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45 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas That Take One Hour Or Less – Pure

45 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas That Take One Hour Or Less - Pure

– 1.Cacio e Pepe (20 minutes)
– 2.One-Pan Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Romaine (40 minutes)
– 3.Three-Cheese Mac and Cheese (30 minutes)
– 4.Alison Roman’s Swordfish with Crushed Olives and Oregano (30 minutes)
– 5.Goat Cheese Pasta with Spinach and Artichokes (25 minutes)
– 6.Citrus, Shrimp and Quinoa Salad with Feta (20 minutes)
– 7.Pan-Seared Scallops with Citrusy Corn Succotash (40 minutes)
– 8.Moules-Frites (Steamed Mussels and Fries) (30 minutes)
– 9.Chrissy Teigen’s Cheesy Chicken Milanese (40 minutes)
– 10.Greek Chicken and Rice Skillet (40 minutes)
– 11.Whole Roasted Branzino with Shaved Fennel Slaw (20 minutes)
– 12.Firecracker Chicken with Rice (35 minutes)
– 13.One-Pot Cheater’s Bouillabaisse (30 minutes)
– 14.Cheater’s Beef Stroganoff (30 minutes)
– 15.Pomegranate-Maple Glazed Lamb Chops (40 minutes)
– 16.Pistachio-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Apple and Escarole Salad (40 minutes)
– 17.Ultimate Cheese Plate with Roasted Grapes (30 minutes)
– 18.Pan-Fried Cod with Orange and Swiss Chard (30 minutes)
– 19.Pork Scallopini with Lemon, Capers and Radicchio (20 minutes)
– 20.Homemade Swedish Meatballs (40 minutes)

20 Festive Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas. Chef John’s Perfect Prime Rib. Credit: Scott. View Recipe. Perfectly pink prime rib will never go out of style, especially.

Cauliflower Gratin. Creamy, cheesy cauliflower will become a new favorite at your Christmas Eve dinner. It’s the perfect side to any holiday roast. Get Ree’s recipe.

This rich and hearty one-pot meal is chock full of chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and rice. Perfect for a chilly winter night. Get the recipe at Cooks with.

25 Best Christmas Eve Dinner Recipe Ideas | Holiday

Ree’s crowd-pleasing stuffed mushrooms can work as an appetizer or a side dish for your Christmas Eve celebration. Get the Recipe: Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms Collard Cobbler.

Before you pick up the phone, consider one of these 40 Christmas Eve dinner ideas, all of which happen to take one hour or less to make. From main courses, like hearty vegetarian pasta and roasted chicken, to side dishes, like creamy polenta and quinoa salad, there’s something on this list to suit the entire family. 1.

Switch things up main course wise on Christmas Eve and cook outside your comfort zone, with these delicious recipes for prime rib, turkey, ham, pot roast, lobster tails, raclette and more.

If your Christmas dinner brings 20, 40, or even more folks together under one roof, you know that the menu has to be, well, crowd-pleasing. To help you plan your feast, we’ve gathered recipes for Christmas appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts all geared to feed a holiday houseful and keep spirits bright and stomachs satisfied.

Traditional Christmas Eve dinner ideas and recipes

Instructions: Toast the pepitas in a skillet over medium heat and set aside. In a bowl mix the ingredients for the vinaigrette. Chop the apples in this small bites. In a large bowl, top the greens with the apple, cranberries and pepitas. Crumble goat cheese on top and drizzle with the.

  1. Christmas Pork Tenderloin. Rubbed with garlic, rosemary, and allspice, this bacon .
  2. Duck Two Ways With Clementine-Fig Relish. The best way to tackle this duck recipe .
  3. Mustard-Crusted Boneless Prime Rib Roast with Cream Sauce. Just like the .
  4. Roasted Niçoise Salad with Halibut. Marinated artichoke hearts get super-crispy and .
  5. Porcini-Rubbed Beef Rib Roast. Using dried porcini mushrooms as the base of the .
  6. Roast Goose with Oranges and Madeira. The goose is blanched briefly and then .
  7. Turkey for Two With Pan-Sauce Gravy. This easy holiday turkey breast is just the .
  8. Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze. A long-time favorite of .
  9. Double Rack of Pork with Burnt Orange-Caramel Pan Sauce. Forgo the old-school .
  10. Dry-Rubbed Roast Turkey. Cooking the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet is great for .


