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Christmas Dinner Recipes | Food Network

Christmas Dinner Recipes | Food Network

Christmas Dinner Menu Simple, fresh, and delicious sides complement spicy ham for a memorable yuletide meal. Cinnamon Stewed Apples and Brussels Sprouts with Pecans complement Fire and Spice Ham, which features a delicious glaze made from pepper jelly and pineapple preserves.


25 Easy Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas. Savory Puff Pastry Christmas Tree. Credit: Diana Moutsopoulos. View Recipe. This festive Christmas tree is impressive, yet oh-so simple to put … Traditional Christmas Cheese Ball. Cranberry Brie Bites. Mini.

While parsley, tarragon, and thyme make a nice combination, you can also try sage, chives, and rosemary for this holiday-perfect recipe. Butter-Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Credit: Mary Britton Senseney/Wonderful Machine; Styling: Mary Clayton.

52 Classic Dishes to Add to Your Christmas Dinner Menu

  1. Smoked Salmon Crostini. Smoked salmon crostini is a fantastic appetizer at .
  2. Spinach and Artichoke Dip. This warm dip is a great option to occupy your guests’ .
  3. Duck Liver Pâté. Duck liver pâté is an elegant addition to your holiday table, and its .
  4. Cheese Ball with Pecans. Cheddar and cream cheese are the base for this .
  5. Cranberry Brie Bites. Bite-sized Brie and cranberry puffs are wonderful appetizers .
  6. Prime Rib Roast. Serving prime rib is such a treat for your guests, and that’s why .
  7. Roasted Rack of Lamb. Roasted rack of lamb makes a stunning presentation on .
  8. Goose Roast. Bring to life the world of Charles Dickens by making roast goose, as .
  9. Southern Pot Roast. Pot roast is a wonderful way to enjoy the rich and savory .
  10. Honey-Glazed Ham. If you want a stunning Christmas dinner centerpiece, this .


It’s basically everything you need for a festive evening of fun—along with your Christmas tunes and glistening tree. To get you started, this list includes a variety of main courses, like citrus-brined turkey, Christmas hams, and Ree Drummond’s famous lasagna..

Balsamic Marinated Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms, Baked Camembert with Herb Oil. Fill a plate with a hearty variety of color, texture and flavor this year. A baked Camembert cheese wheel gives gooey oomph to an assortment of Christmas staples like roast beef and mashed potatoes.

Unique Christmas Dinner Ideas to Please Your Foodie Guests The Main Meat Dish. In many households, Christmas dinner revolves around meat, with ham being the most traditional main… The Beloved Side Dishes. When it comes to side dishes,.

60 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas

  • Get the recipe for Pepper-Crusted Prime Rib »
  • Get the recipe for Glazed Green Beans »
  • Get the recipe for Easy Vegetarian Lasagna With Spinach and Broccoli »
  • Get the recipe for Eggnog »
  • Get the recipe for Beef Wellington »
  • Get the recipe for Creamy One-Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes »
  • Get the recipe for Vegetable Torte »
  • Get the recipe for Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough »
  • Get the recipe for Mary Pickford »
  • Get the recipe for Pineapple-Glazed Ham »


  • 1 Cook your veg with your turkey. Forget balancing pots and pans on the hob filled with veg, roast …
  • 2 Pre-make your cranberry sauce in advance. For Gary Usher, the man behind restaurants such as …
  • 4 Don’t panic, and prepare as much as possible. It’s not about shortcuts, according to Joe Wright, …
  • 5 Roast your chestnuts beforehand. Chestnuts are a great addition to a Christmas feast, particularly …
  • 6 Cook your turkey overnight. We love a slow cooker roast chicken, so a slow-cook turkey sounds …
  • 7 Do EVERYTHING the night before. Forget even cooking on Christmas Day, and try and do most of …
  • 8 Don’t boil your veg. It might seem like the simplest thing to do, but Tom Cenci, Executive Chef at …
  • 9 Buy a turkey crown. I always choose to cook a turkey crown rather than the whole bird. It needs a …
  • 10 Don’t save time. Despite every effort to time save, Orson Vergnaud from Le Pont de la Tour …


  1. Classic Beef Wellington. Beef Wellington was named after the Duke of Wellington in 1851 and has .
  2. Roast Rib of Beef for Christmas Dinner. Roast beef is one of Britain’s national dishes and the major .
  3. Baked Glazed Ham. A British Christmas is not Christmas without a baked ham. Apart from on the .
  4. Ballontine of Goose Recipe. Long before the turkey became the bird of choice for the Christmas .
  5. Christmas Roast Pork With Crackling. In times gone by most rural or farming households in Britain .
  6. Buttery Roast Chicken. For its simplicity of both cooking and flavor, a buttery roast chicken is .


