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30 Christmas Roast Recipes

30 Christmas Roast Recipes

The leg was often considered the best joint on the pig and as such would often be served for Christmas either alone or with perhaps a chicken or other poultry. The keeping of pigs is now something of a rarity but roast pork does remain a popular choice. As a child roast pork was always part of our Christmas table.

You need a wow-worthy main during the holidays, and these roasts are it. Whether you want to serve chicken, pork, beef, or even duck for Christmas dinner, we’ve got a roast recipe for you.

25 Easy Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas. Savory Puff Pastry Christmas Tree. Credit: Diana Moutsopoulos. View Recipe. This festive Christmas tree is impressive, yet oh-so simple to put … Traditional Christmas Cheese Ball. Cranberry Brie Bites. Mini.

Staff Picks. Cranberry Stuffed Game Hens. 40. If you’ve never worked with game hens before, they’re very user-friendly. Even stuffed to excess, they only roast for … Beef Wellington. Apple Walnut Stuffed Pork Roast. Christmas Prime Rib. Lobster Colorado.

  1. Beef Tenderloin. If you love filet mignon, this is the holiday roast for you. Use our beef roasting .
  2. Crown Roast of Pork. A crown roast is created by taking a bone-in pork loin and assembling it into a .
  3. Prime Rib. Prime rib are sold either bone-in or boneless. When serving boneless prime rib, plan on .
  4. Spiral Ham. For ease with your big crowd, serve a spiral pre-sliced ham. Our hams come pre-cooked, .
  5. Holiday Short-Cut Rump Roast. Another delicious steak roast. While it’s called the holiday roast, we .


The 5 Meats of Christmas


Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine & Shallot Sauce. “I made this for Christmas dinner and it was devoured and loved by all. The beef was melt-in-your-mouth tender and I could have eaten a bowl of the sauce all by itself. This one is a keeper!” -Brenda Morris.

It’s basically everything you need for a festive evening of fun—along with your Christmas tunes and glistening tree. To get you started, this list includes a variety of main courses, like citrus-brined turkey, Christmas hams, and Ree Drummond’s famous lasagna.

Whether you’re cooking a meat or vegetarian main course, a tasty side, or dessert, look no further than these classic Christmas dinner menu ideas.

  1. Christmas Pork Tenderloin. Rubbed with garlic, rosemary, and allspice, this bacon .
  2. Duck Two Ways With Clementine-Fig Relish. The best way to tackle this duck recipe .
  3. Mustard-Crusted Boneless Prime Rib Roast with Cream Sauce. Just like the .
  4. Roasted Niçoise Salad with Halibut. Marinated artichoke hearts get super-crispy and .
  5. Porcini-Rubbed Beef Rib Roast. Using dried porcini mushrooms as the base of the .
  6. Roast Goose with Oranges and Madeira. The goose is blanched briefly and then .
  7. Turkey for Two With Pan-Sauce Gravy. This easy holiday turkey breast is just the .
  8. Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze. A long-time favorite of .
  9. Double Rack of Pork with Burnt Orange-Caramel Pan Sauce. Forgo the old-school .
  10. Dry-Rubbed Roast Turkey. Cooking the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet is great for .


Our 43 Best Christmas Dinner Main Dish Recipes |

  1. Classic Beef Wellington. Beef Wellington was named after the Duke of Wellington in 1851 and has .
  2. Roast Rib of Beef for Christmas Dinner. Roast beef is one of Britain’s national dishes and the major .
  3. Baked Glazed Ham. A British Christmas is not Christmas without a baked ham. Apart from on the .
  4. Ballontine of Goose Recipe. Long before the turkey became the bird of choice for the Christmas .
  5. Christmas Roast Pork With Crackling. In times gone by most rural or farming households in Britain .
  6. Buttery Roast Chicken. For its simplicity of both cooking and flavor, a buttery roast chicken is .


Mint-Pesto Lamb Chops. I adore the taste and richness of lamb. But it takes bold flavors to complement the lamb, and this recipe definitely does that. The simple mint-cilantro pesto marries well with the lamb flavor, while the pomegranate-balsamic reduction adds the.

Get the Recipe: Whole Duck with Green Peppercorn Glaze. Herb-Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Cream Sauce. Meet one of the easiest Christmas dinners of your life. Lean and tender beef tenderloin gets a rubdown with herbaceous garlic paste and a quick sear in.

Unique Christmas Dinner Ideas to Please Your Foodie Guests The Main Meat Dish. In many households, Christmas dinner revolves around meat, with ham being the most traditional main… The Beloved Side Dishes. When it comes to side dishes,.

What are some easy soul food Christmas dinner menu ideas? Your annual Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be complicated! This soul food easy Christmas dinner menu is the whole festive feast, but the one-pot way. This is a collection of the best soul food recipes, from the Christmas ham to the smallest kernel of corn. Made easy with Instant Pot.

Black Folks Soul Food Easy Christmas Dinner Menu

Dec 26, 2016 – Explore Sharon Stout’s board “christmas dinner meat” on Pinterest. See more ideas about cooking recipes, food, recipes.

Christmas duck with a cherry on top. Duck is a great Christmassy alternative to turkey and is much quicker to cook than a big bird. If you aren’t feeding the masses this Christmas, then a delicious duck is a top-notch option. Bear in mind one duck will feed about.

Get the Recipe: Breakfast Cornbread Casserole with Ham and Kale. Stuffed Standing Rib Roast. This roast is everything we love about the holiday.

Preheat oven to 325°. Fit a roasting pan with a wire rack. Pour the water in the pan with the star anise and cloves. Put the ham on the wire rack and bake for 20 minutes. In a bowl, mix the brown sugar, dijon, honey, vinegar, Worcestershire and black pepper together until fully combined.

Whatever your fantasies are, these Christmas charcuterie board ideas like that will be on your table for dinner soon. Let’s take your cheddar board game to a higher level on Christmas. Make this stunning snackable spread of a consumable cornucopia spilling over with winter cheeses and a lot of natural products, vegetables, nuts.

Try 20 Great Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas to Make a Pop

Get the recipe at Averie Cooks. Garlic and Zest. 3 of 70. Stuffed Leg of Lamb. Butterflied leg of lamb stuffed with fresh spinach, feta, and walnut makes for a show-stopping and special dinner fit for a special occasion and works well on a buffet. Get the recipe at Garlic and Zest. Spoon Fork Bacon.

Traditional Christmas Dinner Ideas. Roasted Turkey: A turkey is the main event for any holiday dinner party! With this recipe, you’ll learn exactly how to cook a roast turkey of any size, whether stuffed or unstuffed. Sous Vide Roasted Whole Chicken: It’s hard to beat this sous vide roast chicken.

Fall Harvest Dinner Party; Thanksgiving Food Ideas; If you are coming from Rachel’s at The Ponds Farmhouse welcome to my home and our cozy Christmas dinner party! 6 Delicious Dinner Ideas for Christmas. I am thrilled to be hosting our family again this Christmas. Because not getting together last year was such a bummer, right?.

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The leg was often considered the best joint on the pig and as such would often be served for Christmas either alone or with...