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23 Winter Container Garden Ideas For 2021 – A Nest With A Yard

23 Winter Container Garden Ideas For 2021 - A Nest With A Yard

23 Winter Container Garden Ideas For Your Outside Area
– Decorate With Christmas Balls. Image credit: Creating a winter container garden boils down to your personal aesthetics.
– Illuminate Your Outdoor Garden Containers. …
– Turn Logs Into Affordable Planters. …
– Embrace Twigs. …
– Create Intricate Ornaments Using Twigs. …
– Use Metal Planters. …
– Conclusion. …

  1. Winter irises. With their elegant structure and jewel-like tones, irises will brighten .
  2. Winter aconites. The sun-yellow flowers of winter aconites cheer us in January and .
  3. Early crocuses. In shades of yellow, lilac, deep purple and frosty white, early .
  4. Heucheras. Coral bells, otherwise known as heucheras, have pretty flower spikes in .
  5. Pansies and violas. Create a container of pansies and you are guaranteed a .
  6. Heather. Whether it is a shade of white or dark pink, heather is one of the best .
  7. Foliage plants. Winter containers don’t have to feature flowers: there is a fantastic .
  8. Hellebores. The Christmas rose, or hellebore, adds a touch of romanticism in the .
  9. Scented plants. Although we associate scented plants with warm summer days, .
  10. Japanese skimmia. Bright berries add a splash of welcome color to any winter .


NOTE: These types of planters are RIDICULOUSLY EASY to make. You can see a step by step tutorial including a video on my How To Make Winter Porch Pots post! This year, who knows what I’ll come up with eventually, but I have been looking for some new ideas.

Best plants and cuttings for winter planters and Christmas outdoor decorations. Pin it! Here are the most popular plants and elements used in some of my favorite winter outdoor planters: conifers such as Pine, Cedar, Spruce, etc. and e.

23 Winter Container Garden Ideas For Your Outside Area Decorate With Christmas Balls. Creating a winter container garden boils down to your personal aesthetics. You may find… Illuminate Your Outdoor Garden Containers. One of the simplest winter container garden ideas is.

Dried oranges pick up the color of the container, while dried pomegranates echo the form of the oranges. To make the cone base, fill a metal obelisk with floral foam. Push dried leaves, fruit, and boughs directly into the foam. The copper pot used here nicely reflects sunlight and light bouncing off snow.

6 Winter Container Ideas

Nov 8, 2016 – Explore Brenda Schlake Parks’s board ” winter decor for outdoor pots” on Pinterest. See more ideas about winter decor, outdoor pots, winter planter.

Excellent evergreen choices for winter include yucca, ‘Dorothy Wyckoff’ Japanese andromeda, cleyera, liriope, false cypress, and windmill palm. 2 of 15. View All.

Keep reading to learn more about all 35 pretty outdoor holiday planter ideas! 1. Evergreen and Birch Branch Planter. 2. Giant Ornament and Lantern Planter. 3. Glittery Branch, Ornament, and Bow Planter. 4. Rustic Milk Can Planter With Evergreens.

Pretty pots. Spikes of cardinal dogwood brighten Fraser fir, white pine, Scotch pine, winterberry holly, dyed eucalyptus and caspia. The winter landscape designs in this slideshow came from Craig Bergmann, a Wilmette, Illinois, landscape architect.

Idea for winter container pots…add a wreath on top of the container before adding your greens and branches!.

900+ Christmas & Winter Pots ideas | christmas,

Winter planter ideas: 12 cold-weather containers that will … hot 12 beautiful winter planter ideas to brighten up your garden. From simple styles and bright berries to colorful blooms, there’s something for everyone in these winter planter ideas. 1. Choose a coordinated look.

Include holiday-themed decorations to create Christmas pots, or stick with natural ornaments for winter containers that sparkle from winter all the way to spring. White pine, redtwig dogwood, boxwood and cypress branches combine with ornaments, pine cones, rattan balls and coconut shells in an outdoor Christmas pot..

The 2021 Winter Pots: Take Your Pick. Amassing a collection of beautiful materials for winter and holiday containers and home decor at our place usually begins at least a year in advance of the season in question. Behind the scenes, ideas are tested, and those great ideas become prototypes. Orders are placed from the prototypes, and.

