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39 Office Christmas Party Ideas, Games & Activities For Work

39 Office Christmas Party Ideas

What are some good office Christmas party ideas? Some good office Christmas party ideas include gingerbread house build-offs, gourmet hot cocoa bars, white elephant exchanges, reindeer games, and an ugly sweater station. There are many other special touches and activities that can make your holiday gathering fun and memorable.

  1. Christmas Movie Marathon. Nothing can put you in a festive mood quite like some Christmas movie .
  2. Ornament-Making Party. An afternoon of arts and crafts could be the perfect party idea if your .
  3. Comedy Club Night. Comedy nights make the perfect Christmas outing! Find a spot in your city that .
  4. Christmas Karaoke. Everyone loves a karaoke night; top that off with some classic festive tunes, .
  5. Group Volunteering. An alternative way to celebrating Christmas with your team is to volunteer your .
  6. Office-Decorating Party. Break out the Christmas decorations, play some festive tunes, get some hot .
  7. Boardgames Night. Boardgames are a holiday staple. Indeed, nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a game .
  8. Pub Quiz. A pub quiz party is an excellent alternative if your company is on a budget. This is also a .
  9. Around-the-World Potluck. It’s vital that you take diversity and inclusion into consideration when .
  10. Christmas Bake-Off. A baking competition is a perfect excuse for everyone to indulge themselves on .


  1. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Who can turn down an ugly Christmas sweater party invite? .
  2. Setup a Whodunnit? Murder Mystery. There’s nothing like a team activity that involves solving fake .
  3. Volunteer Together. Bond together during this special time of year by giving back. Choose a local .
  4. Schedule a Painting or Craft Party. Even if your employees don’t typically do “creative” work, this can .
  5. Try to Escape an Escape Room. Book an escape room experience for your team. These are fun team .
  6. Head to a Trampoline Park. Have an active group that loves exercise? Schedule a “physical fitness .
  7. Explore Local Attractions. Pick a well-reviewed local attraction to host your team for a fun evening .
  8. Spend the Day at a Theme Park. Bring your team out for a thrilling day of adventure at your local .
  9. Provide a Shopping Spree + Lunch. Give everyone a certain amount of cash and go to a shopping .
  10. Book a Circus Troupe. If you have the budget, book a local circus troupe to be the entertainment for .


Virtual Office Christmas Party Games and Ideas. 2.1 Virtual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. 2.2 Plan Online Secret Santa. 2.3 Organize a Holiday Trivia Contest. 2.4 Online Christmas Caroling. 2.5 Virtual Cookies Decoration Session. 2.6 Christmas Photo Booth. 2.7 Online Christmas Market Tour. 2.8 Christmas Dance Party.

  1. Most Festive Work Space Contest – Before the party, encourage employees to decorate their cubicle .
  2. How Many Ornaments – While everyone is arriving, have people guess how many ornaments are on .
  3. What’s in the Stocking? – Fill a stocking with 10 random holiday items like a roll of tape, candy cane, .
  4. Desk Personalities – Have everyone provide one unique item from their desk and then display the .
  5. Candy Cane Relay – You will need a lot of small candy canes, a handful of stockings, chopsticks and .
  6. Reindeer Antlers – Divide players into equal teams, and give each team a pair of pantyhose with the .
  7. Snowball Fight – Blow up 50 balloons or more depending on your group size. Use painter’s tape to .
  8. Blind Christmas Tree – Pass out a piece of green construction paper to each player. Each person rips .
  9. Toilet Paper Snowman – Group staff into pairs. One player plays the role of the snowman while the .
  10. Wrap Race – Hand out boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors. At the starting signal, .


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30 Office Christmas Party Games

Impress all your co-workers with this impressive Christmas office party dessert idea. Bacon Carmel Popcorn: This bacon caramel popcorn recipe is the best potluck treat. Savory and sweet its the perfect holiday treat. Christmas Tree Cupcakes: These sweet little.

