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20 Traditional Christmas Dishes From All Around Italy

20 Traditional Christmas Dishes From All Around Italy

20 Traditional Christmas Dishes From All Around Italy
– ABRUZZO. Minestra Di Cardi (Cardoon Soup) Nicola Batavia Chef. A soup made of broth and cardoons (artichoke thistles), flavored with nutmeg and giblets.
– BASILICATA. Baccalà Con Peperoni Cruschi (Cod with Fried Peppers) Stefy Miglio. Sun-dried bell peppers dropped into hot oil for a few seconds top this codfish dish.
– CALABRIA. Scillatelle Al Ragù (Homemade Pasta with Meat Sauce) A type of pasta (also known as fileja) usually served with a pork-based sauce.

  1. Capitone (eel) The “capitone” is the female eel, and it is named like that because of .
  2. Lasagna. Everyone family in Italy has its own favorite recipe for lasagna, but what is .
  3. Oven-Roasted Lamb and Potatoes. Although many Italian families consider the .
  4. Pasta in brodo (Pasta in broth) From North to South, the typical dish of the .
  5. Cappone Ripieno (Stuffed Capon) Traditional second courses of the New Year’s Eve, .


20 Traditional Christmas Dishes From All Around Italy ABRUZZO. Minestra Di Cardi (Cardoon Soup). Nicola Batavia Chef. … A soup made of broth and cardoons.

In Tuscany, expect a roasted capon with vegetables and potatoes. Sardinians prefer spit-roasted pig. While in Calabria, many enjoy roast goat. In recent years a stuffed roast turkey, similar to an American Thanksgiving dish, has become a.

What do Italians eat for Christmas: traditional recipes

Cartellate. One of the best things about Christmas is the amount of sweet pastries, biscuits and desserts on offer. In Puglia, sweet wine is one of the flavors most associated with Christmas and is used as the basis for two of the region’s most beloved festive treats, cartellate and vinocotto.

It’s certainly a strong and acquired flavor! If you want to try some, head to Terni in Umbria as that’s where the cake is said to come from. But Italians don’t only eat sweets over Christmas. The biggest meal is served on Christmas Eve (la vigilia) and usually involves a course—or more!—of fish. Whether you are in the north or the south will dictate which fish dish is the most traditional.

Christmas in Naples means eating a lot of fish and seafood. The coastal regions usually serve traditional Italian Christmas food with fish and seafood. In my region, Campania, for example, we eat Spaghetti con le vongole (spaghetti with clams) during our Christmas eve dinner.

Cause maybe you’re with another side of the family so you find yourself having a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Just think about Christmas in Italy as the end of all your diets, between Baccalà, Cannelloni, Stinco di Maiale con patate, the Filetto in Crosta, I mean just pick up those diets after the Befana.

Where to Spend Christmas in Italy

What to Eat in Rome. In the evenings, relax with hearty Roman winter dishes like pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas). You can also sample some of our favorite Roman Christmas treats in our Taste of Rome holiday tour. Did you know that Italians typically don’t eat meat on Christmas Eve? Christmas and Holiday Traditions in Rome.

  1. Extended Celebrations. One of the best Italian Christmas traditions is that they celebrate for much .
  2. No meat on Christmas Eve. In what is a very traditional tradition, the Italians don’t eat meat on .
  3. Visiting the Vatican for midnight mass. A popular Christmas tradition for those who live or are .
  4. Skiing into Christmas. While some Italians are attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve, others .
  5. Bagpipes on the piazzas. In various Italian cities, and especially in Rome – the Eternal city – you are .
  6. Gifts from the good witch. It is not only Santa who brings Christmas gifts. Right across Italy, on .
  7. Sweet treats. At Christmas, the Italians are especially big on sweet food. Of course, it varies across .
  8. Displaying a ceppo. In most Italian households you will likely find a ceppo on display during the .


The evening meal on Christmas Eve ( La Vigilia) is traditionally based around fish, as a meat-free day before the decadence of the 25th. Grilled eel is one of the traditional components, with cod, octopus and shellfish all popular choices too.

Ask most people what Italians eat for Christmas, and they’ll almost always say panettone; it’s one of the few specialities that have started to influence Christmas celebrations in other cultures.

