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6 Foods Australians Eat For Christmas Dinner

6 Foods Australians Eat For Christmas Dinner

Seafood is generally the overarching trend of Christmas dinner is a meal traditionally eaten at Christmas. This meal can take place any time from the evening of Christmas Eve to the evening of Christmas Day itself. The meals are often particularly rich and substantial, in the tradition of the Christian feast day celebration, and form a significant part of gathering… in Australia. For the fancy folks, oysters are on the table to accompany prawns and cray fish.

6 Foods Aussies Eat for Christmas Dinner Beer. I would expect nothing less. After joking around he listed a few other foods, but wanted emphasize that beer is… Prawns. Prawns are the big thing to eat for Christmas in Australia. It was the one common food.

  • 1. Pavlova What else could have taken the top spot? No Australian Christmas would be complete …
  • 2. Seafood Platter We’ve all heard the famous “shrimp on the barbie” line from Paul Hogan in the …
  • 3. Christmas Ham A roast ham at Christmas is generally quite traditional in many…
  • 13. White Christmas


While a British menu might consist of turkey or ham at Christmas dinner, in Australia cold meats, salads, and seafood have become quite popular part of this special meal. In fact, in How to do an Australian Christmas posted in The Guardian , Juan-Carlo Tomas says, “ Forget plum pudding and roast meats – these are the essential ingredients for your Australian Christmas.

A Guide To Australian Christmas Foods

  • Christmas Ham. The main event at any Australian Christmas feast is the ham, and often, home …
  • White Christmas. Easy to make and a favourite with children, White Christmas is a sweet Australian …
  • Christmas Pudding. Dating back to medieval England, Christmas Pudding was a tradition brought to …
  • Prawns. For many Australians, Christmas isn’t complete without seafood – from prawn cocktails to …
  • Pavlova. Named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, the origin of this meringue dessert has …
  • Mince Pies. Another British export to win the hearts of Australians is the humble mince pie, which …
  • Gingerbread. The scent of ginger is interlaced with Christmas tradition, and during December, …


  1. Chocolate and cherry bombe alaska. Sweeten up the festive season with this decadent chocolate .
  2. Spice-crusted lamb racks and roasted carrots. Jazz up dinner time with these delicious lamb racks. .
  3. Classic Christmas trifle. Imagine this stunning dessert as your centrepiece. Australian Women’s .
  4. Herbed salmon with capers and fennel remoulade. This stunning salmon dish is perfect for a .
  5. Cherry, walnut and feta salad. Indulge in the delicious combination of cherry, walnut and feta in this .
  6. Macadamia and fig Christmas pudding. The addition of sweet and juicy figs and crunchy Australian .
  7. Mango and passionfruit pavlova. This iconic Australian dessert is made even more delicious with .
  8. Turkey roll with cherry and almond stuffing. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without turkey! Enjoy .
  9. Coconut and mascarpone cake. This impressive-looking dessert combines the beautiful creaminess .
  10. Mango & coconut tres leche cake. This mango and coconut creation tastes every bit as good as it .


Christmas is in the summer in Australia and is supposed to be hot. Depending on the weather we eat prawns and whatever seafood we have on the beach. In this event we also have a barbie and eat steak , lamb ,or pork chops. Usually accompanied with beer for the men and red or white wine..

From the perennially popular knödel (bread dumplings) to maroni (roasted chestnuts) and kletzenbrot (Austrian fruit bread), Christmas is an excellent.

Australian Christmas Meal Menus

Christmas in Australia is in the middle of summer, therefore the usual Christmas meal is often salads and cold meats, while some of the older generation still have the traditional roast meats, baked vegetables and plum pudding. The Christmas meal may either be taken in the middle of the day which is the hottest part of the day or in the cooler evening hours.

  1. Blue Mountains: Enjoy A Traditional Roast. Although many Australians still celebrate Christmas in .
  2. Sovereign Hill: Experience The Lights. An open-air museum located in Ballarat, Victoria, Sovereign .
  3. Perth: Explore The Nightlife. Perth is a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas in July. But if you .
  4. Queensland: Enjoy a Sicilian Themed Party. Do you want to see Christmas decorations Australia that .
  5. Lord Howe Island: Meet Santa. Celebrating Christmas Day on an island may not have crossed your .
  6. Melbourne: Go On A Cruise. If you are not in the mood to cook or clean when celebrating Christmas .
  7. Perth: Visit Wellington Square. Are you looking to do something meaningful this Christmas? Then .
  8. Sydney: Experience A 65-Year Old Boxing Day Tradition. Have you put away the last Christmas .
  9. Australia: Check Out The Christmas Lights. There may not be snow in Australia during the holiday .
  10. Melbourne: Spend Christmas in Luxury. Are you looking to treat yourself to a little luxury this .


