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20 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas | Allrecipes

20 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas | Allrecipes

Christmas Dinner Menu Simple, fresh, and delicious sides complement spicy ham for a memorable yuletide meal. Cinnamon Stewed Apples and Brussels Sprouts with Pecans complement Fire and Spice Ham, which features a delicious glaze made from pepper jelly and pineapple preserves.

From classic roasts (it doesn’t get much more traditional than Chef John’s Roast Christmas Goose or a juicy Perfect Turkey) to special occasion pastas and casseroles (you’ll love the seasonal flavors in this Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash and Sage, and this is truly the World’s Best Lasagna), you’re sure to find a new favorite in this collection of our 20 best Christmas Eve dinner ideas.

Ree’s crowd-pleasing stuffed mushrooms can work as an appetizer or a side dish for your Christmas Eve celebration. Get the Recipe: Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms Collard Cobbler.

Unlike Thanksgiving, where your menu is pretty set, Christmas Eve dinner is open to more inspired ideas. You can choose to serve pasta, turkey, prime rib (like the Drummonds do!), seafood—whatever your heart desires!.

55 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas That Take One Hour or

  1. Jammy Upside-Down Onion Tart (50 minutes) Pair this easy-yet-elegant tart with a big green salad .
  2. Strip Steak with Harissa Butter and Parsley Salad (20 minutes) Skip the steakhouse and make it at .
  3. Sausage and Fennel Pasta (25 minutes) You can thank the Italian sausage for infusing the dish with .
  4. Baked Ginger and Lemon Chicken (1 hour) Ooh, this flavor combination is so cozy. Bonus, you can .
  5. Antoni Porowski’s Lazy Pierogi with Wild Mushrooms, Cabbage and Prunes (35 minutes) Just .
  6. Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken (35 minutes) Consider this a lesson in how to sheet pan: The vegetables .
  7. Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce (30 minutes) FYI, a deeply flavorful and creamy vodka sauce isn’t .
  8. Spiced Lamb Meatball and Escarole Soup (45 minutes) This soup tastes like a million bucks—it was .
  9. Sheet Pan Tomato Basil Gnocchi (35 minutes) When baked on a sheet pan, store-bought gnocchi .
  10. Caramelized Mushroom Pasta with Crispy Prosciutto (30 minutes) This dish will convert even the .


Christmas Eve Dinner. Make a meatless Christmas Eve feast full of flavor, featuring creamy pasta and shrimp. Appetizer.

Switch things up main course wise on Christmas Eve and cook outside your comfort zone, with these delicious recipes for prime rib, turkey, ham, pot roast, lobster tails, raclette and more.

Seared Sausage With Cabbage and Pink Lady Apples. This simple winter meal is delicious and easy to make. Get the recipe. Brian Woodcock. 10 of 23. Strip Steak With Lemon Mashed Potatoes. For a dinner that’s tasty, feels fancy, and isn’t going to take all day to make, don’t forget a simple steak-and-potatoes dinner.

Our Best Christmas Dinner Menus | Better Homes &

Each traditional Christmas dinner menu features a main course—including ham, turkey, beef, and vegetarian options—paired with two or three side dishes, desserts, or drinks to jump-start your Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner menu planning.

It’s basically everything you need for a festive evening of fun—along with your Christmas tunes and glistening tree. To get you started, this list includes a variety of main courses, like citrus-brined turkey, Christmas hams, and Ree Drummond’s famous lasagna.

  1. Christmas Pork Tenderloin. Rubbed with garlic, rosemary, and allspice, this bacon .
  2. Duck Two Ways With Clementine-Fig Relish. The best way to tackle this duck recipe .
  3. Mustard-Crusted Boneless Prime Rib Roast with Cream Sauce. Just like the .
  4. Roasted Niçoise Salad with Halibut. Marinated artichoke hearts get super-crispy and .
  5. Porcini-Rubbed Beef Rib Roast. Using dried porcini mushrooms as the base of the .
  6. Roast Goose with Oranges and Madeira. The goose is blanched briefly and then .
  7. Turkey for Two With Pan-Sauce Gravy. This easy holiday turkey breast is just the .
  8. Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze. A long-time favorite of .
  9. Double Rack of Pork with Burnt Orange-Caramel Pan Sauce. Forgo the old-school .
  10. Dry-Rubbed Roast Turkey. Cooking the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet is great for .


Appetizers & Small Plates: Steak & Blue Cheese Bruschetta with Onion & Roasted Tomato Jam. An appetizer bursting with flavor from bleu cheese, caramelized onion, jam and balsamic vinegar—tasty bites that vanish in a hurry. —Debbie Reid, Clearwater, Florida. Go to Recipe.

