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20 Easy Japanese Recipes For Quick Weeknight Dinners

20 Easy Japanese Recipes For Quick Weeknight Dinners

11 Easy & Essential Japanese Recipes to Make at Home
– 1.Miso Soup. Your favorite pre-sushi soup is actually one of the easiest recipes to make from scratch at home, and only requires a handful of ingredients.
– 2.Tonkatsu from Damn Delicious. Crunchy pork cutlets are a staple of late-night eats in Japan. …
– 3.Japanese-Style Pancakes. …
– 4.Omurice from Just One Cookbook. …
– 5.Onigiri. …
– 6.Sukiyaki. …
– 7.Udon from No Recipes. …

20 Easy Japanese Recipes for Quick Weeknight Dinners. Authentic Miso Soup. Credit: France C. View Recipe. Many Japanese dinners begin with miso soup –.

Japanese Main Dish Recipes. Miso Salmon. 65. Japanese style-broiled salmon just like the restaurants. Easy recipe I came up with at the request of my family. Serve with sticky … Teriyaki Rib Eye Steaks. Japanese Ginger Pork. Chicken Katsu. Chicken Yakisoba.

  1. Onigiri (Rice Balls) Rice balls (called onigiri in Japanese) are often put in Japanese .
  2. Miso Soup With Tofu. The most common soup in Japan is miso soup. Seasoned .
  3. Beef Kushiyaki (Grilled Beef Skewers) Kushiyaki is a Japanese culinary term that .
  4. Gyudon (Beef Bowl) Gyudon is an immensely popular rice bowl dish in Japan. .
  5. Asari no Sakamushi (Clam Soup) In Japanese, sakamushi is a clear soup; asari .
  6. Nikujaga (Beef Stew) In Japanese, “niku” means “meat” and “jaga” translates to .


Quick and Easy Japanese Recipes – Japan Centre. Make udon noodles, oyakodon, inari sushi, tamagoyaki and other Japanese recipes in under 20 minutes with’s quick and easy recipes..

  1. Easy Fried Rice (Gluten-Free) 基本のチャーハン. When comes to a weeknight meal, we can always .
  2. Teriyaki Salmon 鮭の照り焼き. This easy homemade Teriyaki Salmon is cooked in soy sauce, sake, .
  3. Yaki Udon 焼うどん. Fat, chewy udon noodles stir-fried with vegetables and your choice of protein, .
  4. Easy Wafu Pasta with Shrimp and Asparagus 海老とアスパラの和風パスタ. Pasta is always a good .
  5. Stir Fry Vegetables 野菜炒め. Loaded with plenty of vegetables and your choice of protein, this Stir .
  6. Omurice (Omelette Rice) オムライス. A really popular Japanese Yoshoku (Japanese fusion) recipe, .
  7. Salmon in Foil 鮭のホイル焼き. This Salmon in Foil recipe is packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids from .
  8. Soba Noodle Salad 蕎麦サラダ. Enjoyed chilled or at room temperature, this Soba Noodle Salad .
  9. Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl) 親子丼. Oyakodon is one of the easy dishes I learned at the home .
  10. Gyudon (Beef Bowl) 牛丼. Gyudon (Beef Bowl) is comfort food for Japanese. Simple ingredients .


Weeknight Meal Ideas: 15 Easy Japanese Recipes • Just

  1. Rice (Japanese Short Grain Rice) Rice is a staple in Japanese home cooking, and we always have .
  2. Udon Noodles (Frozen or Dry) Thick, chewy, slippery udon is a beloved Japanese noodle that can be .
  3. Miso. Miso is a very important pantry item in Japanese cooking, which means the majority of you .
  4. Soba Noodles (Frozen or Dry) Just like udon noodles, soba noodles or buckwheat noodles are .
  5. Japanese Curry Roux. Japanese curry is one of the most-make dishes for Japanese cooks. You can .
  6. Pasta of All Kinds. Japanese-style pasta is a thing! We love it so much that we often cook up all .
  7. Tofu. Tofu is the MVP of the Asian pantry. They’re packed with protein and very affordable. You can .
  8. Flour. Flour is pretty much a given when comes to essential pantry item. Besides baking, have you .