In no particular order these are some that I personally like: Ice cream – just about any time of the year, with either fresh fruit or tinned fruit or just about any of the other… Pavlova as others have mentioned, although that tends to be a rare treat at birthdays and christmas Apple crumble,.

Christmas dinner in Australia varies, often according to which part of Australia one lives in, and one’s personal cultural heritage. Many Australians enjoy a traditional roast turkey, duck or.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Australia?

  • Carols by Candlelight. Popularized in Melbourne in 1938 by radio announcer Norman Banks, the …
  • Myer Christmas Windows. One city-specific tradition is the Myer Christmas Windows. Since 1956, …
  • Adelaide Christmas Pageant. Each November since 1933 the Adelaide Christmas Pageant has been …
  • Chocolate Calendars. In the lead up to Christmas, Australian’s count the days using a chocolate …
  • Festive Food. Around the world, food plays a huge part in Christmas celebrations, and that’s no …
  • Christmas At The Beach. Elsewhere in the world, Christmas is blanketed by snow and people keep …
  • Boxing Day. Boxing Day in Australia is the equivalent of Black Friday in the United States. Retailers …


Food-wise, though, I think Australia wins. You can swap out dry Christmas turkey and sickening fruitcakes, Christmas puddings, trifles and mince pies, for some more interesting alternatives. Enter epic arrangements of seafood; oysters, prawns and smoked trout are signature dishes of an Australian Christmas.

Christmas Day is when families and close friends gather together from all over Australia. The highlight of the day is the holiday midday dinner. Some families enjoy a traditional British Christmas dinner of roast turkey or ham and rich plum pudding doused in brandy and set aflame before it is brought to the table.

  1. Turkey. This one is probably one of the most popular dishes at Christmas because it is usually the .
  2. Roast Potatoes. There is nothing like scoop of properly roasted potatoes! These are often cut into .
  3. Stuffing. Stuffing is another dish that can vary from region to region. Interestingly, in North America, .
  4. Pigs in Blankets. Pigs in blankets are another quintessentially British part of Christmas dinner! .
  5. Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire pudding originates from England, and is made from a batter that .
  6. Gravy. Gravy is actually a type of sauce that comes from the drippings of the turkey when it is .
  7. Cranberry Sauce. Cranberry sauce is another type of sauce that is made from, yes: cranberries! .
  8. Brussel Sprouts. This polarizing vegetable is a key part of a traditional British Christmas dinner. .
  9. Christmas Pudding. Christmas pudding is a dessert that is made from dried fruit and is normally .
  10. Mince Pies. Mince pies are tiny pies that are filled with fruits such as raisins, cranberries, and .


Christmas dinner

The feast, usually on both the night of the 24th and lunch of the 25th, is a big one. Family gets together at both meals, and some have the leftovers from the dinner prior at the lunch the next day. Traditional offering for Christmas is sugar coated almonds. Roast turkey is the most common choice of meal.

Additionally, Italian and Greek options seem to be there at Christmas dinner in Australia. Fancy cheeses are also very popular as a side, and none of the bread rolls contain honey. There are also typically few to no sweet pies. The US is very much a sweet pie country, and a typical Christmas dinner will have pumpkin pie and apple pie.

  1. Surfing Santa. Traditional Santas wear bright red fleecy suits, lined with white fur and big black .
  2. Eating prawns. While our British and American friends are feasting on roast turkey, baked potato .
  3. Street parties. It’s summer in December in Australia, so street parties are very popular. Sometimes in .
  4. Boxing Day barbecues. Boxing day, the day after Christmas, is traditionally another day of .
  5. Festive road trips. Depending on where your family lives, Christmas Day may involve a long road trip. .
  6. Carols by candlelight. Most cities in Australia host their own Carols by Candlelight and there will .
  7. Christmas lunch. If we believe everything we see on television, it would appear that most Christmas .


Christmas dinner in Australia varies, often according to which part of Australia one lives in, and one’s personal cultural heritage.Many Australians enjoy a traditional roast turkey, duck or.

Your Guide to Christmas Dining in Melbourne | Travel Insider

They do Christmas differently down in the bayou. New Orleans-styled Le Bon Ton makes Christmas lunch the Big Easy, with their three-course banquet featuring Southern staples like Cajun ham, buttermilk mash, maple-roasted carrots and bourbon sauce. You can get your Americana further on at dessert, when pumpkin pies turn up in the company of white chocolate cream and candied pecans.

The traditional Christmas dinner starts on Christmas Eve at dinner time. Most French households have a copious Christmas Eve dinner which traditionally may includes what we call the 13 desserts de Noël (the 13 Christmas desserts). Other foods served on Christmas Eve may include shrimps, find patés, foie gras (fatten goose liver paté.

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