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Christmas Hallway Ideas – 10 Ways To Create An Instant

Christmas Hallway Ideas – 10 Ways To Create An Instant

How to Decorate a Long Hallway
– Canvas Prints. Canvas prints can help you to create a gorgeous gallery wall along one or both sides of the hallway with their high-quality canvas prints.
– 2.Add a Rug. While most people look at the walls to inspire them, the long length of the floor of the hallway can add an element of style and …
– 3.Use Wallpaper. Wallpaper is back in style and a long hallway is a perfect place to use it. Vertical stripes in contrasting colors will create a bold look.
– 4.Create a 3D Effect. It can be challenging to find ways to jazz up a boring hallway with no windows or natural elements. …
– 5.Line the Wall with Bookcases. If the hallway is wide enough, this is a great place in the home to add bookcases. …
– 6.Paint the Ceiling. Painting the ceiling a contrasting color to the walls will help to lift the ceiling and create an open and airy look.
– 7.Be Bold with Color. Since the hallway is merely a transitional area that people do not spend a lot of time in, it makes sense to go a little …
– 8.Sit it Out. Space permitting, a hallway is a fun place to add a seating area. …
– 9.Utilize The Space. Depending on where in the home the hallway is, you can use it as an organizational asset. …
– 10.Create a Focal Point. Be sure to add a definitive focal point if you want to draw attention to the style of your hallway. …

  1. Adorn doorways with a lavish garland. How just deliciously festive and inviting is this hallway? .
  2. Make kitsch elegant with paper and foil decorations. Paper decorations have been such a Christmas .
  3. Make it magical and fill the ceiling with paper stars. So simple and yet so effective, hanging .
  4. Or float a collection of paper baubles. For an equally show-stopping look, suspend large honeycomb .
  5. Take a minimalist approach with rustic wreaths. If you like a more minimalist, rustic vibe create a .
  6. Fill small spaces with vases of winter foliage. Another simple Christmas hallway idea that you can .
  7. Go asymmetrical. Be inspired by this minimalist look and rather than take the garland all the way .
  8. Bring in an alternative Christmas tree. While only the luckiest among us can bring a full sized spruce .
  9. Create a nature-inspired Scandi feel. So maybe you can’t fit in a 12 footer in your hallway but .
  10. Cover a bannister in eye-catching decorations. And of course, when it comes to decorating a .


  1. Hang a festive wreath. Don’t confine these floral decorations to the front door. Instead, add .
  2. Make it a celebratory affair. A sparkling scheme of soft pinks and amber is a perfect way to dress .
  3. Deck the halls. A grand staircase in a hall area is the most obvious choice for a decorative focal .
  4. Essay in elegance. The tradition of the Christmas wreath, with its circular shape and evergreen .
  5. Go for a festive festoon. One of the easiest ways to decorate a Christmas hallway is to make the .
  6. Instil a heavenly scent. With sustainability becoming increasingly core to every aspect of our lives, .
  7. Opt for fabulous foliage. Most designers and decorators agree that key to decorating a Christmas .
  8. Look up. Take the traditional Christmas bauble for a creative spin. An obvious choice would be a .
  9. Decorate with a country style. For a country house look, go for a magical, playful look in a hallway .
  10. Create a garland centerpiece. In a panelled hallway, centre a painted Swedish demi lune table .


  1. Scent with a seasonal arrangement. A statement flower arrangement in a hallway will set the scene .
  2. Update a mirror with a Christmas design. If you have a hallway mirror give it a festive touch with .
  3. Adorn the bannister with blousy blooms in a bouquet. Tie a beautiful bouquet at the bottom ion the .
  4. Layer tones to make a lasting impression. The choice of decorations doesn’t need to scream colour .
  5. Guide the gaze up the stairs with foliage. Use a garland of foliage to dress the full length of the .
  6. Hang rustic wreaths from a staircase. For a striking hallway display create small and simple wreaths .
  7. Light up a side board with pillar candles. Covering a surface in candles is a guaranteed way to make .
  8. Adorn the bannister with simple foliage. A subtle garland of eucalyptus and pine cones adds a lovely .
  9. Make a statement with paper lanterns on a bannister. Lace a stair garland with touches of foliage, .
  10. Dress a bench with simple seasonal touches. A little can go a long way in a small space, such as a .


49 Best Christmas hallway decorations ideas | christmas

Nov 30, 2016 – Explore Tatiana Castro’s board “Christmas hallway decorations” on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas classroom, christmas door decorations, christmas classroom door.

Every canvas print ships ready to hang for ease and convenience. 2. Add a Rug. While most people look at the walls to inspire them, the long length of the floor of the hallway can add an element of style and comfort with the addition of a rug. A runner rug will elongate the hallway while defining the area.

  1. Adorable Elves on the Steps of a Christmas Entryway.
  2. Shiplap Christmas Entryway Decor.
  3. Pinecone Wreath Christmas Entryway.
  4. Christmas Entryway Decor with Ornaments.
  5. Black and White Buffalo Check Plaid Rug Christmas Entryway.
  6. Traditional Christmas Foyer Decor.
  7. Santa Gnomes at the Entryway.
  8. Festive Christmas wreath with Wooden Farmhouse Bench at the Entryway.
  9. Countryhouse Bench Christmas Entryway Decor.
  10. Mini Christmas Tree Entryway.


