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23 Non

23 Non

Celebrate the holidays with one of these easy mocktail recipes. With options like Grinch punch and candy cane sparklers, these non-alcoholic drinks taste just as good with all the fun. Looking for something a little stronger? Try our festive Christmas cocktails.

23 Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks for the Whole Family. Luscious Slush Punch. Credit: lutzflcat. View Recipe. “This is our Christmas Eve punch tradition, and there is never a drop left,” says recipe creator … Apple Orchard Punch. Sparkling Punch.

Sleigh Driver. This scrumptious nonalcoholic punch adds pear, cranberries, and vanilla to the traditional hot cider. Recipe: Sleigh Driver. 7 of 16. Eggnog Hot Chocolate. Start off Christmas.

Nonalcoholic Christmas Drinks Perfect For Your Next Party Easy Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate. Hot chocolate is the classic winter drink. Here’s how to make easy slow cooker hot… Cranberry Moscow Mule Mocktail. The perfect festive drink to serve at every holiday party! Spicy ginger beer, cranberry…

  1. Eggnog. Of all the holiday cocktails you can mix up, few are as fitting as a glass of homemade .
  2. Wassail. Christmas tradition once included a trip around the neighborhood, complete with caroling .
  3. Hot Buttered Rum. Hot buttered rum may be the most comforting of holiday drinks. It is warm, spicy, .
  4. Tom and Jerry. Warm milk is great, but it’s even better with shots of brandy and rum. That is exactly .
  5. Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Punch. Despite the name, our Thanksgiving punch is great for .
  6. Hot Toddy. Right up there with eggnog, few recipes are as easy—or well-loved—as the hot toddy. .
  7. Mulled Wine. Summer may have sangria, but winter is the time for mulled wine. It is, without a doubt, .
  8. Glögg. A Christmas tradition in Scandinavian countries, glögg is similar to mulled wine and wassail, .
  9. English Christmas Punch. Another warm punch, this recipe is very similar to the rest and can quickly .
  10. Brandy Alexander. The brandy Alexander is the ultimate holiday nightcap. It’s hard to beat sitting .


11 Traditional Christmas Cocktails for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and it may seem like more opportunities to drink alcohol are upon us. But non-drinkers out there, rejoice! There are many delicious, festive, nonalcoholic Christmas drinks out there that are still just as merry.. If you’re hosting, it’s best practice to offer up nonalcoholic drinks that everyone can enjoy anyway (even if you’re doing boozy options, too).

SoberJulie. Non Alcoholic Christmas Drinks. Best Mocktails. Drink Recipes Nonalcoholic. Fruity Drinks. Non Alcoholic Drinks. Beverages. Kombucha Drink. Kombucha Cocktail.

Make everyone merry with more than 260 Christmas drinks for all ages, from eggnog and hot chocolate to Christmas cocktails and mulled wine. 626231.jpg. Christmas Cocktails. a top-down view of a white mug filled with hot cider, with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves at the side. Cider.

  1. Thanksgiving Punch. Showcase the best flavors of the fall season in a spiced Thanksgiving punch. .
  2. Salted Caramel Apple Punch. Filled with seasonal flavors, this salted caramel apple punch is a lot of .
  3. White Chocolate Mocha. Holidays call for something a little more special than the average cup of .
  4. Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate. Thanksgiving is a great excuse to share a classic with family and .
  5. Sage Tea. Sit back and relax after a long day of entertaining with a steaming cup of sage tea. It’s an .
  6. Butterbeer. Kids of all ages (and plenty of adults) find it hard to resist butterbeer! Made famous by .
  7. Oreo Milkshake. Indulging on holidays is part of what makes the time so memorable. Few drinks are .
  8. Orange Fizz. Place a pitcher of orange fizz on the table and your Thanksgiving drink duties are done! .
  9. Pumpkin Banana Smoothie. If you simply cannot get enough pumpkin on Thanksgiving, blend up a .
  10. Thanksgiving Cola. The easiest soda drink you can mix up, thanksgiving cola is a drink everyone .



Non-alcoholic eggnog. While many of our non-alcoholic Christmas drinks and cocktails here have Christmas written all over them, eggnog is one of the most traditional. This one takes a little more effort than some others, but it’s worth it for the holiday memories it evokes. 2 cups whole milk. 2 eggs.

Spiced Pomegranate Sipper Recipe. Sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors are all present in this elegant drink. Pomegranate juice gives it a rich fall color and balances well with grape juice, pineapple juice, cinnamon, and cloves. Try it warm, cool, or with soda water for fun variations. 12 of 18.

  1. Cuba Libre – Popular Cuban Alcoholic Drink. What is it: With its name meaning .
  2. Daiquiri – A Traditional Drink of Cuba. What is it: A traditional cocktail prepared .
  3. Cubanito – Famous Cuban Drinks. What is it: A famous appetizer like Bloody .
  4. Mojito – Popular Cuban Rum Drinks. What is it: Evolved in Cuba’s Havana, this lip .
  5. El Presidente – Authentic Alcoholic Drink of Cuba. What is it: Another famed .
  6. Saoco – A Refreshing Cuban Cocktail. What is it: A delightful beverage, where .
  7. Canchanchara – Typical Cuban Drink. What is it: A fusion of rum, lime, and honey, it .
  8. Crema de Vie – A Traditional Christmas Drink of Cuba. What is it: A Holiday drink .
  9. Rum Collins – A Sought-after Cuban Drink with Rum. What is it: A cocktail .
  10. Malta – Non-Alcoholic Drink of Cuba. What is it: A carbonated beverage .