We thought we’d introduce you to a Christmas dinner idea that includes pork tenderloin and sour sauce. For this recipe you need 200g of pork tenderloin, whic.

Traditional Christmas Dinner Menus & Recipes | MyRecipes

Tuscan Dinner Party Menu Menu. Starting with a warm bean salad accompanied by Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, this Tuscan menu will transport you to Italy even on the coldest of winter nights. With herb smashed potatoes and broccoli with balsamic butter, this Christmas dinner will quickly become a family tradition.

Make-Ahead Creamy Potatoes. For the holidays, I usually serve the traditional foods with a new spin or two on family favorites. I put together these creamy potatoes the night before and simply bake the day of to save precious holiday time. —Wendy Ball, Battle Creek, Michigan.

Hello! Welcome to the home of Christmas food for 2021 at COOK. Every year, more people discover the joy of a stress-free COOK Christmas dinner delivery. Made like you would at home with easy-to-follow instructions, it means you can relax and enjoy more time with the people you love.

  • Potatoes. Save yourself the time peeling all the spuds on Christmas day by doing it now, parboiling …
  • Yorkshire puddings. Their inclusion on a Christmas dinner might be controversial but if you are in …
  • Gravy. You can make homemade gravy ahead of time. It will keep in the fridge for a few days or can …
  • Parsnips. Like roast potatoes, you can peel and chop parsnips ahead of time. Put them in a pan of …
  • Cauliflower cheese. Again not everyone is a fan of this on their Christmas dinner plate but it’s easy …
  • Cranberry sauce. If you prefer to make your own cranberry sauce and avoid the stuff in a jar, …


Food You Can Bring If You’re A Christmas Dinner Guest

A plate of veg and dips is always happily received, and will put you in the good books as a Christmas dinner guest! Along with your veg and hummus, you can also add nachos and some crackers to really have an option for everyone.

  1. Make & mature Christmas cake.
  2. Easy mince pies. Nothing says Christmas like a freshly-baked mince pie, and these pretty pastries .
  3. Golden roast potatoes. Don’t spend time peeling potatoes on Christmas morning – this hearty side .
  4. Super-simple cranberry sauce. Tasty trimmings make all the difference with your roast. This classic .
  5. Best ever Yorkshire puddings. Don’t disappoint with droopy Yorkies – get a perfect rise with our light .
  6. Pigs in blankets with a twist. Turkey beware – this meaty side-dish might just steal the show! Give .
  7. Make-ahead gravy. Homemade gravy beats shop-bought sauce no matter the time of year – and on .
  8. Spiced red cabbage. Inject some vibrant colour and fruity flavour into your Christmas Day dinner .
  9. Chestnut & cranberry stuffing. This sausage stuffing is packed with festive flavours, combining .
  10. Butterscotch Christmas pudding. Finish your feast the traditional way with a fruit-filled steamed pud, .


It’s an entire Christmas dinner in canned soup form. In that can, you’ll find “big chunks” of turkey, pigs in blankets, brussels sprouts, stuffing balls and potatoes, with a gravy and.

Find recipes for prime rib, roast goose, glazed ham, seafood, and more. 7411047.jpg. Christmas Ham. medium-rare prime rib on a platter with thick slices ready for serving. Prime Rib. closeup of a sticky glazed pork roast sliced to show a just-barely-pink interior. Pork Roast. Roast turkey on a platter with fresh sage leaves under its skin.

60 Best Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Whether you’re cooking a meat or vegetarian main course, a tasty side, or dessert, look no further than these classic Christmas dinner menu ideas.

Every meal, pudding and Christmas canapé you choose at COOK comes frozen, so that will help make cooking Christmas lunch easy. A few of the larger centrepieces will need defrosting before cooking, but most COOK Christmas meals will go straight from the freezer into the oven.

I love Christmas dinner and with this collection of low carb Christmas recipes, you can make a fantastic Christmas dinner that everyone will love.. For me it’s a time to spend with the whole family and enjoy a delicious meal together. The best thing about these recipes is they are all very easy to make and taste amazing too.

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Holiday cookies are a favorite traditional Christmas food. The most common Christmas meat is Turkey. is the most common Christmas drink. Stuffing is a...


A traditional Christmas Day meal often consists of roast turkey or goose with squash, turnips, potatoes and cranberry sauce as a main course and...