Set up your party room to look like Santa’s workshop – a corner for Santa visits, piles of presents ready to go on the sleigh, and different workstations where busy elves have fun activities for guests to do. Get someone in your office to wear a Santa suit – you can usually find some willing participant.

Here is a list of our favorite office Christmas party games. The Best Office Christmas Party Games. Christmas Coal Saran Wrap Game:In this hilarious game, you wrap up a bunch of small prizes and gifts (quarters, candy, gift cards) in a big ball of saran wrap. What makes this game way more fun than a typical saran wrap ball game is the addition of coal cards that make people do things like wrapping the.

An office Christmas party is the cheer that your employees need. So how can you safely accomplish this during the pandemic? As much as you must play by the book during your business COVID-19 Christmas party, ensure to put your best foot forward. The following pointers can steer you towards planning a safe and special 2020 Christmas party.

We are the office Christmas party experts and largest Christmas party ideas website. Search for and book shared, private or themed UK Christmas parties.

Office Christmas | The UK’s biggest Christmas Party Finder

The raunchy Christmas comedy Office Christmas Party featuring a star-studded cast including Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, and Jennifer Aniston is.

The biggest office Christmas party regrets, revealed. Ah, the annual work Christmas party. We’ve all been there – having a wild time, enjoying the free bar, watching Sandra from Accounts bust out some unexpectedly raunchy moves on the dance floor. But then the morning after comes – and with it, the hangover to end all hangovers.

  1. Christmas Singing Waiter. With a great repertoire of seasonal favourites, no one will forget a .
  2. Christmas Crooner in Classic Hollywood Style. This memorable vocalist offers a top class 45 minute .
  3. Singing Santa. The Singing Santa is one of our great office Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas .
  4. Christmas carol singers. Simple & stylish these acapella Christmas carol singers are perfect for your .
  5. Spectacular Christmas Gala Concert. Why not treat your guests and clients to our most decadent of .


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Diana Naftal and Carla Savoy created this fab fake Ad forthe party you WISH you could buy a video of. “Office Girls”is HOT! Shot by John Daitri.

  1. White elephant. This is a favourite gift-giving game; it’s essentially a livelier version on Secret Santa. .
  2. Dice exchange. This present swap is an interesting one and can easily accommodate a large group .
  3. The numbers game. As everyone arrives, take their gifts and mark a number on them. Also, give .
  4. Whose gift. This is a great way to make a stuffy situation an entertaining one. Get all the wrapped .
  5. Holiday trivia. Unlike your usual trivia, this one is played with presents (Yay!). The host will have .
  6. Laughter challenge. Get everyone together, and the first person should begin laughing like Santa (Ho .
  7. Picasso. Let the hidden drawing talents creep out with this funny game. Blindfold each person and .
  8. Human Christmas tree. What’s more exciting than turning into a human Christmas tree? For this .
  9. Candy cane game. You will need a small stocking, a heap of candy canes, chopsticks and a large .
  10. Marshmallow mouth. Remember trying to catch an M&M in your mouth? You can turn back time .


30 Jolly Christmas Games to Liven up Any Office Party

  1. Scavenger Hunt. An office scavenger hunt is an easy way to get everyone competing or working .
  2. Virtual Office Party. Whether you’ve got a pandemic keeping your team apart or your business .
  3. Escape Room. Looking for a team building activity? An Escape Room is a fun brain-busting .
  4. Unique Office Party Games. Are you looking for a corporate party event that is a bit out-of-the box? .
  5. Holiday Office Party In A Box. If you are looking for something a bit in-the-box for your next holiday .
  6. Bonding Together Over Food. What’s a party without delicious food? Bonding together over food is a .
  7. Charity Office Party. Millennials and Gen Z love social causes. In fact, social causes are becoming .
  8. Murder Mystery Office Party. Ever binge-watched cold case shows or serial killer documentaries? .
  9. Happy Hour. The great thing about Happy Hour is that it isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon celebration. You .
  10. Don’t Forget The Pets. Pets — like food — are pretty much a guaranteed winner. It’s hard not to have .