  1. Kompot. Everyone likes Kompot! It’s one of the most favorite sweet drinks for kids because after .
  2. Kvass. One of the must-try national Russian drinks is kvass! The ancient drink is made from .
  3. Medovukha. There are plenty of recipes on making medovukha, the traditional one is made from .
  4. Kissel. Once you see kissel, you might think about whether you should drink it or eat it because the .
  5. Vodka. If you never tried Russian vodka while visiting the country, you haven’t felt a real Russian .
  6. Tea. Tea has a significant role in Russian culture. Due to the cold Northern climate, it became the .
  7. Sbiten. Nicknamed as “Russian mulled wine,” Sbiten appeared thousands of years ago and was a .
  8. Ryazhenka. Russia values fermented beverages, and one of them is Ryazhenka. It is a yogurt made .
  9. Vzvar. Vzvar is a tasty Slavic drink like a kompot made from berries and fruits, sweetened with sugar .
  10. White Russian. For the cocktail fans, the White Russian is a must-try. Most of the Russian cocktails .


Celebrate the holidays with one of these easy mocktail recipes.With options like Grinch punch and candy cane sparklers, these nonalcoholic drinks taste just as good with all the fun.

20 Non Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

  • Peppermint White Russians. Recipe via
  • Frosted Coconut Blitz. Recipe via
  • Candy Cane Cocktail. Recipe via
  • Grinch Spritzer. Recipe via
  • The North Pole. Recipe via
  • Peppermint Martini “Peppermintini” Recipe via
  • Eggnog Martini. Recipe via
  • Peppermint Cosmos. Recipe via
  • Eggnog with a Cookie Ornament Garnish. Recipe via
  • Candy Cane Mojitos – One of the best Christmas Alcoholic Drinks. Recipe via …


Glogg. Considering the fact that the majority of the year is dominated by comparatively cold weather, Glogg has also gained popularity among locals and travelers. This delicious beverage is made from red wine and mulling spices, like cinnamon, citrus, and star aniseed and served hot.

The hot winter drinks listed here are all non-alcoholic. But you can easily booze them up if you’d like. Contents [ show] 1 20 Warm Non-alcoholic Drinks for the Winter. 2 #4 – French Hot Chocolate. 3 #11 – German lemon, ginger, mint tea. 4 #16 – London Fog.

  1. Kompot / Origin: Russia. Kompot, which is basically, stewed fruit, is a traditional dessert beverage .
  2. Horchata / Origin: Spain. Of course, you’re familiar with the famous alcoholic Spanish drinks like .
  3. Caffè Shakerato / Origin: Italy. Italian non alcoholic drinks will surely capture your heart during your .
  4. Apfelschorle / Origin: Germany. Apfelschorle is a popular non-alcoholic German drink made with a .
  5. Rabarbar Z Miodem / Origin: Poland. Rabarbar Z Miodem is another refreshing European drink you’d .
  6. Hot Mulled Cider / Origin: United Kingdom. The UK is popular for traditional English pubs and bars. .
  7. Anijsmelk / Origin: Holland. Another one you should not miss is this famous Dutch hot drink called .
  8. Bicerin / Origin: Italy. Bicerin dated back in 17 century, and until now, it never ceases to provide .
  9. Poppy Seed Milk / Origin: Lithuania. Poppy Seed Milk is a favorite winter drink by Lithuanians and is .
  10. Malt og Appelsín / Origin: Iceland. You winter visit in Icelandic wouldn’t be complete without trying .


  • Horchata. You may know of Horchata as the sweet rice drink popular in México, but it actually …
  • Granizado. Similar to a Slushie, a Granizado is Spain’s version of the classic crushed or shaved ice …
  • Casera. If you want to try something truly unique to Spain, look no further than Casera. It is one of …
  • Hot Chocolate. Spain has been known for it’s sweet tooth ever since chocolate was first brought …
  • Mango Agua Fresca. A drink that has made its way from Central America is called Mango Aqua …


Traditional Non

2 cups white grape juice, currant juice, or cranberry-raspberry juice. 1/4 cup sugar. 1 3-inch cinnamon stick. 8 whole cloves. 2/3 cup raisins. 2/3 cup blanched slivered almonds. 1. Using a vegetable peeler, cut a single spiral of zest from the orange. Reserve orange for another purpose.

It is non-alcoholic and is made by fermenting elderflowers with sugar, lemon, and water. Depending on the date of the blossom, the elderflower juice is made and drunk in May-June. For centuries, the elderflower was considered a great remedy for different diseases.

Some of the most common non-alcoholic agua frescas are: Horchata – Made from seeds, usually almonds, sesame seeds, and rice. Jamaica – This is a cold hibiscus tea made from the hibiscus flower. Fruit – You’ll see many different fruit options including pineapple, guava, and melon.

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