing Christmas look.
  5. Gold. Use shades of gold with white to brighten up any room.
  6. Red & Green. Keep it traditional with red, berry, and green colors.
  7. Pale Pink & Gold. Try a combination of gold, pink, and brown for a metallic look.
  8. Black. Make a bold statement by incorporating black into your Christmas decor.
  9. Brown. Create a warm atmosphere by incorporating decorations in green and brown.
  10. Purple & Silver. If you are after a sophisticated look go for purple and silver.


Green, Blue, and Silver Color Scheme. This light and airy holiday color scheme incorporates light green, bright blue, and silver to create a sophisticated Christmas living room. Hang light green-and-blue oversize stockings from your mantel beneath potted lemon cypress trees wrapped in teal paper and green ribbon.

Nov 8, 2021 – Christmas color scheme inspiration and color palette combinations for your Christmas coloring projects!. See more ideas about christmas color schemes, christmas colors, color schemes.

150 Christmas Color Schemes ideas in 2021 | christmas

Christmas colors are more than just red and green. These color palettes and color schemes will inspire you to find new colors for your Christmas crafts!.

According to the Christmas design trends of 2018 spectacular and mysterious play of bronze, copper, and platinum has eclipsed shining and straightforward silver and gold. Using these hints is quite enough to make your décor really trendy. Image credit: Ferm Living. In the Realm of Concrete and Gold.

  • Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating in 2021. Traditionally, red and green have been the …
  • Red and Green – Keeping things traditional. Ok, so let’s not disregard red and green altogether. Red …
  • Red and Gold – Traditional glam. Rose and gold are another traditional…


Even though red, green, gold, and silver are the most popular Christmas color schemes, any shade can be used to create a festively.

Christmas Color Combos. Traditionally, Christmas is associated with red, green and gold colors. And since the holiday season falls in the winter (northern hemisphere), white too is an important part of a christmas color scheme. Here are some beautiful christmasy color combinations with hexadecimal, RGB and CMYK codes.

Christmas Photo Color Schemes

Grab our frosty Christmas decorations ideas along with the trendiest Christmas colors and create an ultimate festive Christmas color scheme. Popular Christmas Color For 2021. The trending Christmas colors for 2021 are more on the brighter side, with of course a spark of traditional red, green, & whites, that will give your Christmas decorations.

  • White. White Christmas décor is becoming more and more popular these days, but many of us think …
  • Pink, Turquoise & Fuschia. Pink and turquoise together make a gorgeous color combination that …
  • Aqua, Cobalt and Sky Blue. These three shades of blues are a perfect trio for those seeking a more …
  • White and Red. Using red on a neutral white base can be very attractive. Red is a true primary that …
  • Pink and Gold. Pink and gold make a great color palette for those who want fun and chic holiday …
  • Violet, Brown & Bronze on White. With the backdrop of a chocolate hue drapery treatment, a pairing …
  • Red, Green & Gold. Purple, green, and gold, the traditional colors of Mardi Gras, add fun and festive …
  • Jewel Tones. Although somewhat traditional, decking your Christmas tree with jewel-toned …


Give red and green a chic new twist this year. Red and green have been repping Christmas since, like, forever, but we think there’s a little bit more you can do when it comes to your holiday color.

The rich and festive hues of traditional Christmas decorations come in beautiful color schemes that include reds, greens, golds, and silvers. The classic Christmas colors run deep in our culture, but contemporary design brings black and white Christmas ideas and uses blues and gray color tones for Christmas decorating.

The green and red pairing was really popularized in modern times, though, by the artist Haddon Sundblom, who Coca-Cola hired to paint Santa Claus in its ads. It should come as no surprise how well Santa’s suit matches the red of Coca-Cola labels. Coca-Cola via Miel Van Opstal/Flickr.

Try a Non

Choosing a Christmas tree color scheme may seem like an easy task. After all, there are only so many classic holiday colors—and they can only be combined so many ways. The thing is, classic holiday colors aren’t your only options.

Sep 22, 2021 – Explore Sharon Snider Baker’s board “Christmas Tree Color Schemes” on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas tree, christmas, christmas tree decorations.

  1. Blooming design. The best choice to decorate the Christmas tree is definitely the red and green .
  2. Blue and purple Christmas color scheme. Nowadays a lot of families dare to use more vibrant and .
  3. Bring Out the Color. Metallic gold or silver is a total hit this winter, so why don’t you choose any of .
  4. Green, blue, and silver color scheme. If you are interested in having some sophisticated Christmas .
  5. Green, white and brown color scheme. This winter is so modern to use some earth themes and color .
  6. Multicolor festive Christmas color scheme. If you like color, color, and more color these colorful .
  7. Ombre color scheme. Do you remember the famous ombre that everybody used to fall in love with? .
  8. Silver and pink color scheme. If you are interested in giving your home a vintage look during the .
  9. Rainbow color scheme. Rainbow in winter? Sounds crazy? Well, it is not. This Christmas you can .
  10. Silver and gold color scheme. Insert some sophistication and luxury in your home with this silver .


Reds and greens are the most used colors of Christmas, Mixing these with silver (as in this color scheme) or gold makes a complete Christmas palette. The dominant colors are the Christmas red (Hex #ff0012) and green (Hex #00b32c).

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