Mustard-Glazed Chicken with Arugula and Bok Choy. For a healthier option, use chicken breasts instead of legs, cook the bok choy in a minimal amount of oil, and dress the salad lightly with oil.

Salmon Kushiyaki. Kushiyaki is a style of Japanese cooking that involves grilling skewered meats and veggies over a a charcoal grill. Rich salmon pieces and meaty shiitake mushrooms are licked by.

  1. Salmon Shioyaki. A traditional method of grilling fish in Japan is shioyaki (“shio” means salt and .
  2. Baked Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu or Japanese pork cutlet is one of the most popular simple Japanese .
  3. Hiyayakko. Hiyayakko is a simple and refreshing Japanese cold tofu that only takes minutes to .
  4. Spicy Tuna Bowl. Advertising. Based off the popular Spicy Tuna Sushi, this dish is made from .
  5. Shabu-Shabu. Shabu-shabu is a one-pot dish cooked at the table, where everybody eats from the .
  6. Omurice. Those of you who enjoy your scrambled eggs with ketchup will love omurice! “Omu” is an .
  7. Hamburg Steak. Hamburg Steak (pronounced hahm-bah-goo in Japan) is probably the most popular .
  8. Sukiyaki. Advertising. Sukiyaki is a type of one-pot dish that is cooked table side in a shallow cast .
  9. Yakisoba. Yakisoba is Japanese style fried noodles that are very easy to make. You can add almost .
  10. Corn Cream Soup. The Japanese corn soup has a sweet, creamy flavor with a thick texture. Almost .


We both love the savory and umami flavors of ramen and soba noodles, a warm rice bowl topped with stir fried vegetables, mochi ice cream and kinako dango for dessert, a comforting miso soup as an energy booster, and of course, nothing beats rice balls as a snack! I like to fill them with umeboshi, okaka, and salmon.

43 Easy Japanese Recipes You Can Make At Home |

That is called Ichijyu Sansai (一汁三菜)in Japanese. The soup could be Miso Soup or a clear broth soup. The three dishes include one main dish like Tempura, grilled fish, Hamburger Steak, and so on, and two other smaller vegetable dishes like salads and boiled veggies.

Miso mackerel with chilli brown rice. Try our quick Japanese-style recipe for mackerel. Grilling is an easy way to cook oily fish and the miso-mirin.

  1. Mochi. Mochi is a well-loved Japanese sweet treat – it’s a ball of sticky, chewy goodness. It’s .
  2. Japanese Cheesecake. Japanese cheesecakes are renowned for their fluffy and cotton-like texture. .
  3. Mitarashi Dango. Mitarashi dango (御手洗団子) is an iconic Japanese sweet, so much so that it has .
  4. Anmitsu. Anmitsu (あんみつ) is a traditional chilled dessert from Japan that’s said to have been .
  5. Parfait. The Japanese take on the classic parfait is more similar to a Western sundae – it uses ice .
  6. Raindrop Cake (Mizu Shingen Mochi) Mizu shingen mochi (水信玄餅), better known as the raindrop .
  7. Fluffy Soufflé Pancakes. The Japanese are masters at adopting food from different cultures and .
  8. Dorayaki. Best known as Doraemon’s favourite food, the dorayaki is familiar to those who grew up .
  9. Japanese Strawberry Shortcake. The Japanese strawberry shortcake is made with layers of soft and .
  10. Matcha Mille Crêpe. No Japanese dessert list is complete without at least one item with matcha in .


  1. Miso Soup. Your favorite pre-sushi soup is actually one of the easiest recipes to make from scratch .
  2. Tonkatsu from Damn Delicious. Crunchy pork cutlets are a staple of late-night eats in Japan. In local .
  3. Japanese-Style Pancakes. These lofty, soufflé-like pancakes are served all over Japan at breakfast .
  4. Omurice from Just One Cookbook. Eggs are a standby ingredient in Japanese cuisine — and they go .
  5. Onigiri. These rice balls are a perfect answer to the mid-afternoon snack craving. Fair warning that .
  6. Sukiyaki. Whether it’s a cold, rainy evening or a warm Sunday afternoon, there’s no better way to .
  7. Udon from No Recipes. If you need a break from ramen noodles, say hello to udon noodles. They’re .
  8. Nagoya-Style Chicken Wings from Just One Cookbook. One common difference between Japanese .
  9. Gyudon from The Woks of Life. Some of the best Japanese dishes are the simplest, and this beef .
  10. Buta No Kakuni from No Recipes. This recipe is slightly more involved than the others on this list, .