Stuffed Standing Rib Roast. This roast is everything we love about the holiday. Rosy, incredibly tender and perfectly seasoned meat stuffed with all the quintessential Christmas roast sides.

Regardless of whether your other half is coming for supper on Christmas eve or even ten people, this blue sushi platter will intrigue your visitor and add more enjoyment to your festival. Source: Healthy Travel Blog. This platter loads with veggies, seeds, cheeses, and a scrumptious sauce.

Top 10 Christmas Eve dinner ideas

  1. Grilled lobster tails with lemon & herb butter. Kick off Christmas eve in style with these grilled .
  2. Festive porchetta. Tom Kerridge’s festive porchetta is full of Christmas spice and flavour, including .
  3. Smoked salmon & spinach gratin. This smoked salmon & spinach gratin is perfect for those who .
  4. Ginger-glazed ham. What could be more festive than this spiced ginger-glazed ham? It’s a simple .
  5. Pork wellington. This pork wellington is the ultimate posh sausage roll. It’s a little more challenging .
  6. Ale-glazed beef fillet with a crispy onion crust. This showstopping ale-glazed beef fillet with a crispy .
  7. Mussels in white wine sauce with garlic butter toasts. If you’re after a fish option, these classic .
  8. Three-cheese meatball lasagne. Celebrate Christmas Eve with a family-friendly dish like this three .
  9. Squash & chestnut crackers. Make these impressive squash & chestnut crackers for a veggie .
  10. Creamy fish & leek pie. Take a traditional pie to the next level with Tommy Banks’ creamy fish & leek .


It’s basically everything you need for a festive evening of fun—along with your Christmas tunes and glistening tree. To get you started, this list includes a variety of main courses, like citrus-brined turkey, Christmas hams, and Ree Drummond’s famous lasagna.

CHRISTMAS EVE. DINNER IDEAS. ‘Twas the night before Christmas…. Spend it with your nearest and dearest, and not in the kitchen away from the fun. These recipes are perfect for easy entertaining. Scallop tostadas >. Saucisson and quick-pickled pear skewers >. Haggis Croquettes with apple and mustard sauce >. Goat’s cheese & truffle pesto twists >.

Everything you need to celebrate Christmas Eve in style, including celebratory cocktails, elegant finger food, centerpiece roasts, seafood mains, and plenty of cookies for Santa. Photo by Chelsea.

16 Christmas Eve traditions for the whole family to enjoy

Christmas Eve traditions should be about spending time together as a family. And baking is the perfect way to do that. Check out the recipe for Santa’s favourite cookies and see what you can create! Leave Santa a letter; If you’re leaving Santa milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, make it even more special by writing him a letter.

Prepare Christmas Eve dinner. This one actually comes from my own childhood. My mother started preparing Christmas Eve dinner for her and my dad each year after they were married. She always used her fancy china, and it was just the two of them (before they spent Christmas day running to.

  1. Creamed Herring Salad. When Eastern Europeans enjoy herring, it is almost always .
  2. Polish Rolled Herring (Rolmopsy) Wrap store-bought pickled herring fillets around .
  3. Polish Pickled Beets. Pickled beets are an important component of Polish .
  4. Polish Kolaczki Cookies. Sometimes called Polish foldovers, kolaczki are filled .
  5. Polish Christmas Cooked Wheat Pudding. Sweet, chewy, soft, and crunchy all at .
  6. Polish Beet Soup. Don’t mistake this soup for Russian beet borscht. While its Soviet .
  7. Polish Honey-Spiced Vodka. Honey-spiced vodka is typically the alcoholic beverage .
  8. Polish Mushroom Soup. Poles consider this sour mushroom soup a national .
  9. Polish Kluski Noodles. Thin kluski noodles are a joy to discover in your bowl of .
  10. Brown Butter Trout. Freshwater fish, such as trout, are the typical main course at a .


Boeuf bourguignon. It’s worth getting good-quality, well-marbled meat from the butcher’s shop for this beef bourguignon recipe. The supermarket meat is often too lean and will become dry.

Christmas Eve recipes | BBC Good Food

Spiced pomegranate & orange glazed ham. A star rating of 0 out of 5. 0 ratings. Serve our glazed ham warm in thin slices alongside the Christmas turkey. This one has a sticky sweet-and-sour glaze made with pomegranate molasses and orange. 3 hrs 10 mins.

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