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Best Vienna Christmas Markets (Map + Dates 2021)

Best Vienna Christmas Markets (Map + Dates 2021)

The Christmas markets in Vienna are a centuries-old tradition. In 1298 Albert I of Germany granted the privilege of holding a December market to the city. During the years new ones appeared turning the city into a magical place during Christmas time. There are 12 main Christmas markets in Vienna.

Christmas markets. Given the cynical over-hyped world we live in, there are few experiences today that really live up to their image. One of those that do is a visit to a Vienna Christmas market (German: Weihnachtsmarkt ). [NB: The Christmas markets are allowed to start this year, but subject to current and future COVID regulations.

  • Viennese Dream Christmas Market. The Viennese Dream Christmas Market in front of the City Hall …
  • Christmas Village Belvedere Palace. Explore baroque lifestyle and traditional handicrafts. The …
  • Christmas Village on Maria Theresien Square. Experience impressive Viennese buildings and …
  • Christmas Village in the Former General Hospital. The Christmas Village Altes AKH (Vienna’s …
  • Christmas Market at Schönbrunn Palace. Approximately 60 exhibitors present handicrafts and …
  • Christmas Market at Spittelberg. The Spittelberg is a revitalized heritage district from the …


When do the Christmas markets start in Vienna? Most of the markets start in the middle of November (13th-22th November) and continue until 23rd December. Some of them are open on Christmas day, too. To be sure that all the markets will be open during your.

Vienna Christmas Markets 2021 Dates, Tips & Map

Current Situation: Due to the present regulations of the Austrian government, the Christmas markets in Vienna are unfortunately closed from Monday, 22.11.2021. It is expected that most Christmas markets will reopen from Monday, 13.12.2021 .

  1. Old Viennese Christmas Market. The Old Viennese Christmas Market has become a favourite .
  2. Christmas Village & New Year’s Eve Trail on Maria Theresien Platz. The square between the twin .
  3. Am Hof Christmas Market. The Christmas Market Am Hof is located very centrally and it’s a .
  4. Christmas Market on Stephansplatz. Next to the iconic St. Stephen’s cathedral you will find a small .
  5. Imperial and Royal Christmas Market on Michaelerplatz. Here’s another small, but cute Christmas .
  6. Advent Pleasure Market at the Opera House. Just across the Opera house, in the heart of the city, .
  7. Winter Market on Riesenradplatz. Next to the big famous Viennese ferries wheel, you will find the .
  8. Almadvent. Almadvent Christmas Market is situated in the 2nd district, in very close proximity to the .
  9. Christmas Village at Belvedere Palace. In front of the beautiful Belvedere Palace you will find a .
  10. Art Advent – Art & Crafts on Karlsplatz. The Christmas market at the Karlsplatz definitely takes one .


  1. Karlsplatz Christmas Markets. The Karlsplatz Market is the most special of them all. Put simply, the .
  2. Altes AKH Christmas Markets. A hidden delight, nestled behind the walls of a former hospital turned .
  3. Spittelberg Christmas Markets. Winding between quaint, cobblestone alleyways in the über cool 7th .
  4. Maria Theresien Christmas Village. The Maria Theresia Christmas Village is an adorable location to .
  5. Rathaus Winter Dream. The Rathaus Winter Dream has it all. Here, you can wander beneath .
  6. Belvedere Christmas Markets. Another stunning palatial location, the Belvedere Christmas Markets .
  7. Schönbrunn Palace Christmas Markets. Set beside the breathtaking backdrop of the yellow .
  8. Stephansdom Christmas Markets. A smaller setup than most other markets, this cluster of huts .
  9. Winter Market Prater. Located beneath the iconic Vienna ferris wheel, you will find a collection of .


The list below shows when selected main and central Christmas markets in Vienna plan to open, according to each one’s website at the time of writing. November 12th: Spittelberg, Stephansplatz, Am Hof, Genussmarkt bei der Oper, Altes AKH, and the Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz; November 17th: Weihnachtsdorf on Maria-Theresien-Platz; November 19th: Karlsplatz and Belvedere.

5 Tips for Visiting Vienna’s Famous Christmas Markets

The Christmas market in front of Schönbrunn Palace. At a minimum, I would allow two nights in Vienna but we were there for three, which helped us to mix in a few other activities to our holiday market itinerary. Our visit to the Spanish Riding School to see the famed horses practice was a standout moment of the trip.

Christmas Village, Altes AKH. This is a splendid and traditional Christmas market that is situated on the university campus of the old Vienna hospital. This market highlights the local craftsmen and their work. As artisans from all around Vienna come together to demonstrate their skills.

#Stephanplaz #Austria #ChristmasMarketThe Christmas markets were allowed to start this year, but they will not open during the lockdown for all. WHEN DO THE.

Out of all of the Christmas markets in Vienna, I find that the vendors at the Schonbrunn Palace Christmas market have the best merchandise. From handmade ornaments to wooden toys and more, you can find some quality items here. My personal favourite are the glass ornaments that are hand painted on either side.

