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9 Mexican Christmas Foods For A Feliz Navidad

9 Mexican Christmas Foods For A Feliz Navidad

Mexican Christmas foods include hearty fares such as bacalao navideno and pozole with traditional sides such as the romeritos made of sea blite. Tamales take center stage over the season along with Mexican sweets such as buñuelos, rosca de reyes (Three Kings Bread), and the chocolate drink called champurrado.

  1. Ensalada de Noche Buena. The combination of colors of the Mexican Christmas Salad make it .
  2. Tamales. Tamales are prepared corn masa which may have a variety of different fillings. They are .
  3. Bacalao. Bacalao (dried salted codfish) starts showing up in markets and grocery stores throughout .
  4. Romeritos. A green leaf vegetable with small leaves, this plant resembles rosemary, for which it is .
  5. Pozole. Pozole is hominy soup made with pork or chicken and seasoned with chile and garlic. It is .
  6. Pavo. Turkey is native to Mexico and is another popular choice for a Mexican Christmas Eve dinner. .
  7. Buñuelos. Served with a hot drink, buñuelos make an excellent treat on a cold night. This crispy fried .
  8. Ponche Navideño. Mexican hot fruit punch is made with tejocotes (Mexican hawthorn), which look .
  9. Rosca de Reyes. This sweet bread is a treat that is particularly associated with King’s Day (Día de .


  • Feast Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe. Festivities start on December 3 with the 9-day religious …
  • Las Posadas. Things really kick off from December 16 to 24 when Las Posadas, translating to “the …
  • Noche Buena. The posadas end on Christmas eve (aka Noche Buena) and are followed…


9 Mexican Christmas food to have a traditional ‘Feliz Navidad’. Bacalao. This Christmas delicacy, that’s also traditional during Easter, was brought by the Spaniards to Mexico during the conquest and became a … Romeritos. Tamales. Pozole. Stuffed Turkey.

15 Festive Recipes for a Mexican Christmas Dinner. Spicy Pork Tenderloin. Credit: DebDawson. View Recipe. Although turkey is native to Mexico, pork tends to be the meat of choice for many Mexicans. The … Taqueria Style Tacos – Carne Asada. Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin. Tamales de Puerco (Red.

  • Pozole. First on our list of popular Mexican Christmas foods is Pozole. This delicious classic …
  • Bacalao. Bacalao is one of the most popular Mexican Christmas foods and without a doubt you will …
  • Romeritos. Also a meal that will likely be a part of any Christmas dinner celebration in Mexico.


10 Popular Mexican Christmas Foods

  1. All the Females in Your Family Spend at Least One Day Making Tamales. And no one really thanks .
  2. There’s Unlimited Pozole. LOVE IT!
  3. Buñuelos Start Piling Up.
  4. Or Champurrado. Or Atole. These bad boys. Atole and champurrado are more of a cold-times drink; .
  5. A Pot of Ponche Magically Appears.
  6. Rosca de Reyes Closes the Holiday Season. Better known to Americans as the king’s cake served .
  7. And the Bolo Rains! Bolo is what happens when Mexican parents are too tired to stuff a piñata. After .
  8. Posadas Go Non-Stop. Posadas are recreations of the journey Joseph and Mary took to Bethlehem, .
  9. The Kids Wonder Why the Adults Drink Rompope. Throughout the year, one of these bad girls is .
  10. You Become the Most Popular Person at Work. Because after a while, gabachos start tiring of .


Much like April Fool’s Day in the US, this Mexican Christmas tradition includes telling people bold-faced lies, which represents the trickery of the innocent. 8. New Year traditions in Mexico are also interesting. For instance, one custom is to eat 12 grapes– one at each of the 12 bell tolls at midnight.

  • Las Posadas. What are the traditions in Mexico for Christmas? Well, you’ve probably heard of the 12 …
  • Christmas Eve traditions in Mexico. The last posada takes place on Christmas Eve (known as …
  • Mexican Christmas Day Traditions. After such a late night on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day in …
  • El Dia De Los Tres Reyes. The holiday season comes to a close on January 6 during El Dia De Los …
  • Barceló holiday offers and packages. Now that you know all about Mexican Christmas, why not plan …


The Mass over, families return home for a sumptuous Christmas dinner of traditional Mexican foods. Though the dishes vary from region to region, common foods are “tamales,” rice, rellenos, “atole” (a sweet traditional drink) and “menudo”. Another.

  1. Las Posadas. The first thing you need to understand about Christmas traditions in Mexico is the .
  2. Nativity Scenes. If you thought the offerings at the Day of the Dead festivals were impressive, then .
  3. Piñatas. Head to any posada party and you’ll undoubtedly find a piñata hanging from the ceilings. .
  4. Ponche and Rompope. Ponche is pretty much the Mexican equivalent of the kind of mulled wine .
  5. Dia de Los Reyes. Similar to Spain and other parts of Latin America, certain families in Mexico .
  6. Rosca de Reyes. Because the Three Kings Day is one of the most popular Christmas traditions in .
  7. Candlemas. February 2nd might be the day of the coveted tamale party. But, it also marks the end of .


