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Christmas In Japan — Christmas Around The World

Christmas In Japan -- Christmas Around The World

Christmas in Japan. The The Japanese New Year is an annual festival with its own customs. Since 1873, the official Japanese New Year has been celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, on January 1 of each year, New Year’s Day. However, some traditional events of the Japanese New Year are partially celebrated on the first day of t… (called ‘o shogatsu’) is more like a traditional Western Christmas. New year is the period where families get together, have a special meal, pray and send greetings cards. New year is celebrated over five days from December 31st to January 4th and is a very busy time.

If you are visiting before the New Year in Japan, you will find many things traditionally associated with Christmas: decorations, Christmas markets, and magnificent lights. You can also discover a few unique Japanese.

Japanese Customs and Traditions – Christmas in Japan. 1. Christmas tree in Japan. The tradition of the Christmas tree was brought into Japan by Christian missionaries, but the first modern Christmas tree … 2. Samurai, Doraemon and Robots, Short.

  1. Christmas in Japan is romantic. In Japan, people gather with family for New Year’s .
  2. Winter illuminations are spectacular. Nobody does illumination displays quite like .
  3. Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii (Kentucky for Christmas) For a finger-lickin’ good .
  4. Japanese Christmas markets. Just like the festive markets in Europe, Japan also .
  5. Christmas cake. Unlike many other countries, Christmas cake “kurisumasu keki” in .
  6. Season’s greeting. In Japan, people greet each other by saying ‘Meri Kurisumasu’ .
  7. Beethoven’s ‘number nine’ In Japan, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and its final act .


How To Celebrate Christmas In Japan

How To Celebrate Christmas In Japan. Eat Strawberry Shortcake. A Japanese strawberry shortcake is light and spongy with whipped cream filling and frosting, which is much less sweet than … Visit A Christmas Market. Dine On Chicken. Go Shopping. Exchange Gifts.

  • Japanese Christmas: A Holiday for Lovers? Christmas is known throughout the …
  • Christmas in Japan is about Illuminations and Decorations. Winter illuminations are …
  • Does Santa Visit Japan? Luckily for Japanese children, the concept of Santa Claus …
  • A Uniquely Japanese Christmas Dinner: Fried Chicken. It may come as a surprise, …
  • Japanese Christmas Cakes. For dessert, instead of gingerbread men, other cookies, …
  • Christmas in Japanese Pop Culture. While Japan has adopted many of the …


Another popular activity at Christmas in Japan, especially in Tokyo, is visiting Tokyo Disneyland (which opened in 1983) and seeing all the decorations and the parades. The Christmas ‘season’ at Tokyo Disneyland is from the 2nd week in November until Christmas Day.

Another weird tradition of Christmas in Japan is eating fried chicken, specifically the kind you can buy at KFC. The tradition is so widespread that the popular chain tends to see long queues outside its branches, and fried chicken appears in every supermarket in large quantities for those who don’t want to bother lining up.

Christmas in Japan: Everything You Need to Know

The Japanese will hand out presents and send Christmas cards, and there are Christmas markets and Christmas cakes. Bizarrely, KFC is the number one Christmas meal, while no Christmas holiday is ever complete inJapan without a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Here’s everything you need to know about Christmas in Japan.

Christmas in Japan. The celebration of Christmas in Japan is quite different from western countries like US and Australia in which the population has a large percentage of Christians. The major religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shinto and the estimated population of Christians is only ½ of 1%. Inspite of this, Christmas is a popular festival.

Most countries put a heavy focus on cakes, pies, cookies, and other sweets during the holidays. Japan is no exception. Japan’s traditional Christmas Eve dessert is akin to strawberry shortcake, although it is simply referred to as a Christmas Cake.

  1. IT IS NOT A HOLIDAY. Although the 23 of December is a national holiday, it has .
  3. IT IS NOT A FAMILY OCCASION. Christmas in Japan is a special time for couples, .
  4. CHRISTMAS SONGS. “Koi-bito ga Santa Kuroosu (恋人がサンタクロース)” is one of .
  5. CHRISTMAS FOOD. As Christmas is not really a Japanese custom, unlike New .
  6. CHRISTMAS GREETINGS. Christmas Greetings.There is no such thing in Japan. In .
  7. CHRISTMAS CARDS. Various kinds of Christmas cards are available online or at .