Top 10 Christmas Eve dinner ideas

  1. Grilled lobster tails with lemon & herb butter. Kick off Christmas eve in style with these grilled .
  2. Festive porchetta. Tom Kerridge’s festive porchetta is full of Christmas spice and flavour, including .
  3. Smoked salmon & spinach gratin. This smoked salmon & spinach gratin is perfect for those who .
  4. Ginger-glazed ham. What could be more festive than this spiced ginger-glazed ham? It’s a simple .
  5. Pork wellington. This pork wellington is the ultimate posh sausage roll. It’s a little more challenging .
  6. Ale-glazed beef fillet with a crispy onion crust. This showstopping ale-glazed beef fillet with a crispy .
  7. Mussels in white wine sauce with garlic butter toasts. If you’re after a fish option, these classic .
  8. Three-cheese meatball lasagne. Celebrate Christmas Eve with a family-friendly dish like this three .
  9. Squash & chestnut crackers. Make these impressive squash & chestnut crackers for a veggie .
  10. Creamy fish & leek pie. Take a traditional pie to the next level with Tommy Banks’ creamy fish & leek .


Preheat oven to 325°. Fit a roasting pan with a wire rack. Pour the water in the pan with the star anise and cloves. Put the ham on the wire rack and bake for 20 minutes. In a bowl, mix the brown sugar, dijon, honey, vinegar, Worcestershire and black pepper together until fully combined.

Mussels are a traditional Seven Fishes offering, and this version, made with garlic, tomatoes, white wine, and butter, is a hearty and rustic dish. “Serve with the crustiest bread you can find and drink the wine as you cook,” suggests Allrecipes user RumoreHigh. 2 of 7. View All.

  1. HORS D’ OEUVRES. There are tons of delectable bites that you can dish up. One great recipe to start .
  2. AMUSE BOUCHE. This delectable recipe is sophisticated and will definitely surprise and delight your .
  3. SOUP. The next course is classy but so comforting that it will surely bring forth the holiday cheer. .
  4. APPETIZER. Next course should be appetizing to devour yet light enough to make diners want to .
  5. SALAD. The salad in this course is meant to be simple so there should be no complicated toppings .
  6. FISH. The fish in this course may be served hot or cold and it is always paired with hard bread. Get .
  7. FIRST MAIN COURSE. White meat is usually served as the first course meal such as duck or .
  8. PALATE CLEANSER. It is meant to reset your taste buds and remove any after tastes from the .
  9. SECOND MAIN COURSE. Since the first one served was white meat, red meat is typically served in .
  10. CHEESE COURSE. A cheese platter is always a lovely treat especially when accompanied by a .


What should I serve at my Christmas party? –

What is a good Christmas dinner menu? Christmas has a fairly set menu for most: slices of turkey, boiled sprouts and crispy roast potatoes, followed by Christmas pudding and cake. And Boxing Day is the turkey sandwich day, though quite a lot of people also cook up a big ham to see them through until New Year’s Eve and add some variety to the.

This French-Canadian spiced meat pie has a history dating back to the early 1600s. Tourtière was eaten as part of the réveillon, a late night feast after mass on Christmas Eve. Today you can eat tourtière anytime though it is most commonly made during the winter and is still a special part of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Quebec.

Stuffed Potato Appetizer. Pita Pockets filled with Chicken. Most all families have settled into a tradition and routine for this special Eve. Sometimes things change within family units such as marriages, divorces, relocating, etc. many have to make a decision where they will spend Christmas Eve and what foods will be served, etc.

Cranberry sauce and creamy Brie cheese are a match made in holiday heaven, especially when baked in easy store-bought phyllo shells. Four ingredients, 20 minutes total, and you’re there. 5 of 30. View All.

When Should I Serve Christmas Dinner? | Epicurious

1) First, this approach actually seems a lot more practical. In my family, on Christmas Eve we decorate the tree and have a simple winter meal. Then,.

  1. Appetizers: Appetizers and beverage served before dinner in living room. Usually the men are .
  2. Shrimp Cocktail. What could be easier and more delightful than a shrimp cocktail to start off your .
  3. Salad: Caesar Salad Recipe. My all-time favorite salad is the Caesar Salad. To many, including .
  4. Palate Cleanser: Palate cleansers are used in the middle of a meal to remove lingering flavors from .
  5. Main Course: Classic Prime Rib. My family loves prime rib, and it has become our traditional .
  6. Dessert Course – Homemade Pies of your choice: Buttermilk Pie. This wonderful Buttermilk Pie .


And with recipes like lasagna, chicken-and-wild rice casserole, and enchiladas, even the pickiest eaters at your table will be happy. Since casseroles freeze well, you could even make these casseroles ahead and reheat just in time for Christmas Eve dinner.

In our family, the menu for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hasn’t changed. Christmas dinner is hor dourves from the Eve’s festivities, Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, buttered corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, and pumpkin pie or cheesecake for dessert. What’s important is being together.

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