Office Christmas Party: Directed by Josh Gordon, Will Speck. With Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T.J.

If you’re a large team, use breakout rooms to create more conversation. Breakout rooms are a great virtual office Christmas party idea for large online gatherings. These added spaces make the event feel less overwhelming by providing an opportunity for people to have meaningful discussions and connect with each other.

Office Christmas Party is a 2016 American Christmas comedy film directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon and written by Justin Malen and Laura Solon, based on a story by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The film stars an ensemble cast , including Jason Bateman , Olivia Munn , T. J. Miller , Jillian Bell , Vanessa Bayer , Courtney B. Vance , Rob Corddry , Kate McKinnon , and Jennifer Aniston .

  1. Kara-offkey. Turn your corporate holiday party into the good old days when MTV actually played .
  2. Game time. Snag some retro games on eBay, or raid your parents’ closet for classics like Grape .
  3. Food+ Drink: 90’s Eats. We’ll help you book a food truck that can whip up 90s-inspired food. Create .
  4. Attire: Throwback ‘fits. Luckily (or maybe not so much) the 90s are back in fashion, so employees .
  5. Who has #88302? Give everyone a raffle ticket as they enter, then a few times during the evening, .
  6. Up the ante. It’s easy to bet big when you’re playing with fun money. Set up slots, poker tables, and .
  7. You won’t believe your eyes (or ears) A talented magician is always a corporate holiday party .
  8. Live music. There’s nothing like a blast from the horn section to keep the energy up at the craps .
  9. Food + Drink: Casino Bites. With all eyes on the cards, you’ll want to make sure food is edible in .
  10. Attire: Glam. Ask attendees at your corporate holiday party to jazz it up. Guests can put together .


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77 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Love (2021)

What to wear to a Norwegian Christmas party. Norwegians tend to be very casual in the way they dress at work. Hoodies, jeans and sneakers are not uncommon. Don’t be fooled though: when the time comes to party, they will dress up. This is a generalisation, of course, but people do tend to dress up at parties, especially office parties.

Should office Christmas parties be canceled in order to keep COVID-19 cases down? Dr Syira Ahsan says people should continue to ‘err on the side of caution’.

Season 2, Episode 10: “Christmas Party”: When Jim draws Pam’s name for the office-wide Secret Santa, he’s excited to have the chance to give her something meaningful – a teapot full of.

For a formal office Christmas party there are certain must-haves on the invite: Address the invitation to Mr and Mrs. if there is a better half. Specify the dress code, whether it is a drinks and dinner party, the venue, the date and timing. If you need a confirmation, then specify.

  1. Christmas Around the World. Celebrate Christmas with various traditions from around the world. If .
  2. Scandinavian Christmas. Decorate your Scandinavian Christmas-themed party with gnomes and .
  3. Christmas In Paris. Let’s look at Paris: the City of Light to continue with Christmas ideas around the .
  4. Hawaiian Luau Christmas Party. Let’s go from the elegant Paris party to the aloha-filled Luau. Put on .
  5. Gingerbread Christmas Party Theme. If you pick this Christmas party theme then “Christmas .
  6. Candy Cane Party for Work or Home. To continue with the sweet ideas. host a candy cane-themed .
  7. Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party for Families. Santa’s workshop. Elves wanted! This is a .
  8. Santa’s Ho Ho Hoedown. Instead of rockin’, you’ll be line dancing around the Christmas tree in this .
  9. Pancakes and Pajamas. A fun Christmas brunch party idea for the family. Host a Holiday brunch .
  10. Christmas Masquerade. Host a holiday masquerade! A great Christmas party theme for adults and a .


17 Coolest Christmas Party Themes for Lifetime of Memories

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