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Christmas Hallway Decorating Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Christmas Hallway Decorating Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Christmas hallway decorating ideas.
– 1. Scent with a seasonal arrangement. Image credit: Max Attenborough. A statement flower arrangement in a hallway will set the scene for festivities …
– 2. Update a mirror with a Christmas design.
– 3. Adorn the bannister with blousy blooms in a bouquet.
– 4. Layer tones to make a lasting impression.
– 5. Guide the gaze up the stairs with foliage.

  1. Adorn doorways with a lavish garland. How just deliciously festive and inviting is this hallway? .
  2. Make kitsch elegant with paper and foil decorations. Paper decorations have been such a Christmas .
  3. Make it magical and fill the ceiling with paper stars. So simple and yet so effective, hanging .
  4. Or float a collection of paper baubles. For an equally show-stopping look, suspend large honeycomb .
  5. Take a minimalist approach with rustic wreaths. If you like a more minimalist, rustic vibe create a .
  6. Fill small spaces with vases of winter foliage. Another simple Christmas hallway idea that you can .
  7. Go asymmetrical. Be inspired by this minimalist look and rather than take the garland all the way .
  8. Bring in an alternative Christmas tree. While only the luckiest among us can bring a full sized spruce .
  9. Create a nature-inspired Scandi feel. So maybe you can’t fit in a 12 footer in your hallway but .
  10. Cover a bannister in eye-catching decorations. And of course, when it comes to decorating a .


Make your hallway feel cosy and inviting with soft lighting. Work in layers of light – from candles and night lights on a console to hanging lanterns and garlands of fairy lights. Add pops of bling to make your hall sparkle. Tie baubles with cheery ribbon and hang from coat hooks, lights or a newel post.

  1. Hang a festive wreath. Don’t confine these floral decorations to the front door. Instead, add .
  2. Make it a celebratory affair. A sparkling scheme of soft pinks and amber is a perfect way to dress .
  3. Deck the halls. A grand staircase in a hall area is the most obvious choice for a decorative focal .
  4. Essay in elegance. The tradition of the Christmas wreath, with its circular shape and evergreen .
  5. Go for a festive festoon. One of the easiest ways to decorate a Christmas hallway is to make the .
  6. Instil a heavenly scent. With sustainability becoming increasingly core to every aspect of our lives, .
  7. Opt for fabulous foliage. Most designers and decorators agree that key to decorating a Christmas .
  8. Look up. Take the traditional Christmas bauble for a creative spin. An obvious choice would be a .
  9. Decorate with a country style. For a country house look, go for a magical, playful look in a hallway .
  10. Create a garland centerpiece. In a panelled hallway, centre a painted Swedish demi lune table .


Christmas hallway decorating ideas to impress your guests

Christmas hallway decorating ideas 1. Scent with a seasonal arrangement. A statement flower arrangement in a hallway will set the scene for festivities the… 2. Update a mirror with a Christmas design. If you have a hallway mirror give it a festive touch with removable… 3. Adorn the bannister.

Nov 30, 2016 – Explore Tatiana Castro’s board “Christmas hallway decorations” on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas classroom, christmas door decorations, christmas classroom door.

  1. Hang Candy Canes. If you are looking for simple yet elegant decor for Christmas, then there is .
  2. Decorate the Cubicles with Snowflakes. Adding paper snowflakes over the desks will help you to .
  3. Enhance the Office Lobby with Colorful Objects. Set up a beautiful ambiance by decorating the lobby .
  4. Transform Desks into Gingerbread House. Using cardboard, some cotton, and red and brown .
  5. Hang Christmas Boots on the Walls. Your office Christmas decor will look perfect if you hang toy .
  6. Make a Snowman. To execute this idea, you don’t need actual snow. You can make a snowman .
  7. Decorate the Door with Christmas Wreath. Wreaths are not just made for homes; you can also hang .
  8. Cover the Ceiling with Stars. Stars add a touch of charm to the Christmas celebration. To light up .
  9. Give your Office a Brick Look. Creating a brick effect on each cubicle will make you feel as if you are .
  10. Make Paper Santas. You can make a few cut-outs of little paper Santas in various sizes. It will look .


  1. Adorable Elves on the Steps of a Christmas Entryway.
  2. Shiplap Christmas Entryway Decor.
  3. Pinecone Wreath Christmas Entryway.
  4. Christmas Entryway Decor with Ornaments.
  5. Black and White Buffalo Check Plaid Rug Christmas Entryway.
  6. Traditional Christmas Foyer Decor.
  7. Santa Gnomes at the Entryway.
  8. Festive Christmas wreath with Wooden Farmhouse Bench at the Entryway.
  9. Countryhouse Bench Christmas Entryway Decor.
  10. Mini Christmas Tree Entryway.