A Guide To Japanese Christmas Foods

  • Christmas Cake. Possibly because of its festive white-and-red coloring, strawberry …
  • Hot Saké. Hot saké is traditionally a wintertime drink and it’s rather difficult to get …
  • Christmas Wagashi. Wagashi, a traditional Japanese sweet already known for …
  • Yuzu. Mid-November to mid-January is yuzu season, which means that winter is …
  • KFC. Chicken, and KFC in particular, is so popular around Christmastime that many …
  • Dinner for Two. Christmas Eve in Japan is the time to make one’s romantic feelings …


  1. Romance. Christmas is first and foremost a romantic day in Japan. This is largely because .
  2. Church. Less than 1% of people in Japan are Christians. Nevertheless, every major city in Japan has .
  3. Classical Music. Concert halls all over Japan offer Christmas concerts in December. It’s also .
  4. Chicken. It’s well known in Japan that turkey dinners are associated with Christmas in America. .
  5. Santa. Santa Claus was introduced to Japanese children by the American military during the .
  6. Tokyo Disneyland. Any symbols of Western culture such as Tokyo Disneyland are popular around .
  7. Christmas Lights. Tokyo has some of the most impressive Christmas lights in the world. These .
  8. Santa Suits. Most Japanese companies hold forget the year parties in December. It’s common for .
  9. Christmas Trees. Large public Christmas trees such as the Mikimoto Jumbo Tree in Ginza or the .
  10. Shopping. In recent years, it’s increasingly common for couples to exchange presents or for parents .


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to visit Japan, there are so many things to do from more well-known commercialized activities to special Japanese traditions.There’s something for everyone when exploring Japan at Christmas. Here we’ll take you through some of the best things to see and do during Christmas time in Japan, covering what to do on Christmas day itself as well as the.

Another Japanese winter activity you can find in the bigger cities in Japan is Christmas markets. Christmas is one of two huge celebrations in the country. Special markets pop up as early as the start of December. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some opening up at the end of November.

90 Recomended When is christmas celebrated in japan for

Christmas traditions include a variety of customs, religious practices, rituals, and folklore associated with the celebration of christmas.many of these traditions vary by country or region, while others are universal and practiced in a virtually ubiquitous manner across the world. Why the Japanese Eat KFC on Christmas Japanese christmas.

  1. Merry Christmas in Japanese – メリークリスマス! This is an easy one. You’ll find (if you listen to .
  2. Happy Kwanzaa! クワンザおめでとう! Kuwanza omedetou!
  3. Have a happy New Year! (before the year ends) –良いお年を。 よいおとしを。 Yoi o toshi o. This is .
  4. Have a happy New Year! (after the new year begins) 明けましておめでとう! あけましておめでと .
  5. Happy Hanukkah! ハヌーカおめでとう! Want to know how to write and say Happy Hanukkah in .
  6. Have a great winter vacation! 良い冬休みを! いいふゆやすみを! Ii fuyu yasumi wo!
  7. See you next year! また来年! またらいねん! Mata rainen!
  8. Happy holidays! 良い休暇を! いいきゅうかを! Ii kyuuka wo!
  9. Enjoy the holidays! 休暇を楽しんでね! きゅうかをたのしんでね! Kyuuka wo tanoshinde ne!
  10. Best wishes for the new year! 新年が良い年でありますように。 しんねんがよいとしでありあすよ .


Japanese Christmas cake (always strawberry shortcake, with perhaps some chocolate santas or snowmen on top) is so ubiquitous come December that you can literally find it anywhere – bakeries.

They certainly do! Christmas in Japan is seen as a time for couples to spend a romantic evening together. Younger Japanese people might get together with their friends for a party. Most Japanese don’t celebrate the religious part of Christmas but some of the nation’s 3 million Christians do attend a church service.

What Do Japanese Girls Want for Christmas? (Interview

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Among Tokyo’s many shopping districts, Marunouchi stands out thanks to its quaint appearance despite being Tokyo’s main financial district, being home of Japan’s largest banks. Each Christamas, Marunouchi’s Nada-dori lights up with Christmas lights, and some of the area’s most important commercial buildings erect elaborate and quite innovative Christmas trees with a particular.

KFC Japan’s busiest day is usually December 24, on which they usually sell about five to 10 times more than typical days. “As Christmas approaches, KFC commercials play on TV –.

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