Apply an antidesiccant such as Wilt-Pruf to broad-leaved evergreens and to branches of cut greens to protect against drying winter winds. When it comes to design, I like to use a mix of live plants, cut branches, colorful berries, and interesting evergreen foliage to.

The floral foam just gives the winter porch pots a bit of an extended life. These should last into January or February. Get Creative! Now you’ll want to add your tall evergreens to the center of your pot. Think of a Christmas tree look. And look how pretty that pot looks now, all painted. Brand new again! Next you add the “skirt” to the pot.

How to Make Winter Porch Pots

  1. Seasonal branches and berries. If you live in a region where you brave months of snow and freezing .
  2. Festive vessels. Containers in a bright shade can also add color to winter arrangements. Here, the .
  3. Oversized ornaments. If you’re low on branches, or they’re not your style, you can add ornaments to .
  4. Architectural accessories. A metal trellis is a great way to give your container design more structure .
  5. Tasty window boxes. You can also celebrate the bounty of the season by tucking in edible fruits. .
  6. Winter-blooming flowers. You don’t have to start from scratch to create a gorgeous winter design. .
  7. Trailing vines. Ivy is another great choice if you prefer your designs to have something living. The .
  8. Massed leaves and branches. If simple is more your style but you still want to enjoy your containers .


  1. Snowdrops. Snowdrops are perfect for growing in winter pot displays. Team with black lilyturf and .
  2. Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens. Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) is a naturally festive .
  3. Winter-flowering pansy. Winter-flowering pansies with yellow, maroon, white or purple ‘faces’ will .
  4. Cyclamen. Hardy cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium and Cyclamen coum) are neat, free-flowering .
  5. Carex. Carex are tuft-forming evergreen perennials with green, variegated or bronze, curly or arching .
  6. Skimmia ‘Rubella’ Skimmia ‘Rubella’ is a rugged, hardy and reliable evergreen shrub with grape-like .
  7. Phormium. Phormium is a colourful architectural evergreen with arched strap-shaped leaves in pink, .
  8. Ajuga. Ajuga is a rugged evergreen perennial that’s low-spreading with rounded purple or purple .
  9. Christmas rose. The Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, bears large, round, white flat-faced flowers .
  10. Winter heather. With wiry stems clothed in evergreen needles, usually deep green but sometimes in .


Choose planters for your space, then fill them tightly with planting mix. Don’t use potting soil, as it is too lightweight to hold branches and twigs in place all winter. Water the planter well and let drain. If you are using living plants, plant them into the pots now.

Perfectly fit for small hedges when planted in multiples, Winter Gem boxwood also works well potted in planters. During the winter, this evergreen will take on a golden bronze coloring, then change back to bright green in the spring. Winter Gem boxwood thrives in both partial and full sun settings. Ligustrum.

  1. Winter-flowering heathers. Choose winter-flowering heathers for a show that will return each year in .
  2. Violas. Regular deadheading will prolong the flowering period of these affordable container plants – .
  3. Winter-flowering pansies. These dainty flowers with their cheeky ‘faces’ are available in almost every .
  4. Ivy. Out in the open ground, ivy is renowned for being a rampant grower, but the small pots of ivies .
  5. Cyclamen persicum. While these cyclamen won’t endure an entire winter outdoors, their buds will .
  6. Ornamental cabbages. Available in vibrant pinks and purples, these decorative cabbages split .
  7. Gaultheria procumbens. Compact and small in stature, Gaultheria procumbens boasts beautiful .
  8. Skimmia japonica. These super winter shrubs are often available as small container plants at this .


Winter container plants: nine of the best

Winter offers so many possibilities to make your porch look its very best and the amount of winter porch décor ideas out there is endless. Porch pots filled with winter greens and branches that you foraged yourself? Check! Twists on traditional wreaths? Check. Ice lanterns? Skates hung from vintage sleds? Window boxes? Check, check, and check.

Growing winter heather in pots. Smaller heathers make some of the best plants for winter pots – the scale is just right to be part of a larger scheme. Choose varieties of the compact Erica.

All winter containers should have drainage in place to prevent plant roots getting sodden. Use plenty of crocks or broken up polystyrene plant trays. If possible, also raise the pot on feet or bricks for increased drainage and to avoid frost damage. 2.

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