11 Easy Japanese Recipes If You’re Just Starting Out | Kitchn

  • Japanese ramen noodle soup. A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.146 ratings. Use chicken, noodles, …
  • Japanese-style bento box. A star rating of 4 out of 5.4 ratings. This Asian-inspired lunchbox with …
  • Japanese rice/gohan. A star rating of 5 out of 5.3 ratings. No Japanese meal is complete without …
  • Miso soup. A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.8 ratings. Make your own miso soup with soft cubes of tofu, …
  • Katsu curry. A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.131 ratings. Make our easy katsu curry with options to …
  • Sushi rice. A star rating of 4 out of 5.1 rating. Learn how to make perfect sushi rice with this simple …
  • Veggie yaki udon. A star rating of 4 out of 5.84 ratings. Pack in the veg with our flavour-packed …
  • Miso ramen. A star rating of 3.2 out of 5.19 ratings. Not sure about the taste of tofu? In this miso …
  • Chuka-fu shredded cabbage. A star rating of 5 out of 5.5 ratings. Make this shredded cabbage as a …
  • Tonkatsu pork. A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.20 ratings. Rustle up a Japanese feast and try this …


Featuring Bunny-Shaped Apple Slices, Karaage Fried Chicken, Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich) and Tamagoyaki (Japanese Egg Omelet).

Japanese Mushroom Rice (Kinoko Takikomi Gohan). © Judy Ung. Mushrooms give this hearty, umami rice dish an earthy character, complemented by dashi, soy, mirin, and sake. Just about any mushrooms will work, but shiitake, shimej,.

  • Tonkatsu or Chicken Katsu. If katsu looks familiar to you, that’s probably because it’s pretty similar …
  • Japanese Mentaiko Spaghetti (Pasta With Spicy Cod Roe and Butter Sauce) This Japanese-Italian …
  • Tempura Vegetables and/or Shrimp. What separates tempura from other fried foods is the …
  • Ohitashi (Japanese Blanched Greens With Savory Broth) Ohitashi is a light Japanese side dish of …
  • Rich and Creamy Tonkotsu Ramen Broth. If the only ramen you’ve ever made at home came straight …
  • The Ultimate Rich and Creamy Vegan Ramen With Roasted Vegetables and Miso Broth. You don’t …
  • Bukkake Udon (Japanese Cold Noodles With Broth) Ramen is great, but I actually prefer thick, …
  • Rustic Miso Soup With Tofu and Seaweed. Powdered miso soup mixes might be tantalizingly easy …
  • Gyudon (Japanese Simmered Beef and Rice Bowls) This Japanese fast-food staple is a perfect …
  • Oyakodon (Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl) Like gyodon, oyakodon starts with onions …


Scott Hallsworth is a chef known for his izakaya -inspired food, throwing together high-end Japanese techniques and ingredients with fun, playful, ‘junk food-esque’ flair. His three recipes take the foods we know – sashimi, fried chicken and crème brulée – and make them even better. If you’re looking to really wow at your next.

Japanese Dinner Party Menu

13 kid-friendly Japanese dinners to add to your repertoire. Inspired by the flavours of Japan, these recipes are a great way to unlock a whole new range of delicious flavours in your cooking. 1.

It’s so simple to throw together and is incredibly creamy and delicious, making it one of the best easy dinner ideas! —Sarah Tramonte, Taste of Home Associate Culinary Producer. Go to Recipe. 14 / 110. Blair Lonergan for Taste of Home. Easy Fish Tacos.

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. These Japanese Chicken Yakitori Skewers are traditional street food, grilled and basted with a sweet and savoury sauce and topped with a zesty sesame-lemon.

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Each region of Japan has its local specialties, as well as unique variants on traditional fare. Typically, a home-cooked, traditional Japanese meal consists of...