Christmas Entryway and Foyer Decoration Ideas |

Gather your garlands, ornaments, and Christmas trinkets and incorporate them into your space. From nutcrackers and baubles to twinkling lights and leftover greenery, a bit of careful curating will leave you with dazzling Christmas entryway decorations that you’ll be proud to share with all of your holiday guests.

Dec 7, 2019 – Explore Rachel Mieney’s board “Christmas Hallway” on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas decorations, christmas hallway, christmas.

  1. Set the scene. Remember, first impressions count, so think about the first thing you want your .
  2. Wreaths. Decorating your front door and the exterior of your home at Christmas is a must, but don’t .
  3. Mood lighting. With the nights already drawing in and winter on the horizon, it’s a great opportunity .
  4. Dress your staircase. The staircase is a focal, if not the main, fixture in your hallway, so use this to .
  5. Rich colours. ‘Rich colour can make a space feel luxurious at any point of the year, but during .
  6. The console table. Have you got a console table or sideboard in the hallway? It can be a great base .
  7. Create your own Christmas-themed bunting. Crafting has been big during lockdown, so why not .
  8. Set up an additional Christmas tree. If you have the space, it’s definitely a great idea to place a .


  1. Create a Destination. Turn a vacant hallway space into a place to stop and take notice. Transform a .
  2. Decorate Hallways with Pattern. Like vibrant colors, punchy patterns also work well in a hallway. .
  3. Increase Function with Furniture. A slim hallway doesn’t have to become a blank space that .
  4. Design a Hallway Gallery. Display a few prized pieces of artwork in your hallway or in a stairway .
  5. Add a Pop of Hallway Color. Decorate your hallway walls (or ceiling!) with an unexpected burst of .
  6. Keep Hallway Decor Simple. Hallway decorating doesn’t need to be complex to be impactful. A few .
  7. Color-Coordinate the Hallway. Hallways physically connect spaces. Complete the connection with a .


52 Christmas Hallways ideas | christmas hallway, christmas

Nov 25, 2020 – Christmas hallway ideas for your home featuring fairy lights and our festive favourites!. See more ideas about christmas hallway, christmas decorations, christmas.

This Christmas decorating post is about creating a feature or focal point using your Mirror. Most of us have got one, often in the hallway, and if not there, then the bedroom, living room and bathroom. You can always buy one to create your Christmas mirror decorating feature. It.

Keep your Christmas decor in line with the rest of your color palette (even if it’s not a traditional holiday color) for a more fluid feel. Continue to 8 of 21 below. 08 of 21. Pick the Right Size . Designing Vibes. When decorating your living space for Christmas, it’s.

Here, we’ve rounded up a range of ideas on how to decorate your mantelpiece for Christmas, including eco-friendly inspiration that can help you pack in plastic and wave goodbye to wasteful decorations this winter. 1. Brighten up your display. dszc Getty Images.

How to Decorate with Christmas Garlands

1 day ago  Garlands are a fabulous way to add Christmas cheer to your home indoors and out. We have so many fabulous ideas for decorating with garlands today….just in time for your Christmas decorating. Christmas Ideas from OSH. Check out my Christmas Decorating Must-Haves HERE. Last year’s Christmas Tour Part 1 and Part 2; Plan your Chrismtas Storage NOW!.

5 inspiring hallway ideas for Christmas. Add a few festive touches to your hall for Christmas and New Year with these fabulous home decoration ideas. By Grace Allen. 01/06/2016 View.

Christmas is the time to light up everything, as there should not be a single dull moment. Smart RGB led strip lights are a perfect way to light things precisely. You can run the light strips along the ceiling corners to add another element to your living room or make a beautiful Christmas backdrop using the lights.

Top Ideas for Decorating your Hallway this Christmas Ideally, you could prepare your hallway to be transformed into a festive lair by thoroughly de-cluttering and cleaning. If your hallway could do with a bit of low-cost painting and decorating or maintenance work , such as carpet cleaning or plastering and repainting, just before the holidays.

How to decorate your hallway for Christmas by | The Oak

Create warmth and cosiness with a candle display on your console table or hallway cabinet. Use a beautiful pillar collection, or embed smaller glass votives into wintery leaves, you’ll be sure to wow your guests and create a welcoming atmosphere.

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