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Christmas Dinner Recipes | Allrecipes

Christmas Dinner Recipes | Allrecipes

Holiday cookies are a favorite traditional Christmas food. The most common Christmas meat is Turkey. is the most common Christmas drink. Stuffing is a traditional Christmas dish.

Christmas dinner is the time for a showy main dish. Find recipes for prime rib, roast goose, glazed ham, seafood, and more. 7411047.jpg. Christmas Ham.

Browse these simple recipes for Christmas classics like roasted ham, turkey and pot roasts. 22 Festive Recipes for a Small Christmas Dinner. Chicken Tamales. 2 hrs. Vegan Tamales. 3 hrs. Hallacas Recipe. 4 hrs. Pork Tamales.

  1. Christmas Pork Tenderloin. Rubbed with garlic, rosemary, and allspice, this bacon .
  2. Duck Two Ways With Clementine-Fig Relish. The best way to tackle this duck recipe .
  3. Mustard-Crusted Boneless Prime Rib Roast with Cream Sauce. Just like the .
  4. Roasted Niçoise Salad with Halibut. Marinated artichoke hearts get super-crispy and .
  5. Porcini-Rubbed Beef Rib Roast. Using dried porcini mushrooms as the base of the .
  6. Roast Goose with Oranges and Madeira. The goose is blanched briefly and then .
  7. Turkey for Two With Pan-Sauce Gravy. This easy holiday turkey breast is just the .
  8. Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze. A long-time favorite of .
  9. Double Rack of Pork with Burnt Orange-Caramel Pan Sauce. Forgo the old-school .
  10. Dry-Rubbed Roast Turkey. Cooking the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet is great for .


What is the most popular main dish for Christmas dinner?

by Foodly Experts il y a environ 4 jours 240 Views. The Most Popular Christmas Dishes. The #1 pick is roast potatoes, with a win percentage of 76%. Mashed potatoes came in second (75%), and turkey was third (73%)—the only protein in the top five.

For an elegant and traditional Christmas main dish, try our roasted tarragon lamb, which lets the oven do most of the work, so you can concentrate on the rest of the meal (or enjoy a glass of eggnog).

  1. Roast Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary. Roast Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary – a classic .
  2. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast. Photo Credit: So easy to make and loaded .
  3. Slow Roast Leg of Lamb. Photo Credit: This slow roasted leg of lamb is .
  4. Greek Roast Chicken. Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to dinner with this Greek Roast Chicken .
  5. Bourbon Honey Baked Ham. Photo Credit: This holiday season you can .
  6. Orange Cranberry Pork Loin Roast. Photo Credit: This Pork Loin Roast .
  7. Easy One Pan Maple Glazed Pork with Apples & Onions. Photo Credit: This Easy .
  8. Slow Cooker Orange Bourbon Maple Glazed Ham. Photo Credit: Looking to .
  9. Butterflied Roast Chicken with Herbs. Photo Credit: This Butterflied .
  10. Pork Roast With Crackle. Photo Credit: When it comes to crowd pleasers it’s hard .


Succulent and sweet, roasted goose is the perfect Christmas dinner meal. These easy to follow steps will have you roasting your goose like a pro! Crispy Duck a l’Orange. Classic crispy duck a l’orange makes for a perfect holiday or special event dinner. Super juicy and.

28 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas

28 Classic Christmas Dinner Recipes. Company Steak with Bearnaise Butter. “This Bearnaise butter will be a very welcome addition to my steaks from now on. I love the tarragon and shallot … Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington. Simple Pineapple Sauce for Ham. Honey-Roasted Pork Loin. Medium Rare Prime.

  1. Turkey. This one is probably one of the most popular dishes at Christmas because it is usually the .
  2. Roast Potatoes. There is nothing like scoop of properly roasted potatoes! These are often cut into .
  3. Stuffing. Stuffing is another dish that can vary from region to region. Interestingly, in North America, .
  4. Pigs in Blankets. Pigs in blankets are another quintessentially British part of Christmas dinner! .
  5. Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire pudding originates from England, and is made from a batter that .
  6. Gravy. Gravy is actually a type of sauce that comes from the drippings of the turkey when it is .
  7. Cranberry Sauce. Cranberry sauce is another type of sauce that is made from, yes: cranberries! .
  8. Brussel Sprouts. This polarizing vegetable is a key part of a traditional British Christmas dinner. .
  9. Christmas Pudding. Christmas pudding is a dessert that is made from dried fruit and is normally .
  10. Mince Pies. Mince pies are tiny pies that are filled with fruits such as raisins, cranberries, and .


The centerpiece of the dinner is Kalua pig, which is pork roasted in an underground oven called an imu. Side dishes include poke as an appetizer, lomi-lomi salmon (a side-dish made with fresh tomato), poi, and laulau, pork and fish wrapped in a taro leaf which is then buried to be cooked!.