7 Unique Christmas Traditions In Mexico – Big 7 Travel

9 Mexican Christmas Foods for a Feliz Navidad 1. Tamales. Tamales are said to have been part of Mexican culture as far back as 8,000 to 5,000 BC. The Olmecs and… 2. Romeritos. Romeritos is central to the Christmas eve feast and is a cherished part of Mexican cuisine. Unlike… 3. Bacalao. Bacalao.

  1. Tamales. Endless internet memes have lambasted the Mexican tendency to, shall we say, over .
  2. Romeritos. Originating in Southern Mexico, romeritos are, in a way, the Marmite of the Mexican .
  3. Tortas de Bacalao. Bacalao (salted codfish) is a staple of the Mexican Christmas period. Go to any .
  4. Ponche. Mexican Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a warm polystyrene cup of ponche or .
  5. Buñuelos. A penchant for cinnamon-infused Christmas specialties doesn’t begin and end with .
  6. Roasted Turkey. Did you know turkeys are actually native to Mexico? There’s even a specific Náhuatl .
  7. Pozole. Pozole is a Mexican soup mostly associated with the Mexican Independence Day .
  8. Rosca de Reyes. Come King’s Day on January 6, you’ll see people across Mexico flitting around .
  9. Spaghetti. You might think that spaghetti a la crema, a creamy and quick-to-whip-up dish not unlike .
  10. Rompope. Where the US has eggnog, Mexico (along with many other Latin American countries) has .


Tamales. Some of the Mexican Christmas food choices are favorites at any time of the year, while others are identified as traditional Christmas food that is rarely, if ever, served during the rest of the year. People who eat traditional Mexican food for Christmas may enjoy tamales, buñuelos, bacalao a la vizcaina, romeritos and rosca de Reyes.

Conchas. Concha (Mexican sweet bread) is a breakfast or snack pastry found all over Mexico. It has a fluffy brioche-like dough with a crispy streusel topping, scored to resemble a shell. The pastry can come in a variety of colors and other shapes, but I prefer the plain and chocolate streusel.

Ironically, many Americans spend Christmas in Mexico but have no idea what the Mexican Christmas traditions are! If you’re in our area for the holidays and want a taste of Mexican Christmas food, such as tamales and pico de gallo, come to Acapulcos.

Mexican Christmas Traditions

  1. Red Posole Recipe. This Red Posole is a comforting Mexican stew filled with shredded pork and .
  2. Red Pork Tamales. These pork tamales are filled with tender pieces of pork simmered in a delicious .
  3. Chicken Pozole Verde. Chicken Pozole Verde is a comforting Mexican stew filled with shredded .
  4. Champurrado. This Champurrado recipe is made with Mexican chocolate, masa harina, milk, water, .
  5. Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken Posole. Made with shredded chicken and hominy in a comforting red .
  6. Mexican Ponche. Mexican Ponche is a warm and comforting fruit punch made with apples, pears, .
  7. Easy Cranberry Margarita. Filled with holiday cheer, this Cranberry Margarita is the perfect .
  8. Mexican Bunuelos. Often served during the Christmas and New Years holidays, this Mexican .
  9. Marranitos (Mexican Gingerbread Pigs) Marranitos (Mexican Gingerbread Pigs) are a pan dulce, or .
  10. Mexican Hot Chocolate. This Mexican Hot Chocolate made with 100% unsweetened cocoa powder, .


Traditional Mexican Christmas food; Other traditions like decorations and Christmas entertainment; Fun Fact: The Wise Men Bring the Gifts in Mexico! In the US, it’s Santa who brings children gifts on Christmas Eve. In Mexico, however, the big day of gift-giving is January 6th, called “Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos” (Three King’s Day). This is the.

Roasted Pork Leg is another favorite main dish, either covered in adobo or marinated in wine. In the Southern part of Mexico, like in Yucatan, pork is cooked with orange juice, oregano, spices. Pozole or Birria are also dishes that families will prefer for their main dish on.

Christmas in Mexico is one of the biggest fiestas, or holidays, observed in the country.There are two full weeks of celebrations, and everyone tries to get those last two weeks of December off of work. Here’s a rundown of the main Mexican Christmas traditions.

Mexican Christmas Traditions, Activities and Food Ideas Posted by Inspired by Family Mag I was having a conversation with a newspaper editor about Mexican traditions and about how our family integrates them living in another culture and married to a man of a different culture.

Mexican Christmas Traditions, Activities and Food Ideas

Celebrate the holidays in the traditions of Mexico with two premiere Los Angeles dance and music ensembles: Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles and Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuéllar. The.

Vast Array of Different Dishes. Other dishes that are served include roast turkey, pork, bacalao (salt cod), romeritos (green vegetables simmered in mole sauce with potatoes and shrimp), and salads, such as Ensalada Nochebuena (Christmas Eve Salad). For dessert, buñuelos are a popular treat.

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Mexican Christmas Foods – 1.. This Red Posole is a comforting Mexican stew filled with shredded pork and hominy in a warm red chile...


Mexican Christmas Foods – 1.This Red Posole is a comforting Mexican stew filled with shredded pork and hominy in a warm red chile broth....