10 things you should do in Vienna at Christmas

  1. Take a photo at Belvedere. This is missed by most people, but an absolute must in my opinion. .
  2. Visit a Christmas market. This is why most people visit in the first place. Vienna’s numerous .
  3. Drink Weihnachtspunsch. A fine idea for that steaming mug of something warm is .
  4. Listen to an advent concert. Vienna fills with the sound of Advent concerts in December, including .
  5. View the lights on the Graben and Kärntner Straße. Vienna’s Christmas lights glitter without being .
  6. Take an evening trip around the Ring. The lights don’t end there: parks, five-star hotels, luxury stores, .
  7. Walk through the Rathauspark. One of the Christmas markets along the Ring is the famous .
  8. Visit a roast chestnut stand. Every market has one. And just about every major street corner in .
  9. Visit the nativity scenes in St. Peter’s Church. Peterskirche (St. Peter’s church) features a tumult of .
  10. Enjoy a sausage. You can eat a sausage at one of Vienna’s many sausage stands any time of year. .


There will also be plenty of free time to explore the city at your own pace, visit Vienna’s Christmas markets, experience the famous Viennese coffee houses and enjoy delicious coffee and cake; our guide will be happy to provide recommendations! Introduction. Itinerary.

  1. Visit Hofburg Palace. There are many Christmas markets dotted around the city of Vienna through .
  2. Visit the Giant Christmas Bow. Whilst you make your way around the Innere Stadt (1st District) in .
  3. Visit Demel Bakery. This 1786 tea salon has built a name for itself as one of the finest tea houses in .
  4. Step Inside the Vienna State Opera House. Still within the Innere Stadt, be sure to make your way to .
  5. Visit Cafe Central. Coffee house culture has a huge legacy in Vienna to this day and there is no .
  6. Visit a Traditional Christmas Market. Vienna is an absolute mecca for Christmas traditions and it all .
  7. Try Traditional Apple Strudel. Austria is renowned for its’ hearty winter cuisine and even the desserts .
  8. Explore Vienna by Night. As beautiful as Vienna is by day, it is even more magical by night. The city .
  9. Visit the traditional coffee house Cafe Schwarzenberg. There are many coffee houses to visit during .
  10. Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz. If there’s just one Christmas market you have to visit whilst in .


  1. Ice skating at “Rathausplatz” Every year, starting in the middle of November, the Vienna Ice Dream .
  2. Drinking Punch on Vienna’s most beautiful Christmas markets. It is obvious that the well-known .
  3. Summer feeling at the Palmenhaus. If you want to escape the Cold for a few hours and dream of .
  4. Admire the Christmas lights in the city center. Vienna’s inner city shines bright every year. Starting in .
  5. A fun evening in the “fire – village” Barbeque with friends. In Winter. In Vienna. Sounds impossible? .
  6. Relaxing at the Spa in Oberlaa. Treat yourself and take a little break from the stressful everyday life. .
  7. Winter Wonderland in Vienna: Take a walk through the snow-covered streets. Definitely wear warm .
  8. Enjoy a cosy brunch. One thing Vienna is famous for is its “Kaffeehauskultur”. Numerous classic .
  9. Visit one of Vienna’s museums or exhibitions. Whether you love classical art and visit the .
  10. Wintertime is ball season. Winter in Vienna is ball season and that means “Alles Waltzer” (translates .


7 Reasons For Spending Christmas In Vienna (& The Best

  1. Vienna is Open for Business on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Many cities, especially those in .
  2. To Relive The Third Man on the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. As a film buff, this was a must-do in Vienna .
  3. To Hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir Sing on Christmas Day Morning. The world’s most celebrated choir .
  4. To Attend a Classical Music Concert in One of Vienna’s Baroque Churches. Why stop at hearing the .
  5. To Gaze at Vienna’s Christmas Lights. The Viennese do Christmas really well. No tacky Tango lights .
  6. To Drink Glühwein at Vienna’s Christmas Markets. One of the very best reasons to spend Christmas .
  7. To Get Cosy in One of Vienna’s Cafes. Continuing with the foodie theme, it would be scandalous to .


My Vienna Christmas Markets Guide covers all the essentials, including opening dates, hours, locations, what to buy, what to eat, nearby hotels, plus a detailed map. This post is huge so if you’re in a hurry or looking for something specific, please expand the ‘Quick Look’ menu to navigate. Otherwise, sit back with a warm mug of glühwein and enjoy.

This restaurant is a must-do anytime of year to be honest, but especially at Christmas. The atmosphere is the right mix of historic, cosy and special for family dinners. Plus, the food is to-die-for good, filling, high quality and served with friendly Viennese flair.I mean, the restaurant’s been open since the early 16th Century (!!!) in some.

Just like Vienna, the Christmas markets in Innsbruck offer a historic touch. In addition, they offer a romantic ambiance, as they are mostly located between snow-covered mountains and magical lights. Old Town Market. The Old Town Market is located in front of the Golden Roof. The market offers about 70 booths and is known as the Fairy Tale.

The Complete Guide to Christmas Markets in Vienna » Kaley Ann

Nothing can put you in the Christmas spirit quite like the Christmas Markets in Vienna. With twinkling lights, Christmas music, roasted chestnuts, and Glühwein, they are the epitome of Christmas. Loved by locals and tourists alike, the Viennese Christmas Markets are a must-see if you are in Vienna during the holidays.

What says Christmas better than having a mug of glühwein (mulled wine) in one hand and a giant pretzel in another? Every town in Austria has its own Christmas market but perhaps the most famous ones are in Vienna, the city of the waltz. The Christmas markets are scattered around the center of Vienna but there are a few at the outskirts too.. The biggest and the best is the Christmas market.

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