Dark, leafy greens are wonderful for enjoying in winter salads. In this simple, yet elegant kale salad with grated cheese and lemon dressing, thinly-sliced raw kale combines with walnut and olive oils, plus Parmesan cheese for a light first course that’s.

Holiday Main Dish Recipes | Martha Stewart

Kale- and Sausage-Stuffed Turkey Breast. We selected these magnificent main dish recipes especially for your holiday table. Choose from glazed ham, prime rib, stuffed pork loin, beef Wellington, roasted salmon, spaghetti with lobster, and many more.

  • Entremeses. Entremeses are like an appetiser plate, and are often served at the start of the …
  • Seafood. Seafood plays a big part in a Spanish Christmas meal, and is often served as the main …
  • Cochinillo Asado. Cochinillo or roast suckling pig is another favourite Christmas meal in many parts …
  • Lamb. Roast lamb is another Castilla y León favourite, but is often enjoyed all around the country as …
  • Galets. Galets soup is a particularly popular Catalan Christmas dish. Galets are huge pasta shells, …
  • Turrón. Turrón is the most typical sweet to eat at Christmas time in Spain. A type of nougat, …
  • Polvorónes and Mantecados. You’ll find the colourfully wrapped polvorónes and mantecados sitting …
  • Roscón de Reyes. The Roscón de Reyes is the Spanish version of a Christmas cake. Essentially it is …
  • Marzipan. Marzipan, or marzapan in Spanish, is another popular Christmas sweet – a sugary treat …
  • Cava. No Spanish Christmas meal would be complete without a glass of Cava, the Spanish version …


What Are The Best Christmas Dinner Sides? 16 simple side dishes for Christmas dinner 1. Beetroot and potato boulangere 2. Lemon roast potatoes 3. Extra crunchy freeze-ahead roast potatoes 4. Brussels sprouts wrapped in pancetta 5. Brussels sprouts with chestnut crumble 6. Healthier celeriac dauphinoise 7. Parsnip gratin 8. Gluten-free roast vegetable and hazelnut crumble.

Christmas dinner is synonymous with roast turkey, and although this is a firm favourite that is fabulous when cooked properly, sometimes it is nice to try something a little different.. This collection is full of Christmas main course recipes for your Christmas day meal. If you are looking for a simple and elegant dish, try Matthew Tomkinson’s Dexter beef with Jerusalem artichoke – a recipe.


The first one is stuffed with ham, cheese and eggs, while the second one is made from vegetables instead of eggs. We serve the chicken with Russian salad, which is made of potatoes, carrots and peas with mayonnaise. There are also ham and cheese sandwiches, salad, some stuffed chicken.

Christmas Buffet Slow Roast Beef. … Chicken and Bacon Choucroute with Potato Salad. … Butternut Squash and Creamed-Spinach Gratin. … Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar–Mustard Glaze. … Baked French Toast with Pecan Crumble. … Boudin Blanc–Stuffed Turkey Breasts with Chestnuts. … Honey-and-Rye-Glazed.

This beautiful side dish is a little out of the ordinary, but it’s sure to be a hit at Christmas dinner. Get the Recipe: Vegetable Tarte Tatin Christmas Cookie Cheesecake.

Christmas dinner is the time for a showy main dish. Find recipes for prime rib, roast goose, glazed ham, seafood, and more. Christmas dinner is the time for a showy main dish. Find recipes for prime rib,.

40 Showstopping Christmas Beef Entrees I Taste of Home

Beef Osso Bucco. Treat holiday guests to elegant comfort food at its best. Our osso bucco beef boasts a thick, savory sauce complemented by the addition of gremolata, a chopped herb condiment made of lemon zest, garlic, and parsley. —Taste of Home Test.

  • Why do Poles eat 12 dishes during the Christmas Eve dinner? Christmas Eve dinner, 1966, photo: …
  • Christmas Eve red barszcz with porcini raviolis (‘uszka’) Christmas Eve dinner often starts with …
  • Christmas Eve mushroom soup. This soup, also often served at Christmas Eve dinner, and is made …
  • Christmas Eve carp. The tradition of carp farming in Poland is at least 700 hundred years old. …
  • Jewish-style carp. In the Lesser Poland region (Małopolska), many families continue the tradition of …
  • Herring. Herring is very popular in Poland at any time of year, but it’s also served at Christmas Eve. …
  • Pierogi. Pierogi are certainly the most recognisable Polish food abroad. The Christmas version of …
  • Braised sauerkraut. Polish Christmas Eve smells predominantly like sauerkraut. Sauerkraut has …
  • Cabbage rolls (‘gołąbki’) Gołąbki, or cabbage rolls, are a type of comfort food eaten all year round. In …
  • ‘Kutia’ Kutia is an ancient dessert with origins in Eastern Europe made exclusively for Christmas Eve …


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Tortellini and ravioli are popular main dishes. Instead of heavy meats, fish is a common food. Wines are an essential part of ; sparkling...