Make it special and beautiful. A long and narrow hallway lined with low wainscoting boasts a sawhorse bench placed on a stained wood floor and lit by oil rubbed bronze 2-light sconces. Adding sprigs of gold and some fresh stems increases the elegance of the space.

7 Genius Hallway Decor Ideas for Long, Narrow Hallways

Your long hallway: Accentuate it. Call attention to it. Make it special and beautiful. Direct the interest to the end of the hallway, not the sides. Here are 7 ways to do just that: 1. Hang a Mirror. Put a mirror down at the end to extend the hallway even more and possibly reflect some light down there. 2. Use Contrasting Paint Color.

No more carpeting, freshly painted walls and trim and the beginning of a board a batten wall on each side of the hallway. All those doors, air returns and other necessary stuff on the walls made it a bit tricky to get the board and batten lined up just right, but I’m extremely happy with the way that it turned out.

  1. Set the scene. Remember, first impressions count, so think about the first thing you want your .
  2. Wreaths. Decorating your front door and the exterior of your home at Christmas is a must, but don’t .
  3. Mood lighting. With the nights already drawing in and winter on the horizon, it’s a great opportunity .
  4. Dress your staircase. The staircase is a focal, if not the main, fixture in your hallway, so use this to .
  5. Rich colours. ‘Rich colour can make a space feel luxurious at any point of the year, but during .
  6. The console table. Have you got a console table or sideboard in the hallway? It can be a great base .
  7. Create your own Christmas-themed bunting. Crafting has been big during lockdown, so why not .
  8. Set up an additional Christmas tree. If you have the space, it’s definitely a great idea to place a .


Our favorite Christmas entryways welcome guests with greenery, garlands, wreaths, and ornaments galore. The foyer is the first opportunity to greet guests with festive Christmas decor, so don’t neglect this space when you’re decorating for the holidays. The entryway is a small space, but Christmas decorations here can have major impact. Gather your garlands, ornaments, and Christmas trinkets and incorporate.

How can I decorate my hallway for Christmas?

Christmas hallway decorating ideas to impress your guests Adorn the bannister with foliage. Make a statement with paper lanterns on a bannister. Dress a bench with simple seasonal touches. Welcome guests with a wellness offering. Adorn a doorway with a lit.

Keep the decor to one side. It might sound odd but keeping your wall decor to one side will help your hallway feel wider. If you load up both walls with decor, that’s when things will start to.

25 New Hardwood floor direction hallway for Christmas Decor. Written by Vera Wang Nov 19, 2021 · 7 min read. hardwood floor direction hallway It is best to run the wood the length of any hallway otherwise the hallway will appear cut up. Therefore the most popular and significant way to run your wood flooring is to.

Fairy Lights. Christmas Lights. Rustic Christmas. Outdoor Battery Lights. Christmas Hallway. Cluster Lights. Star Candle. Light Garland. Christmas Decorations.

60 Decorate long hallway ideas | painted stairs, long

May 15, 2020 – Explore Gayle Neelin-Bussi’s board “decorate long hallway” on Pinterest. See more ideas about painted stairs, long hallway, painted staircases.

5 inspiring hallway ideas for Christmas. … A statement candleholder goes a long way in creating a welcoming festive scene for when guests come through the.

Here are some beautifully decorated entry tables to help you decorate your own! There’s absolutely no shame in copying some of the ideas you see online and adding your own spin. Decorating An Entry Table for Christmas. If you are wondering how to decorate a.

  1. Create a Destination. Turn a vacant hallway space into a place to stop and take notice. Transform a .
  2. Decorate Hallways with Pattern. Like vibrant colors, punchy patterns also work well in a hallway. .
  3. Increase Function with Furniture. A slim hallway doesn’t have to become a blank space that .
  4. Design a Hallway Gallery. Display a few prized pieces of artwork in your hallway or in a stairway .
  5. Add a Pop of Hallway Color. Decorate your hallway walls (or ceiling!) with an unexpected burst of .
  6. Keep Hallway Decor Simple. Hallway decorating doesn’t need to be complex to be impactful. A few .
  7. Color-Coordinate the Hallway. Hallways physically connect spaces. Complete the connection with a .


7 Delightfully Simple Hallway Decor Ideas

  1. Hallway Rug. When you have a long, narrow transitional space, use a hallway rug to give the space .
  2. Hallway Wall Decor: The Photo Wall. A hallway is a blank canvas just waiting to be painted, so to .
  3. Add Light. You can easily add some light to a dark hallway via a lamp or some wall sconces. Adding .
  4. Framed Mirror. Hanging a framed mirror in an otherwise boring hallway creates the illusion of .
  5. Narrow Table. A console table adds depth and detail to a hallway by providing a space to display .
  6. Light Colors. Hallways frequently lack natural light, so brighten them up by using light, neutral paint .
  7. Add Personality. More often than not, hallways are small, drab areas that feel cold and boring. Add .


Christmas 2021 countdown: from Christmas decorations to gift guide suggestions and preparing for Christmas dinner, get all the ideas you need for the festive season.

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– 1.Hang a Mirror. Put a mirror down at the end to extend the hallway even more and possibly reflect some light down there....