How to Have an Italian Christmas Meal

According to tradition, the meal for Christmas Eve, La Vigilia, doesn’t have any meat. It’s all fish and vegetables. That’s in keeping with most meals served on the eve before a religious festival in Italy: You’re supposed to have a giorno di magro, eating lean to help purify your body for the holiday. Whether the fish dishes that are actually served qualify as “lean,” of course, is another story!.

In Italy, Christmas Eve dinner is traditionally lighter with no meat and a lot of seafood, while the Italian-American meal has evolved into much more of a feast. Bring on the sword fish, tuna, salmon, octopus salad, smelts, calamari, spaghetti with clam sauce and the famous Italian classic—salted cod, known as baccalà.

Christmas in Italy: all you need to know to travel to Italy in the festive season. By an Italian! Italy can be a wonderful Christmas travel destination. The weather in December in Italy is likely to be cold, however the beautiful Italian festive traditions, its world class museums and its delicious winter foods will make for a wonderful stay.

From the Baked Lasagne to the Sweet Pandoro. From antipasti up to dessert, from breakfast to dinner, and from Christmas Eve to la Befana day, Italians love Christmas delicacies. Even though every family has its own traditions and recipes, there.

Christmas in Italy

  1. Christmas-related celebrations in Italy traditionally start on the 8th December and conclude on .
  2. 8th December is a public holiday in Italy marking the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the .
  3. Decorated pine trees are newcomers to Christmas in Italy though. Nowadays you can see them in .
  4. Instead, beautiful Nativity scenes are the focus of the Christmas decorations and spirit in Italy. Also .
  5. Traditionally, the best makers of Nativity scenes come from Naples where the making of Christmas .
  6. Otherwise, Nativity scenes and the elements to build one are sold all over Italy during the festive .
  7. Even though the Nativity scenes in churches, squares and front yards are set-up before Christmas, .
  8. Exhibitions of dozens and sometimes even hundreds of Nativity scenes from all over Italy and the .
  9. The oldest Nativity scene in existence is carved in marble and dates back to the 13th century. His .
  10. Living Nativity scenes are also organised at Christmas in Italy. Groups of local volunteers stage .


Christmas in Italy. On Christmas Eve, as in the old Catholic tradition, often no food is eaten during the day as this is a fast day. The festive celebrations start after midnight mass. Nowadays, ‘Babbo Natale’, the Father Christmas, brings presents to children on Christmas eve.

Then, some eat meatloaf, some others roast beef, fried fish or other types of beef as second dishes. Afterwards, fruit and desserts, which in Italy are masterpieces: each region has its own christmas dessert, but every italian family will eat at least a pandoro and a panettone. 856 views. .

In Italy, Christmas food can even vary according to region. Following Italian Catholic tradition, Christmas Eve is comprised of a fish dish, with Rome having ‘il capitone’, a dish cooked with fried eels, as a well-known favorite. The main Christmas meal is on Christmas day, and of course Italians have several courses to their meals with.

These 8 desserts show you why Christmas is so sweet in Italy

  • Piedmont – Torrone d’Alba. Torroneis Italy’s version of nougat, a mixture of honey, sugar and …
  • Lombardy – Panettone. Panettone – by Stijn Nieuwendijk. Panettoneis Italy’s most famous …
  • Liguria – Pandolce. Pandolcemeans “sweet bread,” and this is exactly what pandolce is – a sweet …
  • Veneto – Pandoro. At Christmas time, Italians can be divided into two groups: those who eat …
  • Emilia-Romagna – Spongata. The spongata is a traditional Christmas pie, popular in Tuscany and …
  • Tuscany – Ricciarelli. A style of ricciarelli – by Felix Schaumburg. What do all Christmas desserts I …
  • Umbria – Maccheroni Dolci. This traditional Umbrian dish was born as the “holiday” version of …
  • Puglia – Cartellate. My favorite Christmas dessert – and really, one of my favorite desserts of all …


Italians eat pasta, ravioli, salad, beans, meats, and spaghetti for Christmas. If you ever went to Olive Garden then you know the answer Italians eat the same at Christmas time.

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